Neil Young finds bootleg records of his own work in an LA store - 1971

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Neil Young finds bootleg records of his own work in an LA store - 1970s

Comments from Youtube

kkkfts : How is this video real lol

Garnet Nard : “Hey boss there’s a smelly hippie here who says he’s Neil young....”

Christopher Donnells : Wait. Let me get this straight. Neil freaking Young walks into a record store and not one person recognizes him???

Alan Turing : Damn that note Neil left would be worth so much with that bootleg

MavianMK : and now the owner has a personal note from Neil...$$

Zack Yoder : i like seeing the audio equipment for sale on the side. they dont make em like that anymore. and the music as well

mohammad5 : Such a neat video, it's really neat to see footage from this era. The Clerk and Neil Young were super cool too, haha. I'm so curious how that phone conversation went too.

UpstateMediaGuy : "Your Mother Should Know" playing in the background just makes this video all the more strange. Amazing, yes, but just a strange vibe.

Abraham Nixon : This is so incredible. I can't believe this even exists. Ciao.

Lmclean89 : truly shows how omnipresent The Beatles were ha!

pungochem : Does anybody know where that place is at? I want to see what it looks like today. The only clues I got are 6734 and Sunset Center Garage is near by.

Robert Orellana : Neil young was like a bull in a china shop behind that counter knocked over that candle

alfwok : Wasn't Neil Young kind of a big deal back then? How would someone who works in a record store not know who he was? Any old people out there?

jeff sanders : Dude had Neil Young's number! I'm sure it was an office number, but still.

bswitza : It's so bootleg, even a caveman will buy it.

Will Rucker : Hahaha, "I'll be sure to look you up."

Bryan Steele : Man that is small store! cool though

Pete Marr : "I dont listen to records" and he is playing records in a record shop.. Hmmmm.. Classic ;)

Ronnie O : Classic!

dave idmarx : Are the Beatles being compensated since the guy is playing the Magical Mystery Tour 8-track in the store?

d allen : someone commented that no one in the store recognized NY in 1971 when he was getting big in LA. In 1972 the same year when DP Machine Head was released I asked a pretty hot rock band called Armaggedon based in Edmonton at my local hall Saturday night dance, as a request to play smoke on the water and they all replied " never heard of it kid" and proceeded to play some Neal Young. hmm that's weird? so i can see the reason why he wasn't recognized even then and there.

TV : little does he know he is going to get copy striked or music in the background.

GuinnessandPizza : This needs to hit a million views so the clerk can know this video exist and comment on it.


RKTologist : kevin parker goes into record store, tries to steal record, buys candle

Mike : Do you think the sales person put on Blue Jay Way in the middle of the chorus..." Please don't be long" because he knew Neil would find out?

JJ Martin : anybody know the song that begins after Sugarloaf's Green Eyed lady...begins with "a million thoughts...a 1,000 words...

Elrond Plankton : Cripes video cameras didn't exist until the late 70's early eighties which means this is shot on 16mm film with a sound guy next the camera guy with a boom....jeeeeez...good scam tho....a curse on all who lie in media are directly responsible for the downfall of journalism and unbiased is fun to destroy the modern world. Creeps

Rob Baker : Feel kinda bad for the clerk

rockmanted : Who the heck is that vagrant who came into the store stealing records?

TheBluRayCritic : Very interesting.

Master Longdong : Love the background song "Green Eyed Lady" Neil is off my radar. His soundtrack for "Dead Man" was ok but the last thing he did that was worth listening to was "Harvest".

albear972 : That has got to be one of the shadiest record stores ever.

g37dude : Who sings that first song?

Deborah Meredith : Also they could be charged with receiving stolen property

John Seal : It's nice to see an artist calmly stick up for himself, if nearly fifty years after the fact.

bus driver : I wonder if the guy googled Neal Young after work oh wait that was 1971 nevermind.

Todd Hilehoffer : I would have at least had him sign a record for me. He works in a record store and has no clue who Neil Young is. What a loser...

Deborah Meredith : This is outrageous, that's stealing from NEIL YOUNG and ifnibwas there is be in awe of his presence but if be mad as he'll bc that is stealing from a great artist whom I've loved for ever! And the clerk must be crazy not to understand where he was coming from. This freaking world is insane

Edward Bliss : With how the record store guy is avoiding a camera that's pointed in his face, I'm beginning to rethink this clip. I beginning to wonder if this was staged

Mia fio : Wld've Paid to be a fly on that wall bk then!!! 👍😀☮️👍😀☮️ Needless to say Neil Young had EVERY RT!!

MiraculousMImikyu : I’ve actually seen shit like this in some of my local stores, it’s messed up!! My favorite record store has crap like this. Pisses me off man!

Elrond Plankton : Staged...if this was shot on anything other than a smart phone recently I'd be surprised....this is quite possibly the cleanest VHS or Beta I have ever seen. Not a fold in the tape. zero dropouts, clean as heck, the vehicles going by in the window do not look like sixties or seventies....Neil Young...right....

alpacino92780 : the greatest thing bout this is the way it was handled. It was civil and peaceful sure if this would've happened today a gun wouldve been involved. Today generation thrashes Mcdonalds for not having their order right ...the70s mang...!!!

UgMugHere UgMugHere : The worker is terrible! Lol this is great