Patrice O'neal High Quailty White Woman

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Patrice O'neal High Quailty White Woman

Comments from Youtube

Greg Singleton : The quality is so bad it looks like her man isn't unlocked yet

Michael Everson : "I might look for ya, but the news ain't." Patrice, you are sorely missed.

killa nova : White baby on a keychain!!!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

argyjr : What an amazingly funny dude he was. So sad he's gone.

Franco Cooper : The rawest in the game. Stand up just doesn't get any better.

S B : He was the master of exposing bias and hypocrisy by dangling issues before his audience like a carrot and holding a mirror up to them as they went for it. On the subjects of relationships and race, no ne could touch him.

OneBagTravel : "Aint nobody looking for you... the news aint!" XD

Hulk Smash 24/7 : Folks he is using the white woman to mock the media's coverage of missing white women, not because he dislikes Black women.. All of Patrice's long term girlfriend's were Black.

Keith Ode : "If I go sailing I'm taking a white baby on a key chain with me."

shesbaldbutiwould : Natalee Holloway that angelllll


Patrick Briggs : He improvised that whole bit, brilliant.

John Galt Dough : Off the chain talented.

gordy von brody : And that is how you set a patrice

Allen Darst : Who disliked this video? Morons.

NothingToPointOut24 : Dude with the hat at 3:55 is so mad.

Cheek1969 : I still listen to old O & A shows...I miss him like a knew him.

Lau Reyes : Legend no one can compare, will be missed.

scbluesman13 : I heard sweatpants & ug boots and just lost it. Damn Patrice was such a comedy master.

Tim Kirwin : This is my favorite bit by Patrice. Talking about racism thru the glass of a missing person. Brilliant.

Bill M : The white girl looks a bit like a young Patricia Arquette.

Stephen Mason : She has the thumb-cut long sleeve sweater, the shawl, large loose scarf, and the fancy salon haircut. Patrice is right on the money. I had an ex like that, extremely well dressed and put together... like the professional look.

Albert Zion : best comedian ever

ND7652 : Her NAME was Stephany Flores- Ramirez .

Neto Recker : wonder if this was planned. either way brilliant.

cadmus777 : "I'm taking a white baby on a keychain with me"!!!!!

Nimlord : Word! White women have more value over ethnic women. Same goes for men too. Funny and sad at the same time.

iveywebb : R.I.P. to one of the 🐐's . He & Corey Holcomb are the masters of disrespectful hilarity πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜­.

Jordan Parman : Gone, but not forgotten

sonya griffy : Patrice O'Neal will be missed, one of the funniest ever! R.I.P.

Nemohoes 200 : I wonder if Patrice could even do his act nowadays

Thomas O'Connor : They looked at the edge of the beach for those football players...too funny. RIP Legend.

James Mccorkle : They looked for like 8 mins. Too much sun...

Β€T'CHALLAΒ€ : One of the greatest....RIP Patrice.

playingforbritain : Just as unsure after watching as I was before as to whether this video's called 'Patrice O'Neal (High Quality): White Women', or 'Patrice O'Neal: High Quality White Women'

Michael Rapaport : An absolute comedy genius all done on the spur of the moment and the top of his head. Sorely missed

SpinningSidekick : I'm mad at how much I laughed at this

curse of janus : White baby on a keychain!!!

Fundamentalist American. : That guy was effing hilarious.

hakim burton : RIP PATRICE ONEAL

Par Vee : ROFL! Funny and truthful at the same time. That's why Patrice O'Neal was so funny.

Tbone Touch Hadebe : Top Shelf right there lmao

ebay seller : top shelf indeed her butthole is probably pink too(weird compliment lol)

Jacob Jorgenson : One of the most astute social commentators

For Real : Never met the man, but I really miss him. RIP to a real one.

Marilyn Gentle : An uncomfortable truth made brilliantly

EFH : This Is up there with 'Killing me softly' as far as comedy specials go.

Donalddump : "That is top shelf white women right there" lmaooooo

Ryan Fritz : All comedy is, is telling the truth by making it sound funny. It should never go away!