Transviolet - Small Victory [Official Video]

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Transviolet : Matching tracksuits. Choreography. Bowling. What more could you want?

i love all music on the inside : I need a shirt that says, "choke on a hot dog, Rick."

Dylan Brandel : Wii bowling has left the chat

celsiustheory032 : Omg I kind of love that intro scene.

Ibby Williams : this is such an absolute tune!! the colours in this are gorgeous, i hope the purple tracksuits are your future tour outfits

Mari Herondale : i thought transviolet was just the girl lol but i think they are a good group

alyssawashere : whose vision was this? because I'm in love

Sky Raven : All of this and yet they don’t have a Wikipedia page

Dora The Explorer : I miss videos like this. You know, the ones without illuminati symbols.

i love all music on the inside : Perfect video. I love the guy that was actually nice on the other team like mood

Ruiko Dice : who did the choreography? it's cute

It's your boy Noel : Why is every song a bop

It's your boy Noel : I usually don't like songs from bands but when it comes to transviolet I'm all for it including the coloring

peace will win and fear will lose : I love the aesthetics of this video, so beautiful ❤️

Samantha Lawson : Honestly relatable. I always dance whenever I go bowling cause the music is always too good 😂❤️

Pat Malia : I just need a small dose of Transviolet to get me by 😂

Twinsfaces Twinsfaces : Love this song and video they never disappoint!!!!!!Lol the ending though “we won right” “yeah all they did was Dance”!!! 💃😂🕺 😍😊😎😂🙏👏🙃🤩😏😁

jessica labelle : The moves are funny thouh

BologneyT : This came on IN THE MIDDLE of a video I was watching, and I STILL watched THE WHOLE THING! XD

Sparkling Boi : I saw this video in a commercial and now I have a new favorite band. xD

Thamires Fernandes : BRAZIL PLEEEEEEEASE ❤❤❤❤❤❤

Mics : I LOVE THIS!! fucking mood, even the glow lights in the lanes are on point. Great stuff as always!! 💕💕

AshIsReallyTired : Why is this so cute?

Marlon Goulding : The dancing was so cute 💕😄

keith ! : idc the short guy is hot

crayonmermaid : this video makes me really happy

ღIsαвєllα I lσvє чσuૡ : _Perfecta canción me encanto_ 💖

Ambrosia MIramontes : I love this song and dance the music video💜

Grace Barlow : Has to be my favorite music video of all time

breanna Schell : Intro... if Napolean Dynamite bowled for Pedro's campaign instead 😂😂

Undesirable GKB : Damn that intro was absolutely awesome!<3

Midred Salmerón : Nunca habia querido aprenderme la coreografia de un video hasta ahorita

Get Da Hell Outta Ma Face : You're so underrated it's not fair :(

Rafael Jauregui : Omg i love this

Derek Luna : I loved everything about this! So happy for the new EP, and this amazing video to go with it!

Marlon Goulding : I love everything about this!

Iris Yvonne Felongco : Omg. Anybody here? Cuz im so early. Haha

Sarita Perez : Me encanto💖 Small Victory 😍😍😍

deivid : - OMG ameei 💙

walking rat : Cute song

Rafael Jauregui : 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

Nicole Ahearne : Gobble Gobble

José Augusto dos Santos : BR" MUITO BOM"

Phoenix Felesco : I dont know who you guys are, but I already love you!!😍😍🙌🏽Yea, go chOKE ON A HOTDOG RICK😂😂😂

A Mack Classic : Directed by Sarah! Wow :) -- She is so talented and kind. We love you Transviolet!

iluvcupcakes : This reminds me of that one suite life episode where they were bowling

Tillie-Jayne Music : This music video 😂😂

Krano Saunders : i really love this video

sandra carreño : 😍😍😍💃

PAVIMENT CARS # : Congrutulations I love Transviolet❤❤❤❤❤