The Man With The Seven Second Memory (Medical Documentary) - Real Stories

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Mrs Chester : He lives in death-no dreams no memories no past and no future. Horrible.

Sarah Claire : "We're on another plane Clive and I. We're in a world where there is no time."

Djinnx Tearlache : His daughter really breaks my heart. You can tell she really loves him, therefore, it is too painful for her to see him like that. You see the pain in her eyes. I can't imagine having someone like that in your family.

Stephan K : *This dude would love Vine*

Jafarmarar : "What does love mean?" "Zero in tennis. Everything in life."

Carlo X : The scariest & haunting part about this is when he kept calling his wife after she left

IrishRose : "What does it mean to you when Debra arrives?" "Heaven on Earth has arrived". Omg. 😭💓

Cheap Coffee : This man forgets everything after a period of seven seconds. He can't even remember where he lives, how old he is or what day it is, but he remembers his woman. That is the truest form of love one could ever hope to accomplish.

Jeremy Harris : This wife is a true example of selflessness and greatness. Not many could dream of doing what she does. When she said those other men weren't him.. OMG and I swear I don't cry..

lampini : When he keeps saying “first time I’ve seen a human” and “no difference between life and death” it’s very eerie. I can’t fathom feeling that every day.

BlaiddDrwg2009 : Oh, bless him. His face when she said they made a film 20 years ago and they wanted to know how he was

ImTooDrunktoTasteThisChicken : "What's love?" "Nothing in tennis but everything in the world" The man provides his own comic relief to this incredibly heart breaking story. His wife is the definition of a ride-or-die.

the-twisted-samurai : I just love that he never ever lost his love for his wife. In fact that's the main thing he retained. If that isn't proof love is on a completely different mental level, I don't know what is.

SpaghettiHennessy : i wonder how he is now and if he is even still with us.

Chicken Permission : *HE'S GONE FLOPPY!*

OhEsuQ q : Soo.. If one of the nurses would tell him, for an example a good joke and kept doing that the entire day and he'd be laughing over and over and over again. That'd be gentle.

CluelessGmer : This is proof that what you are is within the brain. once its gone, you are too.

Sherley Doran : Where is home? "Yesterday" He's such a wonderful and bright man, still. This is making me cry.

Anita Davis : The father of my child recently almost died from meningitis, he survived but has been left with permanent damage to his brain which has resulted in him losing his short term memory. His short term memory lasts from between 30 secs and a minute. It is the saddest thing ive ever seen. He still has his long term memory but it changes, sometimes he thinks its the late 90s and then it could be 2012 or at least he remembers people and his two kids, he has a 5 year old and my son who is 17 and just finished grade 12. He asks Munya how school is every few minutes and Munya finished grade 12 this year so for Adam (Munyas dad) Munya will forever be in high school. I dont know how he's going to deal when his kids get obviously older. After watching this show I realise that compared to this man Adam has it better, at least Adam has long term memories.

Galka Power : one of the saddest things I've ever watched :(

lampini : When he keeps saying “first time I’ve seen a human” and “no difference between life and death” it’s very eerie. I can’t fathom feeling that every day.

Lisaa : confused he talked continually without a gap for longer than 7 secs

fattychoccie : What kind of son doesn't make the effort to see his sick dad for 7 years? That has baffled me. Thank God for his incredible wife, what a woman.

alo : These two people are so amazing. Clive is such a clever and funny man despite the illness I can't imagine how he was before. And his wife... a true heart of gold.

catoad : He always repeats "Day and night are the same, no thoughts, no dreams." THAT he remembers, because those are his feelings. He "remembers" his wife, because she is connected to emotion - to the amygdala. Or, it's not memories. Those are simply, and purely, his true feelings.

Amber Crooks : when they were in that church and she was telling him his musical accomplishments he had in that building, and his reaction of disbelief and like he was going to cry was just heartbreaking.. I'm not a man to be touched by watching things like this but I actually teared up front that.. probably because my grandpa had Alzheimer's and my girlfriend of twelve years just moved out a few days ago. I think having a loved one with extreme memory problems and the interaction of two people who have loved each other so long despite the massive struggle they're facing shared a lot of similarities with my experiences and it hit my heart like a ton of bricks.

Jonathan Perez : When he said “alcohol” at 33:24, I knew he was my friend.

Voltz : I've been watching this documentary, waiting to watch the moment where his _7 seconds actually start_ and I found the perfect part for everybody to experience it! It's at 31:00 *Please like my comment everybody so everybody else can find this part because I'm sure everybody wants to see it in action* _Also, have a very nice day everybody_ ! ^_>

Daalah : of all the things he forgets, he can never forget her :) what a love they share

Wendy Chua : Thats true love even he forgot everything he never forget his wife.....brain can forget but the heart never can forget....

Se7en Things : I'm not making fun of him in any way what so ever, just wanted to say I find it adorable how he always says "never seen a human being before" "it's new to me", etc. In a way things at least seem interesting to him. I find it wonderful that he is able to focus on the amazement of seeing a person for the first time or on how amazing it is that he's couscous for the first time, rather than focusing on the fear of not knowing where he is or whats happening to him.


yulpiewsert1 : looking at the journals really broke me oh my god

Jonathan Gibbs : hes actually quite a witty and intelligent man "what does love mean" "zero in tennis and everything in life" hahahah

mishasworld : He's so pure❤🌹❤ I know an old man with amnesia who goes fishing a lot and always wears a dirty jacket. I was a small child and I at the time I was kinda of scared of him. I'd say hello, and he'd start talking to me, asking how I was and such,(no weird stuff, he's a good grandpa) and then, he'd just ask me the same thing over and over again. Then my parents told me about his illness and I was really sad😢❤

stereophonic77 : 20:58 "Deborah for Eternity"

Ashlie Arcand : a true life version "The Notebook" and even more beautiful

treetababy : My sister suffers from brain damage from a car accident.  Her symptoms are similar, she can create a few new memories if traumatic (like the death of someone), or through repetition.  Brain damage like this is so hard on the family.  My sister can not remember the day of week, can't read books either.  Notes do help, labeling does help.  So sad.

Marcel Zager : That's a shame, because you really can tell that he is a n extremely intelligent and passionate man, but that's just taken away from him

Luis Frieri : Wow, very sad. In this day and age of Stem Cell therapy, I wonder if they could apply them to the brain for him in rebuilding some type of connection with the Hippocampus part of his brain?

Kevin P : The fascinating part for me is that the (his) brain has been able to retain so much of a memory of language and 'normal everyday things' that one does in 'normal' life, and apparently much of what was experienced before the illness, yet have absolutely NO memory of 'events' that are happening 'now'. Brings up a whole bunch of conundrums around the concept of 'time' and the brains 'management' of the concept of time. Especially right after watching of the stories about the two guys that have an 'absolute' photographic memory and can recall EVERYTHING they where ever exposed to and yet have no understand of WHY they can do that or be able to use it in any practical way. The brain. The Mind. Wow!!!

Jenie N Bod : How many ads do u need..

Jon Wo : Clive can't remember Deborah and Deborah can't forget Clive. It's such a tragedy. I once had an episode like this. For a brief moment I forgot everything, who the person with me was(an old friend), where I was (at home), though I had a feeling of self identity I didn't remember who I was. I had no memories of any kind. It only lasted one moment, minutes at the most, but I can relate. That moment of dawning consciousness is infinitely precious, but without the memories of the past it's also meaningless. We tend to think our personality is the most important part of us, but without the recollection of past experiences and memories it holds no meaning. It's the existence of automaton, you merely react. I started to regain my memories and can now remember all that I lost, but I can somehow imagine what it would be to repeat that one moment over and over again infinitely, without ever the possibility of recovering. You might as well be dead.

WeeSmackyJim : >Why vine was invented

VALENTINEproductions : Since he remembers musically why not teach him musically. Teach him his age his address things like that in song and see if it sticks.

Levi Garrett : It's like that movie Momento.

Sicsen : *bird chirps* Clive: Hello! Such an angel, it's so tragic that he's trapped in this endless cycle

willowbear : the most heartbreaking line in this is "he's just Clive now, dad's gone."

Jandals : This pour man lives in the worst episode of the twilight zone.

brooke xx : It really hit me hard when he kept on saying "You're the first people I've seen since I was ill" because he must feel as if he has been alone that whole time. Even though he will not remember that time, it is still sad. Also I felt really sad when his wife showed the diary where he kept on writing down that he was concious for the first time.This was an incredible documentary