Mexico’s Child Geniuses

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Kim Jong-un : They're not smarter than the robo..err...children of Best Korea. That's for sure

Grace Lieu : She became a psychologist at 13.... WHAT?? Why can’t I be this smart 😂 AND SHE’S ONLY 16 NOW!!!

Tosh T : Haha. The last GBS video had a Wes Anderson character and this video is classic Wes Anderson cinematography. 👍

Kurt Turdhole : she’s a child prodigy but was late to every class smh

arun kumar : So she teaches Mexican army of future X-Men

sladikk : jeez she's gonna rule the world by the time she's 25

Adame Blogs : Oye ☝🏾Arriba México 🇲🇽 , Para esos que me entienden!

Salokin : She’s right though, countires succeed or fail based on their children’s education

A Drum Tsukumogami : They're fans of rick and morty

Lilou Pumpkin : Such a nice name. I find "niños of knowledge" nicer than genius . Very cool video !

Rice : DonaldTrump.exe has stopped working

Alejandro López Haro : Yo iba a ser un genio, pero me chingué la rodilla

Cpt. WaddleDoo : Can I borrow the periodic table kid for my bio test tmrw?

UNLEASHING POTENTIAL - PSYCHOLOGY VIDEOS : Mexico has a beautiful culture full of very smart people.

april00026000 : She's truly gifted, and I wish her and these kids well in their future endeavors


MOTH : I'm 16 too but my brain is 6

Kingly Done : Just goes to show, never judge ppl by race or ethnicity.

Jackson With That Choker Tho : She speaks more languages than what I'll ever be able to speak😶

guillehcv 0.0 : Aaaaaaaay veeerga, yo si soy bien pendejo 😂😂😂

Elfy On the Shelfy : I am a prodigy, my skills in include being able to recite country roads, coordinated sneezing, and complete no nut November

Avery Lopez-Baines : They must be fans of Vsauce

_Bob McCoy : *I wish my class was as engaging*

Ruth Beaty : Good for them, those kids need as much help as the ones who are less gifted.

thats the tea : *c a n t r e l a t e*

Jackson With That Choker Tho : This video made me feel like shiiiiii. Este video me iso sentir como mier...

Todd Christopher : I also agree to the future generation of these children to push Mexico in the right direction and not going to other countries for help I'm not saying only Mexico does this because other countries come to United States for help I agree that they're thinking of their future trying to help themselves instead of leaning on somebody else

Pixode : Sure, natural intelligence is a pretty big factor in it, but it's probably just because her parents pushed her to spend all of her time on education. If it makes you feel better, you could call her a "sweat" or a "tryhard". Here in the US, the average person will need to spend around 25000 hours to get a bachelor's degree (I guess that's the point at which you can be considered a psychologist). Say you devoted a hefty 12 hours a day, 5 days a week to educating yourself (you'd get used to it after a while). Starting at kindergarten age (around 5-6), you would end up around 13 years old when you've acquired enough education to get your bachelor's degree. It's not easy, and not everyone is talented enough to do it. This girl has above average intelligence and her parents raised her so that she is motivated enough to learn all of this. You're not stupid, and she's not a supergenius. Y'all just chose to do different things with your early life. Imagine all of the hours of time you got to spend having fun with your family and friends that she just hasn't been able to get. (copy-paste of a reply to another comment about someone thinking they're not as smart as her)

dank vanguard : Can someone send this vid to trump

Annbrial Lawrence : I'm over here like look at me I got a 58 in math. Whoo. It went up a point. Yay

Hideika : More like the Rick and Morty Fan Club

Adeen : 0:56 where did they get that number from??

Denise Abreu : I love this. Viva #Mexico 🇲🇽

Pinkyfrog Youtube Channel : Good for Mexico. 👍

Navy SEALS Rock : God bless all of them.

ariu ryl : This is honestly amazing and I support her 100%. The children will be the future and you need to recognise and harness their talents.

TheFineFTW : So i’m a genius at the age of 12 for having memorized the whole periodic table?

erick valladares : Now i want to see a wes anderson movie

KNO : Nah I don't buy it. They are memorizing shit. That's literally the most wasteful thing you can do with gifted children. Wipe their brains and have them do some dialectical reasoning.

boson96 : Boundless genius shouldn't be restricted by the confines of nationalism.

Bridget Kaede : “I got a psychology degree at 13.” Well at least I had a childhood

Asdfghjkl : She was late for her lesson

niqqa niqqa : I'm intelligent too. I know that i know nothing.

Hjalmaro Potato : Both my mom and dad are part of that Mensa thingy for smart people bt I feel like an absolute idiot all the time. I also have adhd so that doesn’t help either. I have good/decent grades and have never studied in almost 2 years bt I don’t know like I want to become a car mechanic because I like cars bt my parents say it is a waste of my “talents” I can preform amazingly bt my hinder is my adhd side can’t realize that just because I have no respect for the teacher my adhd side forces me to not listen. I’m very good for my age in languages and here in Sweden we can choose a 3rd language and I chose German and was bet in my class for a month without studying bt then I could not stand the teacher so I quit and got into language reinforcement class or whatever it’s called. Fuckin teachers. And sorry for all the grammatical errors I’m just a 14 year old Swedish kid

whatevashewants : These children and amazing. BTW you should turn off the comments, there’s nothing but idiots judging geniuses in the comments.

Isanzu Ractivadántra : Let's play a game *Take a shot everytime you spot a triggered 'murican.*

Chris W : Yeah but can she cook?

Dancing Petal : Viva la raza 🇲🇽 I’m so proud of these kids. I too was a prodigy but fell into the hands of mischievous and stupidity. I was playing violin at the tender age of 6 and learning Chinese from the library

Ima Burnt Chicken Nugget : U.S. joins the chat U.S.: we have the best schools here Mexico joins the chat Mexico: ... U.S. has left the chat

watchdealer11 : Let's build a wall to ensure the US can't access the world's talent!