Iron Chef Daniels

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JedDraws : the *_legend_* finally returns!

Uncle Dane : The LAPD finally solves the Case of the Free Poisoned Tacos. Justice has been served.

IR0N360 Ex : The fact that you're so good at manipulating, poisoning, and kidnapping people makes me wonder about you sometimes Daniel.

matt606 : The ending is every single Police Activity video.

Sam Owens : "I just willingly became a hostage because I'm bored"


Kazumo : Daniel was roleplaying way better than all those kids.

Joe Nathan White : I love it when kids who love dominating other kids on video games just run against the DanielWall and they start to see their limited stupid power.

Sparkles : Hahahaha great as per usual

yaboyGOODVIBES : I love trolling in gmod rp lol. Almost every server is like a deathmatch with zero rp its kinda hilarious. The part where they gunned down an officer because he was a hostage was funny.

VazzyCow : *Store's closed due to aids*

Brakathor : I loled so hard at "of COURSE it's real you can't make up fake IDs!" That's literally what these nerds are doing.

Cycloud : Settle down, okay?

Forsaken : see you in 6 months

EdboyWins : When you think about it, this is actually all good RP. it's trolling, but it's good villain rp.

Cas van de Pol : yesss

Darth Maul Quasar : "I cannot tase you unless your hands are up" *proceeds to tase when door opens*

R. Khan : R.I.P Police Cadet Harley Griffiths, who gave his life to catch the serial kidnapper Daniel aka. "The taco man" and saved the life of a cadet and a civilian by calling for backup, while being poisoned himself... salute to you sir 💔

Shaun : "Next one in a couple days" what the heck, Dad.

brad : How would you rate your kidnapping? Were you satisfied with your experience?

Fergus Griggs : We have been blessed

pulseN : This is the police to the police, 20k police AHAHAH

AbduCola : 5:31 Drop them on the floor, or leave them, or just -*MMMMMMM*

JINYU Man : Those police fail rped af

Notoriety : He protecc He poison snaks But most importantly He bacc

VirtuallyVain : This is a masterpiece

Ronald FlobJobbin : How was anything Daniel was doing not good roleplay? Are people on gmod rp servers that autistic?

Soup Time : "God has joined the game"

James Elliott : Your content scarcity is genius, as soon as you become too recognizable, you disappear, and only reemerge when every forgets about you, allowing for endless content.

Npstyle : The cop reminds me of the guy Daniel wanted to fish with in his Altis video

Kawaii Stefan : "I cant leave because it would be failRP" but constantly complaining out of character is good RP? lol

bh_m0 : raw deal

KO Snkrs : It’s so weird because the one day that i think about checking ur channel is the same day u post a vid

Marcel RnG : See you guys in a year

Lankinator : "i just willingly became a hostage because im bored" *what a time to be alive*

Ness C. : Made my day thanks for daniels video daniel

Lizar0n : Store's closed

Ephemeral : It’s me, trousers

Gladski : This channel is absolute gold

blinkblonk : almost a year and its just a 6 minute video wow

spooksy : I love how you are roleplaying more than most of these people

Phames xd : 3:48 that police car in the background Xdd

FlikFlax : My father has finally come home from the store

idik don care : that one random pop shot 4:27 lol

CenTz : A great comeback

Verne : Alright, see you next year okay?

Richard Rybicki : You became my favorite troll in 6:07 minutes 😀

combichrist999 : came from putthers livestream.

Trashbin2797 : See you 1 year guys

FilipeSilvens : "I just willingly became a hostage because I'm bored"