Anand spent 1:43 mins on 4th move in world blitz semi-final ?!

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Sator : When Anand stares at you, he is actually predicting your death...

Rakesh Sahoo : anand can predit world war 3

Maksymilian Czoło : "So did you try really to calculate all these variations till the end?" "No, I was thinking what to eat tonight."

Bomter Ngucho : So he thinks for about 1.4 mins then he finishes his opponent in his next 1.40 mins. Coincidence? I don't think so Mystery? Maybe Hotel ? Trivago

Vijay Kumar : Anand: "I was looking at all the possible outcomes of this game" Smirin: "How many did you see" Anand: "14 million 6 Hundred and 5" Smirin: "How many do I win" Anand: "None"

Aditya Khan : 2019??

SmarterEveryDay : Maurice Ashley makes me realize I want to hear Christopher Walken commentate chess.

PwnUrBadCock : Me: e4 Anand: check mate in 14 moves

ufftatabummbumm : I laughed so hard when they suddendly shaked hands

Wasek Salam : some ppl will never ever be able to understand how damn exciting this is to watch...

Aman Goyal : meanwhile anand predicted harambe's death in those 1.43.

Json : When you having fun but the crushing reality of life suddenly hits you.

Osiris Sharob : He had a Vietnam flashback

Matthew Bulic : I was eating dinner with a champion chess player at a Italian restaurant that had a checkered tablecloth, it took him 2 hours to pass the salt...😏

Akura XI : Anand: Omae wo mo shindeiru Smirin: NANNIIIII??!!!!!!!!

Harnoor Singh : I did that once in a junior completition... I was checking out on the other girl and did not realise that opponent has already moved... it was not until the opponent got up to fetch a glass of water and told me to make the move after he comes back.... lol!!!!!!!!

Kacper Migacz : I once that did that on the first move. I was white and I forgot that white went first.

DHRUV RAMANI : Ofcourse Anand won. He was playing against Matthew Perry...

Staraptorbravebird Staravia : The real reason why Anand took so long to move After playing knight he wondered whether it is a male or female but after 1:43 he realised gender discrimination is bad for society and continued the game

Douglas Edwards : Lesson learned: drain 2/5 of your time at the beginning of blitz chess to mentally plot out the billion possible moves that can occur after turn 4... (Proceeds to lose every subsequent game on

Jeffrey Lebowski : he was trapped in a time loop

Andreas Hoppe : oooooooooooooww, he sacrificed his queen ...

vincy striling : Switching to chess cause dota3 sucks

vivek patil : I think he was recalling castling rules ....

Mr.CoolGuy : He was waiting for Adrenaline rush.

Bad Jaeaux : He was waiting for opponent to resign at move 4 but opponent did not see the mate in 48

PracticalBuilds : I don't play or know anything about chess, but Anand probably was waiting for the weed to kick in

John Tom : Most people don't understand the genius of this moment. Anand thought upwards of 30 moves ahead to conclude the exchange of queens would put him in the winning position. Most regular players can think only 2-3 moves ahead. Simply incredible.

Wasif : Anand.exe has stopped working. Would you like to restart this program? y/n

tc413141 : he was trying to decide what he wanted to get for dinner.

Keine Angabe : This guy doesn't know what "sacrifice" means in chess..

Anand Kulkarni : Power of idli sambar flowing in his thinking veins 😁😂😂

John Halle : Smirin resigned at the end because the end was clear for Anand. So, Anand won, for anyone thinking about the result.

Gunsol Videos : it would be awkward if he lost that game

Wasek Salam : i had to pause after every turn near the end to make sense of their moves.. it made sense all right, but i had to pause after every damn moves...

Michael Smith : Nailed it anand too good . Salute ur country to provide great games to world by player like you .

ProfessorBorax : Did anyone ever ask Anand what he was thinking about for that whole minute and a half?

Sahil Sobti : proud of my india :)

Connor White : Bishop OP plis nerf

Salty Box Gaming : He was waiting for opponent to resign at move 4 but opponent did not see the mate in 48

Marco Yang : Hah! you think spending 1.4 mins on a chess move is impressive? Just wait until you see how long it takes for my pencil to move during a math test!

TheFireflyGrave : Playing as back with 1 minute less, just needs to draw. Why not spot the opponent another minute advantage and win anyway? Great blitz game.

JstallGFU : I don't know how I got here, not quite sure what just happened, but I've never been more excited in my life.

Stefan Reich : I find stuff so hard to see on the board like that

TheLio666 : if I had a chance I will actually punch the annoucers

Vel A : Damn..Anand seems to not age at all..!!24 years later still looks the same..

Tomy Lim : this need to be watched in x2 speed

Tam Pham : the commentator makes this hilarious

Hamdan Bartawi : I asked myself, what gave Anand the motivation to sacrifice pawns?! Then i watched the video very closely and turned off the volume. The commentator did not notice it, but at (04:26 - 04:29) Samir made a HUGE mistake that would give Anand the game. Watch it yourself and you will see that EVEN the commentator did NOT notice it.           Anand had this game the moment Samir went for the pawn down the table, Samir did NOT pay attention to his Knight that was threatened by Anand's pawn. The moment Anand took that Knight he knew that at some point in time even if he lost more pawns he'd still be one up on the more important pieces, and he knew the pressure was on Samir. In chess ALL it takes is 1 MISTAKE and then it's like a DOMINO AFFECT. If someone just didn't make a mistake in chess you'd never have a winner and the game would go on for hours. I think that's why they add the aspect of time, to FORCE YOU to make a mistake.

You Cuba : From 1:13 the highlight comment is here! now!, what's gonna play, I never seen Anan so insecure incredible! he is spending a lot of time on his clock!!, for him to be thinking is deeply and is only like the fourth, the fourth move on the board is incredible! . what is gonna do? I'm Thinking, I Think this is unbelievable, he almost spent a minute 20 % of his time! for 4 moves, is incredible insecurity of this strong player, He's on the fourth moves now it's crazy, como on! como on! make a move! make a move!!, madness!, como on! this is this is unbelievable, this this is shocking!, I'm stoned to see it, He's thinking this long on on on this fourth move at the chess game analyzing what I do not know he used a minute and 30 seconds to think about the fourth move this is completely ridiculous he's putting himself into a Deep Deep whole!, Yeah! I mean, this this simply recapturing the pawn by white is a little bit n useful, normally you attack the knight first, having said that the position is very simple! What Vish's doing ? finally made the move! I mean couldn't!, couldn't be more dramatic I do not know what he was thinking about but it is certainly a surprise He spent all his time finally 02:48....