Anand spent 1:43 mins on 4th move in world blitz semi-final ?!

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Rakesh Sahoo : anand can predit world war 3

JstallGFU : I don't know how I got here, not quite sure what just happened, but I've never been more excited in my life.

Bad Jaeaux : He was waiting for opponent to resign at move 4 but opponent did not see the mate in 48

mottystone : Anand was asked about this in the interview after. Smirin did not play the opening Anand was expecting. In a finale like this, White must win and so will play something dangerous to avoid Black forcing a simple draw. When Anand saw that Smirin was deviating from his usual opening, he says that he stopped to think what players and tournaments Smirin had been in recently. He was trying to figure out if there was some new trap or opening that had been developed recently using that move. Once he had an idea what Smirin was going for (which could have been ten moves out), he decided what opening he would play to avoid that line. The plan worked. Anand was able to prevent Smirin from getting any momentum in his attack. He sacrificed a piece to try to get a clear path for his center pawns (to try to queen one of them), but Anand was able to trade away enough pieces that Smirin couldn't keep the position active enough to win.

Naufal Rafdi : "Wait, is that a knight? Or it was a horse? Wait, let me solve this by myself." -Anand

Kacper Migacz : I once that did that on the first move. I was white and I forgot that white went first.

Maksymilian Czoło : "So did you try really to calculate all these variations till the end?" "No, I was thinking what to eat tonight."

PwnUrBadCock : Me: e4 Anand: check mate in 14 moves

Marc Batero Espejo : Anand's 4th move deserves a place in a Thoug life compilation.

Tam Pham : the commentator makes this hilarious

Urza26 : Anand was probably thinking.... "yeah, I got this... now I just have to waste some time to make my win even more impressive. Plus, more camera time. Bonus!"

Kye m8 : Lol I don't even know how to play chess yet this somehow still intrigues me, even though I have no idea what's going on

Jason Dang : When you having fun but the crushing reality of life suddenly hits you.

Aman Goyal : meanwhile anand predicted harambe's death in those 1.43.

Tomy Lim : this need to be watched in x2 speed

Dmitri Kadykov : This is psychological trick - to spent time for nothing first and then play very fast. Just to make game faster: in that conditions opponent often plays fast too. Just like Smirin did

Initials : soo who won lol

Oleksiy Bazhenov : Chess commentators > sports commentators

Gavin Grant : Commentator is so hype.

Daoloth : When Anand stares at you, he is actually predicting your death...

Rndm Name : He was just trolling the commentators

Stink Memer : 6:28 lmao! He sounded like an owl

Andy Boi : I feel like he planned the entire game in the 1min and 43sec he was thinking

vivek patil : I think he was recalling castling rules ....

vincy striling : Switching to chess cause dota3 sucks

Xoire : "Smirin playing very cleverly here" Dude it's the 4th move. It's not even possible to play very cleverly by move 4, it's only possible to play moronically.

Harnoor Singh : I did that once in a junior completition... I was checking out on the other girl and did not realise that opponent has already moved... it was not until the opponent got up to fetch a glass of water and told me to make the move after he comes back.... lol!!!!!!!!

Matthew Ouyang : I switched from chess to starcraft 2 cause chess was not that intense, looks like im wrong.

Wasek Salam : some ppl will never ever be able to understand how damn exciting this is to watch...

JSVKK : A minute look like a year.

Henry deBeli : 6:25 I just now realized why he sacrificed his queen and also why the opponent didn't go for it. it would have been an awesome quick checkmate! Brilliant move!

Ömer Bekdaș : I don't know why did I think that but need some CS:GO casters on there.

tc413141 : he was trying to decide what he wanted to get for dinner.

ufftatabummbumm : I laughed so hard when they suddendly shaked hands

ProfessorBorax : Did anyone ever ask Anand what he was thinking about for that whole minute and a half?

DHRUV RAMANI : Ofcourse Anand won. He was playing against Matthew Perry...

Keine Angabe : This guy doesn't know what "sacrifice" means in chess..

TheFireflyGrave : Playing as back with 1 minute less, just needs to draw. Why not spot the opponent another minute advantage and win anyway? Great blitz game.

Viti V : I have never watched like "professional" chess. That was awesome.

J'Lani De Four : absolutely amazing

Amaar Marco : who won ?

Connor White : Bishop OP plis nerf

Jason W : Pretty sure Anand had a slight brain fart and thought it was the other opponents turn. You can see he finally looks up at the clock for the first time and then instantly makes a move within that second. Also to back that theory up, he is one of the best players in the world if not the best at that time, so 4 moves in that would be unheard of in the chess community to take that long. Just saying, imo he defiantly didn't realize it was his turn. 

ravindra : 6:29 commentators : anand has sac his queen .... do these commentators even play chess :/ ?

Pradeep p : How fast it players moved the coin i think it's 5g

gaiven : Deep think

John Allison : This was more than likely a rouse to get Smirin to play faster. Smirin was enticed to play quicker to put the pressure on Anand's clock. This is exactly what Anand wanted him to do. That and he probably could have beat him either way.

JUAN SINAAAAAAAAAAA : He calculated the whole game

Dipsy Teletubbie : How do they play so quickly? The move the stones before the other presses on the clock.. like that is very confusing..

Zach Cate : When he spent that long on a move the only thing I could think of was "when your controller dies in the middle of a game"