Super Mario Odyssey - It's No Masterpiece

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Joseph Anderson : Thanks for watching! I'll be streaming most of today if you want to stop by and ask any questions about the new video. You can find me here: This video took forever. Nier Automata was meant to be next but after playing Odyssey I decided I had enough to say about it that I should go for that next. The video was meant to be 45 minutes. You saw how that turned out. I realize parts of this may seem a bit excessive but it was important to prove my points. Most of what has been said about this game so far has had little evidence to support it--on the moon side of things. The movement system has had some good discussions already. Here are some more links. This video will likely get copyright claimed by Nintendo but that's okay. Patreon is doing well enough to support videos like this one now. And check out HeavyEyed's channel if you're looking for some more content. He's under 10k subs while I'm writing this. I hope he gets above that.

Shintai : Just finished the video, it was worth a moon.

Andriano : It's so fun read all of shitstorm down the comments

John Smith : 5:38 commenting before finishing a video is something I rarely ever do, since I don't want to be ridden with preconceived notions that will or will not be addressed and/or changed later in the video. But Mario went full Nameless King there.

Ikelos : You contradict yourself every 2 minutes, how is that even possible? Moreover you keep listing good things as reasons it's bad? "The world is small but it's full of things to find" - That's a good thing. The opposite is a big world with nothing in it. "Mario has so many moves I can't even list them all oh look cut to black" - 5 minutes later - "Mario doesn't have enough movement options" WHAT? Also "3D world was one of the best Meyreo games" pffft

Sixten Westman : M H Ä R I O M H Ä R I O M H Ä R I O M H Ä R I O M H Ä R I O

Heather Dean : #benchfriendsforever

Ze Diglett : Holy cow, finally! A video that's critical of Mario Odyssey! I thought it'd take at least a good couple years for anyone to take an honest look at this game's flaws...

morde : Refreshingly deep analysis. Enjoyed and subbed.

Homer J. Simpson : Of course its no masterpiece.. That title goes to: SUPER MARIO BROS 2 BAYBEEE THE ONE AND ONLY TRUE MASTAPIEECEE #objectivefacts

Alienrun : Honestly I don't know why so many people are pissed off by this video, he spends the entire beggining praising its movement system! To me that's a pretty big deal, and even tho it leaning on the easy side is a bit of a bummer, it only exites me more if NIntendo in the future decides to make the next game more in line with what this guy is saying (assuming they do that, they may not) or harder! ;)

NintendoCapriSun : This is my guess for how many "Plant A Seed" Moons there are in Odyssey: I'll go with 40? Also, this kind of "long rant" video is actually a guilty pleasure of mine, so thanks for this! Reetae27's Lost review is another really good one, but long rants in general are surprisingly hard to find. Not surprising, given how much editing goes into it, and trust me I know! Anyway, back to finish the video now... Oh. Thank goodness for comment editing! OK, so I was off by quite a bit last time... I think there are X many moons in Odyssey waiting for you to pick them up: 60 Edit 2! Here we go again! Number of musical note Moons? I'd have to guess... aww, balls. Ya got me on that one!

John Bucher : I agree with you. Id give it a 6/10, 7/10 if im feeling generous. Levels feel uninspired and underdeveloped, mario’s movements could have been utilized much much better, etc. This is a good framework for a more challenging sequel. I also understand though that Nintendo wanted to make their most approachable 3D mario game to date (in my opinion) in order to make the Switch a much more sought after purchase in the eyes of casual gamers. As someone who’s been playing since 64, Odyssey just felt like dumb fun, but accessible and approachable fun, and I think that’s exactly what Nintendo intended for, and it clearly worked.

Julio Jones : My biggest gripe with this video is how long it is. I understand where you are coming from in a way but I don’t agree with you. That’s why they are opinions. But all you did was talk down and repeat yourself and it really wasn’t enjoyable. The irony is you were mocking the game for all the filler but 75% of this video was filler.

Godminnette2 : At the 42ish minute mark, agree with most of your points so far. Just wanna say you actually had me convinced I was an idiot and could go back to the Mushroom kingdom the entire game by the end of that little bit. Thank god that wasn't the case.

Mundane Pixels : It must have taken horrendously long to compile all this footage. My cap goes off to you sir

Alaskaxp2 : As a die hard Mario fan, I totally agree with you. The game has many filler moons I don’t care about and that’s its big flaw. I was gonna comment something about Mario Odyssey being the best Mario but I guess I only was thinking of the positives and I didn’t know your full opinion until I finished it.

zestyorangez : Y'all are way to afraid to be seen as fanboys "i may not agree with what you say but you raise some fine point.... etc" he may have some good points but there's no sense in circlejerking about how level minded you are.

MrAndersonLP : This 2 hours could be broken down into "it's too easy, and too full of filler, easy content" which I agree with, those aside however I still found it enjoyable, but I'd have enjoyed it far more if it were more challenging and interestingly designed from a moon acquiring perspective.

Stygian White : To the comments section: saying the game is perfect as a kids game but not a flawless masterpiece isn't condescending. Stop projecting.

David Heinrich : I love your sarcastic comment in your vids. Personal fave in this one: "Sometimes you're... a stretchy onion thing; the dream of every child."

The Stoned Videogame Nerd : Lol i watched this in the Evening and slept in... and then i dreamed that Nintendo wanted to bribe me with Money to like Odyssey...but i cant remember the details ;)

Flora : I watched your entire video and I'll admit, it made me pretty upset. After wondering why my afternoon had been so clouded by your critical analysis, I had to look deep within myself to understand why it placed such a thorn into my side. Then I realized you just hate fun. You hate the ritual. You hate the spirit of gaming. This video is just a 2-hour long circle jerk with yourself over how you wasted your time collecting every single moon in the game.

Dylan Kirdahy : I can't believe I watched the entire two hours. I completely agree with all the points in this video. It's nice to realize why I was so disappointed and confused playing this game

Cookieglue : This is a really eye opening video. After watching I must say that I agreed with all of your points! Before this I was mindlessly praising it as like everyone else.

GemSword347 : Filler Moon is my favorite Sailor Moon character

Yuri Lapointe : i STRONGLY recommend people to watch the WHOLE video. If you disagree with his points that's fine but understand that he isn't hating on the game... he's critiquing it. There's a difference. Critique is constructive in nature and not only voices issues but also gives possible solutions. Joseph puts some inhumanly hard effort into his videos and at the very least should be applauded despite whatever opinion you have... keep that in mind.

gulden : This review is a work of art

ToxicMuttGaming's#1fan : As someone who really likes the game, I really like this video. It's great to see a video discussing a game that is just reiterating a popular opinion word for word or saying "This games just feels good". I wish there were more reviewers like you.

John Loukoum : A complete review that has everything from the dedicated work of an professional reviewer, to a controversy amongst the players. Two hours of describing every inch of the game, detailing every aspect of it this is truly a masterpiece review. To all those who say that they enjoyed the game without picking up everything: YES! The game works that way. But if you didn't try completing the game to 100% (which is a thing people do) you should not judge this review as the point of it was to show that most of the content is repetitive, simplistic and "easy". You should respect the time that was committed on this to provide you with everything you should know about Odyssey. So yes you can enjoy the game if you play it on the surface level and good for you for having fun playing, but when you want to judge something you don't just look at it's surface. Congratulations on one of your best reviews and thank you for your amazing work Joseph!

Coolio Ash : This. Is a 2. Hour video.

deathcon27 : You want another moon? Sure but first let's talk about parallel universes

Random Videoz : I watched the whole thing. Didn't disagree with much. I thought I liked it before on my friend's switch, and this was my concern before it came out, but the stunning visuals and bright colors pulled me in. I think this game plays on nostalgia. I actually loved 3D World, because I've never played 64 or sunshine or galaxy. It seems like a rat in a maze. The rat loves the cheese at the end but not the maze. If you start putting the cheese at every turn, the rat would love it even though its getting fat and decadent. I love difficulty and this just annoy's me. Although I love trying captureless runs or no jump runs or no coin runs. I love the movement too.

jonobrow : *About to start video* *Notice the like/dislike ratio* *Scroll down to the raging fanboy comments* Instant like

Kasper Haunstrup Madsen : Wow, you stirred up a hornet's nest! Usually we complain about the lack of good movement, but what does it matter if we're just traversing boring levels. Guess it's back to Dark Souls ;) Great video!

Robotputty : W O R T H A M O O N

Ngu Mi'gogl : Judging by this and some of his other videos I get the vibe that Joseph cannot comprehend abstract concepts, for example in Odyssey it's clear to me that the whole game is just a playground for the fantastic movement system and the moons are simply a way to facilitate progression, I don't know what he expects a game to reward him with or why he thinks that it's about the destination, not the journey.

Lucky Punch pro : Great video, I knew there was something off about this game while I played it. Needs more actual content

Thomas K : I don't really understand why so many people think this game is amazing and flawless. It's a very fun game for sure, but really not that great. I got tired of it pretty quickly.

BuffGem28 : Before Video: What? This game is great. After Video: Fair point.

Brenin Watson : Your analysis videos are the only ones I watch while actually looking at the screen. I normally just "podcast" other creators' videos but you don't just plaster random gameplay footage everywhere. When you show something on screen, it's to make a point about the topic at that moment and I absolutely love it. Seriously love the videos man, I watch them on repeat more than I would like to admit.

Ben Link : Jesus Christ, this comments section is either people getting mad at you for having a negative opinion on the game or people praising you for criticizing the game because nobody else has. So now it's a fight to show who's right and what's wrong. The only two problems I had with the video is that you called the challenge rooms "shrines" and you added in Dark Souls for some reason. Oh also the Maryo thing I guess.

Amythistfire : 1:21:27 False. If you stand still, mario will look at the proper pipe. I never would have figured this out on my own, except I saw a streamer used it in a speed-run.

Traivs : I don’t know why everyone is complaining about the length as if they’ve never seen a video of yours before lol

Luca's World of Awesomeness : Mario 64 is more linear than odyssey

Pompo : *merio*

GrittoBelito : I kind of think you're missing the point on the exploration thing. It is more about spacial awareness and the density of it all, which works perfectly with a mario that can move around very well within these worlds if the principle of the game is moving into every nook and cranny of these dense small worlds. In your playthroughs to the game it becomes clear that your preferred style of play lends itself more to games that are not built around such spacial awareness but more around challenges that actively try to engage you in level design rather than more passively in Odyssey. Odyssey is designed with more engagement from the player's part in mind as the player must actively be spacially aware to get the most out of these worlds. So it's more passive in that regard, which is not necessarily a bad thing. It's just a different design choice. It does try to make you aware that this is how the game is meant to be played.

Skizerz the Almighty : Didn't agree, but an opinion is an opinion. Really in depth and obviously a lot of work involved. Got a Like and a Sub! Great work.

8-bit Pepe : I really enjoyed Odyssey but there's a lot of shit that could be improved upon. This is like the first video on YouTube detailing counterpoints to the all famous "MASTERPIECE 11/10 WOULD PLAY AGAIN BEST MARIO GAME OF THE CENTURY" bullshit slung everywhere. This game is nowhere near perfect and i'm glad you made this video.

Quentin Davis : Super Mary-O Odyssey