if modern internet companies existed in 1970s - early 1990s

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TheShadowHatter : This is actually REALLY creative! I wouldn't mind seeing more of these!

Lightskin _ : Secret link gang

ScienceMarc : Why isn't this on trending

Lurid : Soundcloud, sponsored by Headlander.

sakipooh : These are pretty sweet.

Ahmed Balalo : I think those are better than the current ones.

Austin Kraneveldt : Wow love this style so much

ajtxander : ‘Sup Nation!

Benjamin Jimenez : Very creative, well executed! Two Thumbs up bud!

Leonard Lushi : #Phil

Timothy Nickles : The internet was around in the 70s it was just a little bit different from what we are used to

The Devil's Advocate : I wonder what Apple would have look like in the 80's

Omar Khashaba : I was sent by #phil

medialazystuff2001 / joaquin2007 : also you forgot discord

Tommy V : Thanks r/gifs cool ass video.

Moriarty Vivaldi : Love it man, well done.

the ellocin : glorious

Ryan Dury : That was bloody brilliant

A : Who's here from morning brew ☕

medialazystuff2001 / joaquin2007 : hbo 1975

Shane Benjamson : Hey man, this is a really cool video. I hope you're proud of the work you put into it, because you did a good job. If you're personally not proud of it, I just want to let you know that I may not know you but I am proud of you and thankful that you exist, providing me with a near minute's worth of entertainment. I will subscribe now because I expect you to grow and make similar entertainment in the future for me to consume. Now, I will warn you if you do not make more entertainment that is similar to the one that is the reason I have subscribed, I will comment on each video asking for you to make another video like so and if you do not, I will unsubscribe. For each comment I am forced to make I may grow more and more irritated and occasionally utilize blasphemous language in hopes for you to take me seriously. If this goes on for several months, I may start threatening to sue and/or dox you. This behavior may increase to me taking a low quality picture with my old LG of a generic-looking apartment building in my area in the middle of night, sending it to you and saying I'm outside your house and that you should stop being such a, "slut" and to stop making, "slutty videos" or else you may get, "sexually assaulted." I apologize in advance if the situation comes to where I must use such language and threats, but I am a Republican.

Kevin August : Can you make a icon pack for android in this style I will pay!!!

Ian Luna : Im glad Philip sent me here I dont regret clicking his secret link because this video is actually really good.

Mactac : These are absolutely amazing. I have a small youtube channel and would love to have some of these with my logo.

10 yıl önce : 🇹🇷Webtekno🇹🇷

battered walrus : Annnnddddd added to favourites :)

Diana B : PhillyD sent me

Stonemansteve II : What, no Pandora?!

Agent Ham : The aspect ratio was appealing.

Sean Patchen : Twitter with a flamingo?

John Emmanuel Ramos : Great job!

History King : (80s announcer guys comes on) With your host... Bob Stevens Special guest... Andrew Woodward Also staring... Matthew Davis And now, here's your host... Bob Stevens! (live audience clapping and cheering as Bob enters through the side door of the game show set with a brown and yellow plad outfit complete with bowl style comb over hair and 80s mustache)

wubzys_gaming : This video makes me happy

Ivan Gurkov : Woooow! Awesome!

Derrick Hill : OMG, the mythical first comment is within my grasp! Edit: Never mind, my computer was loading really slow... Phil brought me here.

{mg85i83ng5b} : Yeah i could see this as for real. especially if you never herd of these companies before seing this video. I would've really thought youtube started in the 80s

BMX Escape / SPACERAM : Awesome !

MiasmaGrowlmon : Twitter and Facebook looking like lotteries.

Brandi B. : ROFL. Loved it. Made me giggle. Shared on Facebook. Can't wait to hear the comments.


MRDLT00 : This video fills me with such bile and sickness that is going to burst XD

Mark Celis : Cute!

Brandon Williams : Jesus Christ, you even got the VHS effects down.

6000countingdown : My favorite is definitely Twitter the flamingo, which have more of an aggressive "honk!"

GhostDrow : If twitter was made in the 70's/80's it would 100% be called tweeter Also the google one would fit better as isntagram imo

Denis Petersen : 26 post eighties kids disliked

nukecoke87 : Pure Cassette Futurism

Flamingo Films : Love the Twitter one.

psicesar : This is brilliant! What's the name of the song? (I know: it isn't Darude - Sandstorm!)

hitesh lakhyani : Like the Youtube logo.