Burnie Vlog: Making Disaster Relief Kits

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Tre da 5'9 : Bernie, you are my favorite person. A beacon of humanity and sanity in this increasingly crazy world. Thank you for all the amazing good you and those you've surrounded yourself with put into this world.

chandelle246 : My family and I were affected by hurricane Harvey, i never would've thought I'd experience something like this. Even when it starts to sprinkle I get nervous. My family and I lost so much, and unfortunately natural disasters when coming to rebuilding so many companies gouge you for rebuilding costs.. so we have to most likely try to take out a loan.

Jake Hoggen : The amount of comments with people removing their ad block and re-watching this video purely to create revenue for the disaster relief is amazing. Faith in humanity right here.

Max Power : Annnnddddd Burnie forgot the part where he mentions he can write this off as a business expense or claim it on tax

Matticus Ross : I honestly couldn't tell if Burnie was being sarcastic about Targets being rare but I also have grown up in an area that's always had them and assumed they were everywhere.

MLG R8DR805 : I was wondering when they would get involved.

modusoperandi00 : Donate money, not disaster kits. When you put together a kit, you pay retail. When they put together a thousand kits, they pay wholesale.

FoenixRight : Sweat pea and violet is my favorite.

Lanorb : I love her more than I used to b/c her dog's name is Gus

Joseph the great : one thing I think would be cool for a Bernie vlog would be a behind the scenes of the technical side of the tech behind Rooster Teeth, like the servers and how the videos and every thing is computed

Ataume : Thank you for showing this. I was wondering how people were doing in Texas. (Live in Europe myself.) And it's true what you say, they don't report about Harvey or the aftermath anymore, which is why it's nice to see this. And it's even nicer to see you helping people and telling how everyone is helping each other. :)

gamerdude 21237 : They are helping people out

Keegan W : I'd say to get scent free products! There are people, like my mom, who have allergies/reactions to scented soaps. I'm sure it's not even something people think about cause I know I wouldn't if I didn't personally know someone.

tee2pot : Is it okay that even though I love what they are doing, I'm still a bit triggered because I have to wake up a 5am to go to work at a Target? I'm at a point now where I can't see a Target and not try to map out the layout of theirs compared to ours and how theirs is either better or worse than ours at certain points.

Zack Johnson : 91 people are going to hell

z3m0s : Of all the obscure Austin restaurants and places they speak of, Target is the one I know, we have them all over Australia and I wasn't even aware they were in America, the more you know. Amazing stuff helping and raising awareness for such a tragedy, good work Rooster Teeth!

Doleoh : So great! Thanks for the peace of mind and doing so much good for so many people.

Tyler Robertson : Thank you, from the Houston area.

Tucka Johnson : Ellie's American accent is one of the greatest thing to come out of RT in years

Terry Wimberley : I keep saying this but thank you guys for everything you've done to help, as someone from Brazoria County, just south of Houston, and who has been affected. So thank you for everything you've done and continue to do.

Sam B : You are brilliant people, the world needs this love and support right now and you guys are giving it. Much love ♥️

CPU Purple Heart/Neptune : I hope the best for Houston and Florida in the future, the best of wishes from your Mexican Neighbors

David Patterson : There's a target here in Omaha, NE of all places. Also, great job, guys.

Niko Karakashian : The time where I am was actually 4:21 when Burnie looked at his watch, lol that's craaaaaazy!

Zoya Dowland : Thank you so much

GamesTrippinRobo : This is what makes me love RoosterTeeth! It's all about community and reaching out.

Erik Horyza : This made me cry. Not like little whimpering, teary-eyed cry, like full on bawl. I'm so grateful to be a member of this community.

Paradigmfolclor : That's really amazing! I'm glad y'all are able to help! One thing I will caution against... Red Cross scams people hardcore. They don't really use their funds to help others. Some of my husband's family in his hometown found that out the hard way. I really hope they're being better in this time, but if you want to help I'd really suggest doing something like Burnie did.

Kyle Aaron : Amazing work guys. Thank you for this. Just have to figure out what this water is doing rolling down my face. With much love.

Can't get killed if you Are already dead : Jokes on you Burnie I've never seen a target I'm from Canada moyhahahahaha

Grrrrandall : Oh man, I thought my city was the only one with a Target.

BowlingGlaceon : boy we have targets here in Indiana

Jefferson : Is there a way we can donate to Rooster Teeth for their Hurricane Harvey efforts or is there a preferred charity of Rooster Teeth?

Josh Day : Great video, nice to see all of the help. It's just a shame that the amount of effort to help others isn't kept up all of the time, it's only under extreme circumstances.

janit3443 : 7:45 Sorry for being completely tangent but I've never noticed this before... Does Burnie have green eyes..??? Back on the topic, the heartbreaking thing is that some of these relief aids don't actually send the aid where it is needed. There have been videos going up, of valuable supplies that are being left behind, or not handed out to the people who need them. And from what I've read, this was a big problem back during Katrina. The Red Cross and affiliates would just leave piles of food wherever and not bring it to places where it could be utilized. One of the pictures I saw from Harvey is a pile of new supplies sitting in a garage that had been flooded, and it's completely deserted. Like somebody couldn't be bothered to bring it where it should've gone so they just left it hidden away like secret supplies in a video game...

ZebulonFoof : Well done. Also, I love Gus.

OneTrue Halo : Something about these vlogs is really entertaining, and I'm not sure why.

Emily Devaney : What you're doing is inspirational, thank you for being such an amazing role model to the thousands of people that look up to you!

krisse maa : If you don't only focus on the dog at 2:40-3:20, you're not human

P T : Thanks guys and gals from Rt us out in the boonies along the coast are still dealing with flooding. Their are several areas in my home county that we can not get into as of yet due to high water. We keep getting donations to give out to people who need it, thanks for helping out.

Lance fisher : This video alone made me become a First member, I will absolutely support a company with these values.

Trainman 018 : Burnie, this is great. I have a brother and family that lives in the Baytown area, outside if Houston, and their street flooded, not sure how bad it was though compared to what is shown here. as for Target, well, come to Vermont, they are so rare, there isn't a single one in this state. closest one to me is in New York, across Lake Champlain. ugh

Imperial Waltz : I have a crush on Ellie.

snozer2 : Kind of weird to hear Burnie talk about the rarity of Target. I thought it was common all over, not just in Colorado.

Dan Bellinger : What about condoms? There's gonna be a baby boom in the area here in about nine months.

GeneratorKiller : I love RT for everything that they do❤️

Complex Evil : As someone effected be the Louisiana flooding a year ago, I can personally tell you these kits will change someone's entire life.

Burgerboi 101 : We donated 15,560 dollars from our school

LipGlossLady07 : Target is everywhere in Australia

Ldelphoto : This reminds me so much of the Baton Rouge flooding disaster. All the houses begin stripped. The piles of lost materials... it's so familiar. And the people. All of the people doing whatever they can, wherever they can. There is always work to be done. <3