Burnie Vlog: Making Disaster Relief Kits

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TheHumpjbear : Burnie "we dont want to stick a camera in victims face we just want to help" Jake Paul " lets take a boat down and take advantage of people in crisis for views"

Zirofal : "money from this vidoe will be donated" ad removed becuse the use of the word disaster

TheKingofAmps : This is why I love rooster teeth, they are such great people and I will support them for a very long time.

runriot19 : This Vlog is the best thing coming out of RoosterTeeth right now. And that's not necessarily a swipe at the other content they've been doing lately, it's more of a big compliment to the Vlog.

lightning mcgee : Nobody's concerned about the time it takes, it's the money. I'd do 100 if I could afford it.


ElLoneWanderer : What an awesome thing you guys did. It's one of those things that no one would've judged you if you didn't do it, but you still did. An awesome way to use the reach and influence of Rooster Teeth!

Killingglorie : whose disliking this video??

A Shiny Mug : Ellie should pull the seat up

No Johns : Imagine if your a rooster teeth fan and you got one of these care packages

JLGE_ : Where I live in the UK it flooded on boxing day a few years back (I wasn't affected personally but everyone knew someone that was), it was absolutely horrible there was just so much rain, you could go down and see as peoples houses and businesses were engulfed by water, the coast guard had to come and rescue people. Then when the water level dropped back to normal you could really see how much damage had been done, there were places where just the mud alone was about a foot deep. Then people realised it needed cleaning, hundreds of people descended on this small town cleaning the streets, directing traffic, donating food, water, clothes, cleaning materials, beds, couches, anything and everything. A local school had to be completely gutted on the ground floor, I was there chipping the tiles off the floor out of the kitchen, taking the doors off the walls. Every single shop had been flooded and the main road out had been covered in debris. When you're at home you think that you can't do anything, you absolutely can and its so important, if you have no money: volunteer to help clean, organise donations (you don't even have to be in the place its happening, you can be hundreds of miles away and ship donations there) if you don't have time money helps a lot: because not only does it cost to fix everything its also going to cost to put in better flood defences to prevent it from happening again. Its so important to set aside differences and help in whatever way you can.

Peter Walker : My dad was displaced from Rockport, and still hasn't gone home yet. I went three days without hearing from when the hurricane hit, and got him out as soon as I got word where he was and that he was okay. He's staying with my brother in Dallas now, and didn't need to go to a shelter, but it really means so much to me that you guys are doing this for the folks of Houston, where I lived for 12 years. All the feelz. Thanks, Rooster Teeth.

Dan Chapman : I don't want to knock anything in this video because what you guys do here and just in general is amazing work. But you have a large audience and you guys have never been afraid to talk about topics people aren't normally talking about. if you could do something even just to raise awareness that the hurricanes are not the only natural disasters happening right now. the whole northwest and Canada is burning right now and people need support up there as well. i know it's nothing to the same extent and this comment will probably fall into the nether of comments pretty quickly. but it would be really cool to even just hear you guys take a minute to bring it up on the next podcast so those that lost everything they own in those fires can at least get a little help sent their way. sorry to rant. love you guys. keep doing amazing stuff

AmbassadorZim : Everyone should like this video, even if you didn't like the content. The more likes on the video the more money they'll get from this video and the more money they'll donate. Takes 2 seconds to do and has no negative impact on you.

Jax Denic : Hey, I work at Target :0

Nick : What breed of dog is gus?

Fabritizio _ : I usually use adblock but after seeing the proceeds from this video are going to help people in need I turned mine off and watched it again, I think we should all do the same.

HuggyThePanda : Major respect.

XzavierLance : This is one of the many reason why I love Rooster Teeth.

Bender180 : as a Canadian seeing a target with stock on the shelves is weird, they were always empty in the brief time they were in Canada.

paxdoesathing : this company is filled with great people.

Prime Levelgaming : Burnie Burns, I have followed roster teeth for years and I have to say this is the best video yet.

TheScinja : No one is asking the important question. Did they leave the dog in the truck the whole 15 minutes they were in target?

Dankest Hank : I was so happy to see at the end Burnie literally showing up to the city. I live in Houston and I hear a lot of the people affected saying the main thing they need is an extra pair of hands for some manual labor.

ShaGoo : If you want to donate but can't afford $100 worth of stuff - a lot of people need garbage bags. People need to throw out so many things that have been damaged or just move stuff around & away from damp areas. It would be really helpful.

Rkguerra12 : Was that Ellie's company ID or a pack of cigarettes? On her lap while driving @2:00 I can't really tell

Andrew Zhang : Canada HAD target

Confederate Studio : All of these great deeds were done by individuals voluntary without the use of government force, what a surprise.

BrO'Neill : Is that an automatic trolley mover? Target witchcraft

Natasha Stuart : I love these vlogs

charleybucketcdp : Lived through Katrina and the most important note I can advise to those in Huston is to treat everyone generously and kindly like family. Do everything you can for everyone and as a community things with flip for the better faster than you can realize it.

TheEpona92 : Thank you Burnie and Ellie for showing people how they can help out.

Maggie McGonnell : Rooster Teeth is such a good company full of good people.

Bad Dong : This video brought a tear to my eye, you guys are phenomenal! This is what makes Rooster Teeth and amazing company! <3

Satan Gunner : first B-blog to make me cry. faith in humanity restored

ThatPsdude : Good on you Burnie for actually going down to help friends, that speaks volumes for your character.

Chris Yoo : I'd be even more impressed with the level of consideration RT put towards every stage of this effort if not for the fact that this is exactly what I already expected of them. Good on you all. Thank you for being human in a dehumanizing event.

B L : 9:18 R.I.P Gus the dog nose :'(

Kristopher Riemer : I think Houston is going to recover well, in large part due to it being in Texas. As a native Texan who lives in California now, one of the things I am very proud of about being a Texan is that as much as they will tell you you need to look after yourself, in reality Texans love helping each other out. I think part of why Texas culture is anti-government help is because their natural instinct is to look out for each other. So they figure if you know you can rely on your neighbor or a friendly stranger for assistance when you need it, why do you need a government to tell you to do that? I dunno, just my 2 cents.

Ryan Jones : henlo

Phlashfoenix : I love seeing things like this especially since I know people that this happened to. I have also gone and volunteered at shelters and knowing that people like this are helping others and still donating makes me so happy and I'm so glad people like this exist. :3

Benjamin Keane : I love the way Ellie holds the front of the shopping cart like your mum used to when you were 9 xD

Maiko Garcia : How much for your glasses, I'll give you like, 5 shmeckles

TunaLobster : Burnie's shirt is so black it's clipping in few places. Need a blacker shirt to clip the whole screen.

Nathan G : I love seeing people taking time out of their busy lives to help improve others who've been displaced and such......some humans can be so kind

flarrina554 : This video touched my heart. As someone who was affected by Harvey it's nice to see just how much help we're getting from it. The recovery process is going on all around and it's nice to know how many people are willing to help. Thank you RT for everything you constantly do for the community, and my heart goes out to anyone currently being affected by Irma.

Jordan Jacob : I'm sitting here in Florida with no power or WiFi I know we didn't get it as bad as Texas but there's so many people that need help in both places

thehannahcollins : I rarely click a vid in the wrong order but this had to be watched first

marthdaeglin : Damnit, I'm crying and this isn't even RWBY! I've been in disaster cleanup for years now, and it's super awesome to see what ya'll are doing and encouraging others to do!

EXARATE : Did they leave Gus in the car while they were shopping in Target?