The Man With The Seven Second Memory (Medical Documentary) - Real Stories

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Mrs Chester : He lives in death-no dreams no memories no past and no future. Horrible.

Stephan K : *This dude would love Vine*

Djinnx Tearlache : His daughter really breaks my heart. You can tell she really loves him, therefore, it is too painful for her to see him like that. You see the pain in her eyes. I can't imagine having someone like that in your family.

Sarah Claire : "We're on another plane Clive and I. We're in a world where there is no time."

IrishRose : "What does it mean to you when Debra arrives?" "Heaven on Earth has arrived". Omg. 😭💓

Carlo X : The scariest & haunting part about this is when he kept calling his wife after she left

SpaghettiHennessy : i wonder how he is now and if he is even still with us.

the-twisted-samurai : I just love that he never ever lost his love for his wife. In fact that's the main thing he retained. If that isn't proof love is on a completely different mental level, I don't know what is.

lampini : When he keeps saying “first time I’ve seen a human” and “no difference between life and death” it’s very eerie. I can’t fathom feeling that every day.

Scrambled Greg : 6:48 Interview: "What does love mean?" Clive: "Zero in tennis and everything in life."

BlaiddDrwg2009 : Oh, bless him. His face when she said they made a film 20 years ago and they wanted to know how he was

Sherley Doran : Where is home? "Yesterday" He's such a wonderful and bright man, still. This is making me cry.

catoad : He always repeats "Day and night are the same, no thoughts, no dreams." THAT he remembers, because those are his feelings. He "remembers" his wife, because she is connected to emotion - to the amygdala. Or, it's not memories. Those are simply, and purely, his true feelings.

Nawi : 18:50 it says in the diary 'I AM ALIVE' something about that is so sad and haunting that he has to remind himself that he's even alive, just to forget it.

AnimeFeverTime : Maybe he's just being really sarcastic

D Clark : I feel so sorry for this family but I have to say that this woman (Deborah) is an extraordinary woman of immense strength.

willowbear : the most heartbreaking line in this is "he's just Clive now, dad's gone."

Eric Patterson : clearly; the heart remembers what the mind can't

Twerking Duck : Clive: "When are you coming home darling?" Debra: "Eight seconds."

Iris Brill : 'because you're famous' 'hahahaha likely story' 'millions of people know your story' 'good heavens that's embarrassing'

Jandals : This pour man lives in the worst episode of the twilight zone.

Voltz : I've been watching this documentary, waiting to watch the moment where his _7 seconds actually start_ and I found the perfect part for everybody to experience it! It's at 31:00 *Please like my comment everybody so everybody else can find this part because I'm sure everybody wants to see it in action* _Also, have a very nice day everybody_ ! ^_>

brooke xx : It really hit me hard when he kept on saying "You're the first people I've seen since I was ill" because he must feel as if he has been alone that whole time. Even though he will not remember that time, it is still sad. Also I felt really sad when his wife showed the diary where he kept on writing down that he was concious for the first time.This was an incredible documentary

Benjamin Porteus : "If you could do anything now, if you had free choice, what would you do next?" "I would gin and tonic arright, hehehe, with a cigarette, hehehee. And then of course waiting for time to elude and disappear.. and her arrival. Yeah." I've been thinking the same thing for years.

Galka Power : one of the saddest things I've ever watched :(

Josh Anderson : what a pure love, he can’t exactly remember his wife but he associates this “idea” of her when they’re not together with comfort, love, and heaven. and her, there’s almost no purpose to visiting him because whatever they do he’ll forget, no new memories can come of any time they spend together or change how he sees her and she still comes to visit him out of love

yulpiewsert1 : looking at the journals really broke me oh my god

Sicsen : *bird chirps* Clive: Hello! Such an angel, it's so tragic that he's trapped in this endless cycle

Lou Skunt : At least the auditory hallucinations are nice music. Imagine if they were more sinister and torturous like a paranoid schizophrenic....

Maria salazar : What a fascinating man. But what strange phrases he says. My favorite so far is, "back at the speed of light please"

Dizzledoe : I love the "thats news to me" with every single situation. "You know you just farted?" "Well thats news to me."

Cheech Whit : his memory still works.. his long term does.. Its why he doesnt freak out when he looks in the mirror.. And why he used to freak out when he saw his sister and said she was too old.. So over time i think his mind regained some long term memory.. very small amount of it.. probably why he calmed down so much.. and sort of came to terms with himself and his mind..

lampini : When he keeps saying “first time I’ve seen a human” and “no difference between life and death” it’s very eerie. I can’t fathom feeling that every day.

Dadrian Morris : Me: hey dad remember when we made turkey for dinner?😃 Dad: I've never seen a human being in my life 😓😓

AwesomeRobot15 : Just play a beatles album on a loop and leave him looking out the window or something.

Wendy Chua : Thats true love even he forgot everything he never forget his wife.....brain can forget but the heart never can forget....

Se7en Things : I'm not making fun of him in any way what so ever, just wanted to say I find it adorable how he always says "never seen a human being before" "it's new to me", etc. In a way things at least seem interesting to him. I find it wonderful that he is able to focus on the amazement of seeing a person for the first time or on how amazing it is that he's couscous for the first time, rather than focusing on the fear of not knowing where he is or whats happening to him.

Jonathan Gibbs : hes actually quite a witty and intelligent man "what does love mean" "zero in tennis and everything in life" hahahah

Crogg88 : It’s sad that Debrah only visits him once a month.

Matt Tracks : Truly heartbreaking. His amnesia impedes not only his metacognition but his ability to suffer from it. If Clive's brain could look at his own life from the outside and see for himself what he is and has endured for the past 20 years I believe he would seek euthanasia. Instead, any notion of assisted suicide is incomprehensible and cannot be expected to be decided by his family. After all, Clive's life is painless. There is nothing at all, not one thought. No one in this world could possibly empathize with this, not even Clive himself. Perpetually filled with profound emotion telling himself he is alive. Perfectly alive. Only to conceive his nightmare before it slips through his fingers again and again. Relentlessly. A nightmare with no dream. no difference between day or night. Precisely like death. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. There is no god.

XxXShevampXxX : Those messages he left on the answering machine just broke my heart. You can hear the fear in his voice and it's heart wrenching for me to witness so I can't even begin to fathom how his wife must've felt. He's experiencing a lot of anguish.

mishasworld : He's so pure❤🌹❤ I know an old man with amnesia who goes fishing a lot and always wears a dirty jacket. I was a small child and I at the time I was kinda of scared of him. I'd say hello, and he'd start talking to me, asking how I was and such,(no weird stuff, he's a good grandpa) and then, he'd just ask me the same thing over and over again. Then my parents told me about his illness and I was really sad😢❤

Marcel Zager : That's a shame, because you really can tell that he is a n extremely intelligent and passionate man, but that's just taken away from him

Willow Summers : I am addicted to documentaries

bob bob : 50 first dates ❤️

treetababy : My sister suffers from brain damage from a car accident.  Her symptoms are similar, she can create a few new memories if traumatic (like the death of someone), or through repetition.  Brain damage like this is so hard on the family.  My sister can not remember the day of week, can't read books either.  Notes do help, labeling does help.  So sad.

James Freeman : His wife's eyes are beautiful

BECKY REBEKAH : 'what does it mean to you when deborah comes to visit?' 'heaven on earth arrives' my heart melted oh my gosh

dfcvda : in 2014 may 25 i was run over cycling and i was in a coma a TBI My memory is a bit longer about a day so I wont remember writing this until someone answers it I was a health care professional and the GMC and the NMC worked along with brain surgeon, GP AND the stroke team to try and get me back to work as my job was important but in the end we had to concede that it wouldnt work and I`m glad, in a way whatever happens in life there is always someone worse off than you my girlfriend is a Barrister but she looks aftert me drugs etc, eating going to bed, just prompts as my physical body is fine the only damag was my left clavical and a lot of my brain this has made me feel better or atleast as ease what a splendid man and his wife is still beautiful Headway have done a great deal for me and i go there the first wednesday of each month.

ArcticZurite : So he is forever stuck in the 80’s