Super Mario Odyssey - It's No Masterpiece

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Joseph Anderson : Thanks for watching! I'll be streaming most of today if you want to stop by and ask any questions about the new video. You can find me here: This video took forever. Nier Automata was meant to be next but after playing Odyssey I decided I had enough to say about it that I should go for that next. The video was meant to be 45 minutes. You saw how that turned out. I realize parts of this may seem a bit excessive but it was important to prove my points. Most of what has been said about this game so far has had little evidence to support it--on the moon side of things. The movement system has had some good discussions already. Here are some more links. This video will likely get copyright claimed by Nintendo but that's okay. Patreon is doing well enough to support videos like this one now. And check out HeavyEyed's channel if you're looking for some more content. He's under 10k subs while I'm writing this. I hope he gets above that.

lily-liver : "your heart should sink so low that your thong should get heavy?" excuse me?

YoshiThe1st : Merrio? Merrio?? MERRIO?!?!

ZGX : I loved sunshine it was my childhood

FreezeFlame22 : As someone who hasn't played the game, I jaw-dropped when you revealed the Mushroom Kingdom was in fact one of the last kingdoms rather than the earliest.

Sleuth : I finished the main story this morning and was very excited to watch your video. You did not disappoint. I watched every minute and agree with roughly 95% of your analysis. Oddessy was a letdown.

Betacle TV : Really well made video. I disagree, but good video.

Mugen Lord : YOU HIT THIS ONE ON THE HEAD! I couldn't put my finger on it, but I was telling my brothers that the game is good but not great and I was quite underwhelmed. My main issue was the fact that there are so many damn moons in the game and you can earn them at every corner of the game. There weren't any memorable experiences for me with this game compared to Mario 64 and Sunshine. I felt no challenge in this game when collecting moons and it really bummed me out. Every time you enter a new area, the game conditioned me to check behind the level itself to find a hidden moon or purple coins, it got so repetitive. You are right, this Mario game was not made for me and I didn't realize that.

Bernardo Pinho : At this point you should call the whole game filler jesus dude

Saarland 2 China : Your video is a Masterpiece!! Take a guess how much time this guy put into this video!! Incredible!

Heather Dean : #benchfriendsforever

BWareHD : I feel like no one liked sunshine, that game is my favorite, just doesn't get the love that it deserves!

TheGreenShyGuy : Look bud I'm gonna watch your whole video and I'm sure you have great points but I'm literally two minutes in here and you say Galaxy 2 is the better Galaxy game and Mario 3D World was better than Sunshine I mean if you wanna take any kind of valuable atmosphere in a video game and just throw it down the drain just let me know in advance lol

Eric Peterson : 21:54 How transparent can you be, that when you were trying to say that the Wooded Kingdom is unoriginal you couldn't even FIND AN EXAMPLE for a forested kingdom in a previous Mario game. Yet all that time you were likely thinking and looking for one so you could cut to it with the other examples you never decided to renege and say that maybe you're being unfair. You also conveniently didn't mention Cascade Kingdom at any point in this criticism about creativity. Nor did you mention that each kingdom has its own twist, like Sand Kingdom starting off frozen and also being based on Mexico rather than Egypt, or Wooded Kingdom featuring machinery. Nor how no game other than Sunshine has any beach levels - just because that's the theme of Sunshine - and it's about time they tried it again

Masonano Barino : This comment section has one of two parties: "You disagree with Joe? Well, you're a fanboy who will take anything that Nintendo will hastily throw at you. Mario Odyssey ruined Mario!" Or "All these points are null and void because the video is 2 hours long, and he just repeats his points." And good God, I equally hate both of these sides. One is just accepting the fact that Joe's opinion is absolute fact, and the other is ignoring actual criticism. Not everything is as black and white. There is a grey area. As for me, I actually LOVE Mario Odyssey, and still do, but I agreed with the fact that the game can be repetitive, or that some of the moons are pretty mediocre (you can only ground pound the same moon so many times). Thing is that I'm accepting of an opinion, and his won't change mine. The only problem I had with the video was how Joe sounded. I don't mean the monotone, that was fine. My problem was that he made it sound like his opinion was above the people who love the game, or that's at least what his tone sounded like to me.

Kerdon91 : I must point out a severe flaw in your critique. 1:41:15 - The Kooper is not throwing hammers but pans.

Lucas Bell : I'm going to summarize my thoughts briefly. Did I play the original 3D Mario games? Yes. I played 64 and Sunshine. So when I heard Odyssey was being released, I was in fact relatively excited. ...BUT, before I delved into Odyssey, I replayed 64 on an emulator to see if I was going to end up nostalgically blinded by Odyssey upon its release. I did the same for Breath of the Wild with Ocarina of Time. Upon replaying 64, I realized that it wasn't as good as I had fantasized for quite some time. It was good, yes, great even. But it was not the masterpiece I had initially thought I fell in love with. Even taking age out of the balance of things, there were a handful of flaws that did hinder my nostalgic beliefs. So when I played Odyssey, there was no nostalgia to be had. I knew fully well what the other games were like and refused to let them blind me in my playthrough. Odyssey was better than 64 or Sunshine by LEAGUES. It was simply just better - again, perhaps since it was newer, but even for a game released in this day and age Odyssey was beyond exceptional. So no, I was not blinded by my rose-tinted glasses when I claimed Super Mario Odyssey was the best game of 2017. And I still stand by that claim. You may argue at whatever whims.

the black sheep : Yap. Hit the nail on the head with this review.

UnyieldingDefiance : Nintendo need to stop appealing to kids only, their games used to be about pleasing all audiences. Zelda Breath of the Wild was a fair challenge but could have been harder.

Araragi : the comments wtf

24 Frames Of Nick : Okay but super Mario odyssey takes a lot from spongebob squarepants battle for bikini bottom and I stand by that premise

Eduardo Ota : This guy complains even when he busts a nut

Christopher Swanson : i stopped watching at 20:50 because i realized you were cherry picking arguments. you took issue with the world names but completely disregarded their actual names like Tostarena, Bubblaine, Forgotten Isle, or Fossil Falls, just to service your point.

Boris Mikhail : I tried to give this video a shot, but at 22 minutes I really can't dedicate any more energy. I simply disagree with the opinions displayed, and I DEFINITELY don't appreciate the 'opinions stated like facts' way that you went about the start of this video. I usually quite like your content, but this one does not feel like it was written by the same person. This one feels like it was written by someone who's upset, and upon not liking a game tried to find excuses for why it is bad instead of recognizing that perhaps it just wasn't made for him. I've been in the same place, we all have, but that's not a stance that I feel is fair to the game.

buckwang : How anyone can enjoy galaxy 1 and 2 more than sunshine is beyond me, gonna stop there because I know our tastes are completely different then.

John NoNameGibbon : I find it bizarre how Mario loses abilities every time they make a _Mario 64_ sequel. While level design is important, they have to remember that Mario should always be as over powered and fun to control as he is in 64. Reducing his movement or nerfing it is bad as Mario isn't really about balance. It's about running around like a retard and breaking the game with your platforming.

TheShadow1347 : So many dislikes for this Super Mario Odyssey video, do that many people actually like Odyssey that much?

Seacliff : "This video has so many dislikes because Odyssey fanboys can't take criticism." *Someone Criticizes this video* "How dare you don't agree with everything in this video, fanboy! This is the only flawless review of the game!" My experience reading these comments for two minutes. Just watch the video and decide for yourselves. If you agree with the points he makes, that's great. But If your siding with someone just to appear more intelligent about game design... then maybe you are just as bad as the 'fanboys' you are generalizing. This guy makes good points, sometimes he makes contradictory points, and other times he makes points that I don't agree with. Just like nearly every review I have ever read/seen, life goes on.

ShyGuyXXL : See, I LIKE playing a game like this thoroughly. I LIKE killing all the enemies, breaking anything that's breakable, making all the flowers bloom, catching all the rabbits, throwing my cap at everything, etc. I'm also the kind of guy who enjoys cleaning every last speck of goop in Super Mario Sunshine whenever possible so... different strokes for different folks.

MrLaeddis1 : The amount of work that went into the making of this video is absolutely unbelievable

John Smith : 5:38 commenting before finishing a video is something I rarely ever do, since I don't want to be ridden with preconceived notions that will or will not be addressed and/or changed later in the video. But Mario went full Nameless King there.

Joshinator S : Finally someone else sees that it isn't "The Perfect Game" that everyone screeches about.

Otto Andersson : Good video. I disagree with most of what the guy says. I don't mind most of the gripes. But he spent a lot of time explaining and made some valid points. Take an up vote!

Michael Paxman : I can't believe I watched the whole of this 2 hour video, but you made it very captivating so I had to watch. You get my certified badge of quality content. well done.

CuriousKey : The more filler you add to a game, the more empty you make it.

Corrupted Save : I would say that some of this could be resolved by having different tiered systems of rewards than just the "moon." I think the multi-moons are just awful, considering three moons are so easy to get. That said, I don't think this game is meant to be played from a completionists mindset. I also don't think this game is intended to be marathonned. I think Nintendo designed the game to have players be able to pick it up for about 30 minutes to an hour or two at a time, and feel like they made significant progress in that time, no matter how short the session. Especially considering the Switch doubles up as a portable system.

TheSBWproductions : you sound like you'd be a blast at parties

SegaChris5 : All this sounds like to me is "I'm old, this doesn't hit my nostalgia or appeals to my taste so it's a 0/10". So many of your issues/complaints sound like you want to be a contrarian just to be a contrarian. I'm not gonna say Odyssey is 10/10, it isn't. I believe every game has positives and negatives. But it's how the game does those things that matters. I'm not trying to say your opinions are wrong, but when you've made a 2 hour long video on very specific, very minor issues as well as comparisons that seem way to much of a stretch, I feel like you did this just for attention. Also doesn't help when you say your in the minority with these opinions but you don't show us anyone whos the same. I have heard literally no one make any of these complaints or issues since launch.

Eliwood407 : Super Mario Odyssey is no masterpiece indeed, but there is no need to bitch and moan for a solid hour. I get what you're saying, and I know you want to convey your thoughts properly, but who are you preaching to? This all could have been summed up in a 30 minute episode.

Mitchell : Jeez i thought i was hard to please

Mundane Pixels : It must have taken horrendously long to compile all this footage. My cap goes off to you sir

Logic : This game was made for little kids. Enough said. I still enjoyed the game even though I'm almost 20 right now.

Eduardo Barbosa : You know the mushroom kingdom is the last kingdom right?

Nightblade : I really didn't care for this game either, and I found the near-unanimous praise for the game obnoxious. Thanks for calmly articulating the problems with this title.

ShyGuyXXL : I'm sorry you didn't have fun with it. I was having a whale of a time from start to finish (999 moons). I guess you can't please everybody.

Island Boy : Of course its no masterpiece.. That title goes to: SUPER MARIO BROS 2 BAYBEEE THE ONE AND ONLY TRUE MASTAPIEECEE #objectivefacts

Liam McKenna : this is super manipulative for anyone who hasn’t played the game

Samapi : This video made me understand why I hated Mario Odyssey. I went into Mario Odyssey expecting to play a... Well, Odyssey. The name suggests mystery and an adventure of a life time, and I got none of that from this game. Breath of the Wild was more of an Odyssey than Super Mario Odyssey, and so was Xenoblade Chronicles 2. This game was so linear that I got the most enjoyment out of it by playing with friends which is detrimental to my overall experience of a game. I like being able to enjoy games by playing by myself which is why I got the Switch in the first place; to play it while in bed, on the bus or in the restroom. Mario Odyssey offered none of that without detaching the joy-cons. I'm glad I got rid of my copy of Super Mario Odyssey because every time I saw the game cover, I'd get pissed off.

Ammy Shadows : When Mario Odyessy and Breath of the Wild won the awards of 2017, I couldn't place my finger on it, but something was off about them. More importantly, Odyessy, who got more of a music encore than Persona 5! The 1Up girl having a singer and yet Last Surprise, And Life will change not having one truly irritated me. And while watching one of my older peers play Odyessy once at a group night, yes, something wasn't right. I also think that the other people were trying to help the older peer by walking him sorta through a guide, them mentioning the animation for getting a moon, and the frustration the older peer got when realising he missed a moon.

Master Rayquaza : Odyssey is amazing, that's all I have to say