This Car Wash Serves the Best Filipino Food

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France TFM - Vloggings and More! : i just saw the title and im filipino so i just clicked it as quick as i can Edit: OMG THX FOR THE LIKES

Fingernail Clipper : I need to get to this place or else you’ll see me “Philippine” out! ;)

Rodigo Duterte : Best food is always came from Asia :)

VITTXRIO : Holy smokes! Aunty Lilian was one of my grandma's friend. It's good to see her and her business being featured here in this channel. Thank you!

Raphael Angelo Bumatay : Wow! This is a great place to stop by. I heard you Filipinos cook delicious filipino food delicacies. I should visit this place. Greetings from Mexico. - - - - - - - Pampanga ❤😂

Cooking Up Content : I’m Cambodian, but my favorite dish is the lechon. 🤤

jtolify : The owner's last name is Masaya which means Happy in English! No wonder the food is great because she cooks it with a happy heart. 😉

Elvie Loza : We cannot eat without rice -Philippines

B bumbs : I think the reason why Filipinos are so appreciative with those stuff is because if you think about it the representation in our country is just sad. In fiction we've only been represented like a handful of times. Most accomplishments of Filipinos everyone except Filipinos dont talk about it. The fiction we make is only in Philippines and cannot be found anywhere else. We are only known for our food and that's it like no one talks about Filipino movie directors or Filipino authors. There is even an issue with our products like again not a lot talks about it. This is why once we see the tiniest representation we will call it out because again no one usually talks about it. It's like if you get recognized for a work you've done even though your really unknown it makes u just happy and that's how Filipinos feel.

A Bird Lover : My dad is a truck driver that goes all around the US, I'll have to recommend this place to him if he goes to california soon :)

Dankstanite IDK : I'm a simple man, When I see Philippine/Filipino in the title, I click.

BenchCharles : Here comes the overproud comments......

Xela G. : A lot of places in the Philippines are car wash and repair shops during the day, but at night become barbeque restos, full of people. This place reminds me of that :)

rouy malic : expecting proud to be pinoy comments

Nacho TV : 0:16 anyone else see that license plate 😂

Carlhaslongname Itiscool : When I’m saw this video I was like ‘IS THERE ADOBO PANCIT AND UBE!?!?’ And there is!

Roy Oliver : I kinda overlooked the title until i saw her surname and the pancit serving. Pinoy!

Spilled family sized lasagna on my shoes : 1:07 I can’t believe how much this is true. Chicken? Rice. Pork? Rice. Everything needs rice

Christine R : I love her name. Her last name literally translates to "happy" (masaya) 💕

tomoDACHI : Pinoy pride intensifies*

RyanGaming 2006 : YAY! Some time for the Philippines!

o k i : This women is great entrepreneur for sure

Skiper747 : Totally agree with her! The team is everything!

Kawaii Tatertots : werz my kababayan at! Halo halo is the best

Zandrew David : All Filipino food are delicious Mga paborito mang inasal at jollibee

cupcakez : Food and car wash imagine if they were free

Jazzy_Jackalope 333 : YOOOOOOOOO I KNOW HER AND HER FAMILY. what an icon, keep up the good work!!!

Can we Get 1000 subs without no videos? : Glad im half filipino and yes, even though im only a half of it's race, I still honor it and I am very proud of this

ellis ellis : thanks..!!👌👌👌👌

Dez Nhut : *And I'm Proud to be a Filipino*

Wade Wilson : Early af

jagtan13 : Ha! My sister and I had our cars tinted at that carwash the day of filming! Good stuff!

hudbudmudsud : It also just makes the Filipinos fell at home when they go to a Filipino restaurant overseas.

Random Guy JCI : I'm Filipino but I never tried baked empanada. I always eat fried ones, and they're really good, especially with vinegar!

Prins hehe : I smiled when I saw the sign "Filipino Bakery and Restaurant." with a "whoa" at ths same time

Hi Hello : Im a filipino

B A : 🇵🇭phillipens

LagiNaLangAko23 : So her name is actually Lilian Happy

vic vic Bolante : So proud to be a filipino Oy mga kaibigan ireply back nyo ko pag pilipino kayo

xtrasolido : A meal without rice is not a real meal.

Shelby : Lol i like how people gets annoyed with people saying that they are proud Filipinos even tho when other countries does the same thing like for instance my country Singapore,Nobody says anything!

Party Quackaz : Looks Delicious

Imelda Inguillo : I'm Filipino! 🇵🇭 Living in Canada!🇨🇦

Sub4Sub abc123 : Where's the proud to be a Filipino / from Philipines comments

Variety of Everything : Filipino food tastes great

Maui Caui : The pancit looks yummy!

T.BONE/SIDE OF LIFE : Dear friends, Life is short, break the rules. Forgive quickly, kiss slowly. Love truly. Laugh uncontrollably and never regret anything that makes you smile!😁✌

Rishi Gadkari : I know this comment will get lost so farewell my companions oh and 12th

PB and Jam : This is amazing!