How Horses Took Over North America (Twice)

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HilBethJay : So horses are technically not an invading species in North America, they're a reintegrated species.

Cptjockitch : Now do cows please

Bradipo Panzuto : this... explains a lot. i've always heard the apparently contradicting statements "colonizers brought horses to north america" and "horses were native to north america's large grassy fields" and i've always been so confused... which one is true?? both of them, apparently

Jon : So horses are very well suited for our grasslands and I'm here still not eating horse burgers?

Copper389 : Hearing a hoof described as “one giant toe” made me more uncomfortable than I expected

The Armadilliest One : Real horse fans remember when Eohippus was around

Cities & Skyscrapers : Your channel is absolutely awesome! Keep it up!

OnlineDater69 : Seen a ton of wild horses in Wyoming basin on my CDT hiking trip. They are majestic af!

logan cintron : I'd like to see a video on how birds like ostriches and penguins went back to being flightless and why it was necessary.

Joshua Tupper : Please let there be no horseplay in the comments.

coolsub 20D : So are we gonna act like this man isn’t gettin swole? Dude peep the gains man😂💪🏽

Nick C : That pause before “niche”... I see you, Eons!

sent4dc : Question: why did we domesticate horses and not zebras or some other equines? Or in other words, what does make horses, cows, sheep, dogs and cats so special for domestication?

Leftatalbuquerque : Science can be sexy. Host, take your shirt off.

BH Productions : please make a video on areas that have been isolated to their own evolution. like Madagascar!

James Vargas : Please do a video on the evolution of the australian animals!! Especially platypus. Thanks!!

jonny pepperston : Why did the eohippus have a sore throat? Because it was just a little horse

Rembrandt : Next on PBS EONS: How my Biceps Shredded My Shirt! 😂😂😂😂

Nick Hentschel : I've long favored the horse (esp. the Mustang) as the mascot of America, rather than the bald eagle or even the wild turkey: it's a perfect symbol of the New World and the Old coming together to create something new and better.

DanBrohare : This is by far, one of the best produced, well written and most entertaining channels on youtube.

skoockum : Rhinos and tapirs and horses. Oh my.

PF Sosa : Love your channel! Can I suggest a video about cactii? I'm curious about how they relate to other plants, but I fear that maybe there are not a lot of fossil evidence about them :(

João Philippe Lima : I think the Great American Interchange deserves a full episode. And why not one about the much bigger Columbian Interchange?

Jeremiah Ortiz : How differently would civilization have arisen if the horse had stayed and succeeded? The Old world would have never had chariots and the Mongol empire would never have existed. How many wars were won on the backs of the horse? The Romans? Would the Native Americans have domesticated the horse, or not? Would their societies growth have been expedited? I AM SO CURIOUS!

Niclas Dahl Aabo : The evolution of dogs/wolves would also be pretty interesting. Maybe a video on different domesticated animals and their evolution.

Alexandra Lee : As someone who used to read about this all the time as a young horse obsessed girl, I'm very disappointed to find out that it isn't pronounced "merry-chip-us". 9 year old me is quaking.

The Creature : Aww yeah, more awesome stuff to learn, and at such great quality as well, tomorrow. It is, regrettably, way to late for me to watch this right now, but I'm sure that this will give me something to look forward to, as well as incentive to wake up early. Keep making this great content for a long time to come. I look forward to it.

Jack Bugden : 7:59 What about Przewalski's wild horses?

Magnus Peacock : I appreciate the pronunciation of "niche"

Emily Creamer : So are they technically an invasive species in North America? Being gone so long, I'd imagine many of their predators are gone as well, or moved away from feeding on them. What keeps their wild populations in balance? Us?

Steve Buscemi : Is there enough information to make a parasite episide?

Dripping Popsicle : New Film Theory and scishow video: eh... gets eons notification and litterally starts screaming hallelujah

Vennom Scandi : horses are cool more such videos about how a certain species we know today came to be pls

2030games : Great episode, and I took the survey; I hope it helps!

Arya Pourtabatabaie : 0:16 “Eohippus may be small just a half meter tall; but it’s also fast and well adapted to grass...” Sick rhyme Blake! Keep it up.

Rebeldoug : Very interesting history of the horse but while I can’t put my finger on it there seems to be a lot missing from the extinction event of the North and South American horse. It doesn’t make sense that all the horses on both continents would become extinct while the ones who crossed over the Bering would prosper. Mankind was on both sides and would presumably have the same appetite for horse meat. The grassy plains existed on both sides of the Bering and intermittently down to Argentina. I guess climate change had a lot to do with the extinction which would not only include the different ice ages but huge volcanic events as well. Diseases up to insect plagues may have also played a role. Maybe domestication is what saved the horse but zebras weren’t domesticated. Maybe a better understanding of what happened is just a bit down the road.

Douggernaut84 : Never knew a horse’s hoof was a single toe !🤯

yaddar : Make a video about Wolves (which we transformed into dogs) and also the origin of Cats

Dodo Bird : I drop everything i'm doing when I get a notification from this channel, I don't know what you're doing and how you're doing it but I'm hooked. Ok now to watch the video

estothecee : Another fantastic video! I've already said this on a previous video, but, the quality of the content on this channel is incredible! Keep it up guys, by far my favourite paleo themed channel on Youtube. I would definitely appreciate an in-depth video on Dilophosaurus, and other members of its family, if you have the time please. Thanks.

// з а л н и й // х о д // а н а : This channel is genuinely amazing. I get exited every time - crazy how often you upload considering the quality!

Francois Boonzaaier : Really fascinated. So horses are are a megafauna that came back to North America, unlike other megafauna like mammoths that died off completely.

Giraffinator : I never knew I wanted to know about horse evolution

Cody Gavin : You should make a video about the "Great American Biotic Interchange."

Cadwaladr : Homework? But it's summer! Also I'm an adult. Oh, it's just that survey. I already did the survey and said Eons was my favourite sow.

Mason Cafua : You know as soon as the first horses landed in North America one of them had like a Deja Vu moment and was thinkin like "this seems oddly familiar, have we been here before"

peppermintfoxy : Please make a video about ancient coelacanths and other lobe finned fish! They are very interesting and considered 'living fossils'

Sean Kennedy : Thanks for another great video and I have completed the survey. I comment on every video of yours that I really want you to explore the Desmostylians, the only order of marine mammals to go extinct. I find them very intriguing animals but there is such little information out there about them and their evolutionary relationships to Afrotheria or Perrisodactyla. Thanks!

Bald One Big Head : I'd like to learn about common ancestors of dogs and primates

Patricio Iasielski : Awesome, as usual in this channel! Please do an episode about the extinct south american ungulates!