Best high speed chase ever put to film!

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avnub : 2:08 I like to believe that the ape (Noel Fielding) is saying "yelling" because Garth forgot to write it as stage directions in the script, and instead accidentally included it as dialogue.

Jose Fabian : Love the body double at 1:50 that's running on foot and looks nothing like Garth.

hyperdeath84 : I wish they had done another series of this, easily one of the best comedies I've ever seen. They could have "found" more copies of the old episodes instead of doing that Man To Man thing which was nowhere near as good.

Seano299 : 1:56 That stunt double tho

Brian Coffey : To me, this is one of the best parodies I've ever seen.  For anyone who understands what they are doing and how they are playing off the 1980s, it strikes a real chord (and the funny bone).  Andrew Hewitt, the composer of the music, IS amazing.  I can't say enough good things about GMD.  Savor.


discoder : The music is actually spot on for the chase.

fuckingchaffinch : "I'm sweating now" had me in hysterics :')

Jake Black : 1:55 love the stunt double running there!

☯Dom : One of the best sitcoms ever made. Brilliant!

tyebillion : The composer to this music is an absolute genius and could easily start a completely new music genre. 

̣ : I need this kind of music in my life

C S5 : 1:47 who left that ramp there? litterbugs

tyebillion : "Coot le mango... koolerbanou".

Kendra McCullough : I love it how in the greenscreen part, Garth's bottom part of his legs are cut off. It's little bits like that, that makes this great. :)

ThroatSore : Still on the edgeof my seat. Such style in writing, such effects, such acting, such dreamweaving.

Vivekananda Pingali : If you look closely, you can see that they are on bicycles, and not motor cycles.

Carson Clay : Absolutely Incredible. 

Heather Bixler : Monkey drivers!


EinkOLED : I remember this scene vividly when it was on channel 4 over 10 years ago. Nice to know that most of the comedian actors found fame in other areas except for garth himself.

tyebillion : Absolutely brilliant, this was the best part of the whole series.

Joseph Tessier : Monkey drivers!

Amanda Dube : Im gonna think about this the next time I go mountain biking

Enclave Officer : PULL OVER *whatamoi''

happybuddyperson : I love how when he punched him, 10 seconds before the punch sound went off.

Mysterious Dyslexic : Truly amazing, this really reflects on real life in modern times... 

justin credible : I'm sweating now

Mark Woods : Art...

SheenaMurrayVEVO : Don't drink that, look it's bright green!

Realist McGealist : I love this british comdey. Richard ayeoda is a legend

DrTheKay : Monkey driver

Soph : Why is there a ramp in the middle of a forest? Why do the raleigh choppers make motorbike sounds? Why are there 50 water cooler boxes aranged neatly in the middle of a forest?

motley17cru : the music is just perfect

emo birch : omg wow i totally love the mighty bush

poogars poog : I like that they added slomo on episodes that weren't long enough. Yet speed it up here to seem more intense.

recordingautist : Just edges out the chase scene from Wet Hot American Summer.

Luck : I'm sweating now.

bloodinthewater : Vince Noir has really let himself go.

Carefree Jimbob : Yamin Yamin On de bike

sovereignmind : That push bike stack when Thornton Reed goes down was the 'Real Deal', no stunt dud! It's got to be one of the most real and spectacular stunt I've ever seen filmed for screen. The real question is thy? Could G.M.(the big G'M') still be able to bring it back, do what needs to be done/complete it. New series, all the old team back. Add in a few modern day new things?(Ricky Gervais?)Na, sick with Steve Merchant. So who 2nd's it?

kingears84 : 17 people have no sense of humour

Patrick Bateman : Vex Vulper's disguises have gotten more...creative.

Mandy Deshannel : Motor bike sound affect had me in tears .

Dusan Vrock : This is pure gold :D !

Anthony Gee : love the distinct noel fielding noises

Sinclair Strange : I don't think you understand what it's parodying. Which is sad :(

Bobby Head : That's because you're an idiot.

Coridan06 : I don't understand why people like this show. The general consensus is bad equals good, but all i see is bad. Hey look this is intentionally crappy! Really! that makes it good! yeahhh...