Couple and "homeless veteran" charged in alleged GoFundMe scam

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James Dooling : This is why we can't have anything nice. Scumbags.

Ars 1 : This is our country in 2018 I’m surprised people still want to come here!

Janine Lew : There’s no honor amongst thieves.

Arianna : People like this are the reason why it is so hard for people actually in need to use GoFundMe. No one believes them because of these exact scams.

Bold Counsel : Don't let this story stop you from helping people... especially locally, where you can directly affect people. There are still real people out there that need help.

NeoGeo12 : If only they would cover fraud like that when it happens on Wallstreet the same way.

Brice Hoogenboom : All 3 need jail time IMO. Crooked, dishonest fu ckers.

sokratyn : The couple looks like crackheads compared to bobbit

Agent J : Donate your money by helping out your relatives, people

Am In : At least they're caught

Homer Simpson : They needed to set up a GoFundMe to pay back $20?! I never contibute to go fund me. All the stories are fake. Even the name is rude. Should be called PleaseGoFundMe

Term-B Phillip : I knew it homeless drug ADDICT would give up his last fix...not saying all people who don't have a home cannot do for others,but drug dealers operate on another gear. This is nothing but greed that has brought them here.

Manny A : Dude said if I'm not getting my cut we all going down 😂😂

Adi T : I felt sad when i couldnt contribute to this man at first, but now im happy i didnt, coz of these people true people in trouble is not getting funds they really need, disgusting humans

Prime TimeVox : Sounds about white !

Ann Bertoli : Truly the face of losers

AWSOMUS LATEST : Woa....he's not homeless no more.....

Lawney Malbrough : A fool and his money are eadily parted and those who work evil will have nothing but strife.

Jon K : I wonder how the people who “stood up” for this “homeless man” feel now? Your emotions pulled one over on you.

Sharon Mcginnis : Kate, I hope your designer bags match your new orange jumpsuit outfit.

Crucial Farms Urban and Fresh : They need to refund everyone that donated

Jake Crecelius : Am really we get fraud all the time from the government but no one cares so why care about this one


dragon joe : No honor amongst thieves!😂

Joe O'Malley : I do believe eventually karma got to them.

Slick Ratchet : Morally bankrupt millennials

Louie Padilla : Dr. Ford scammed the American people for about a million and a potential book deal, happens every day.

chuchorc : That's why I very rarely help ppl with money. People are out here scamming left and right that it's caused me not to help.

Joan Snow : So disturbing! I’m glad they are being charged. They don’t deserve to be free with the rest us

EvenStevenSays : WOW PLOT TWIST

Captain H : P.T. Barnum allegedly once said "There's a sucker born every minute". Or as in this case, thousands. I said from the beginning there was a good chance these 3 were in cahoots from the start. A homeless man is going to give a stranger his last $20?? It didn't seem logical...not likely to happen. People have to stop being so gullible! Go fund me? Go f#c@ you!

Layne Franklin : Greed...It's a horrible thang...

GEOVANNE RAMOS : Wtf he was in it ??

moon glow : Pls do not let this dissuade u from being charitable this holiday season. *AMAZON SMILE* will donate % to any charity u choose, based on TTL amt spent on *AMAZON*

Carolynska S : Now people who really need help won't get it.. America is so giving and a sucker for a sad story. I will never give to one of these would have to be somebody I know. How selfish and greedy people can be. and I hope they get a stiff jail sentence.

Mister Rogers : Are they all homeless now? Lol

lissa leggs : Better than robbing a bank. Trump univ. Grads Prosecute them, then you have to prosecute Trump and his fake charities.

David Ellis : Chasing an easy 💸 grab. Trump Supporters arrested with MAGA hats on. Throw those in 🗑 people in prison for life ! No 🔑 to freedom.

Paul McAninch : I don't understand how this is a crime. People give money everyday to fake charities/causes/religions/political campaigns/whatever. The entire world economy would shutdown if honesty were required when selling something or asking for contributions.

Charlie Möller : Shameful!

Marlon rettis : Now that! Makes sense!

Feng L : You could smell SHADY from the beginning .... Greed and Money ...ROOT OF ALL EVIL !  Time to pay the price like TRumptard ! LOL

Jim NORRIS : This is how stupid California laws are.people's homes get burned they have no place to live,so these folks,put up shelters when they can,an the stupid Cops start writing Tickets. The Laws in California are so dam twisted,they make a knot look straight..

Les Lie Deadmond : Dr Ford made a killing after her kavenaugh bs

Daniel V : Now go after those megachurch's.

Kellie Hickman : "No honor among theives." When you steal and get together with other people who steal...

Chestnut Brown : I said it first!! They are all scammers.

Advanced Infinite Wisdom : Greedy school. Hum, where have I heard that before. Oh yeah, it was called: Trump University. A phony education as a way to defraud others. Now that's despicable. Also, the other greedy school and church is called Scientology. These people make me sick.

uknow who : Y'all would be better off donating to the con artists on the off ramp.

Homer Briseno : EAST COAST TRASH .