SURPRISE Carpool Karaoke Proposal!

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Livin' the Keys Life : No idea who you guys are. Not really sure how we came across this video. Who cares, cause the phone almost broke when we smashed that subscribe button!!!! You guys better not suck in your other videos cause this one set the bar high lol. We vlog too but we don't compare to you guys. You two are magic together. Best of luck to you in the future and binge watching your channel shall begin soon. Wow, totally cool!

Jenna Williams : That was the most tender man kiss I’ve ever seen.

Hana Belle : Awwwwwwwww, when the song “Love is an open door” came on, I just lost it!!! 😭😭😭😭😭

Sochel Shibira : She felt it...she knew it was coming.A woman knows😘😘😘

Christian Morales : Does she remind anyone else of Anna Kendrick like when she smiles and stuff?

Tairalyn Nicole : Okay seriously BEST PROPOSAL EVER! You guys nailed it... I cried. I laughed. I aww'ed. You guys are just classic! CONGRATS

CHANELLE THE QUEEN : The first song she picked lmao😂This video was great!

Tia Rose : cutest thing ever i love his voice its deep and raspy and perfect

Michelle Roberts : She totally knows what's going on as soon as she saw her brother! So cute! ❤

Zenaida Villalta : EB is absolutely gorgeous!!! this was beautiful! glad I got this on my recommended!

Ess : Still not sure why this was on my recommended but happy it was. You guys got yourself a new subscriber. Also side not, weird how I opened this up the next day on my computer and subbed and I guess I was the 33,000th Subscriber lol. You guys are meant to be together.

Oscar Hewitt : He sounds like Dwayne Johnson when he sings 😂

Cora Monroy : My God you can tell how much he loves her, I love this!!!

Christina Elizabeth : I feel like the weird time gap fix with the friends was far better 😂😂😂👏🏻

Matt Leonetti 2 : That was actually hilarious wen they re-enacted the scene

Lila Hall : Omg I can’t believe the camera stopped recording! It must have been a really special moment tho☺️

Mike Adams : Not sure why this was in my feed, but.. this guy looks like Sam Smith. And congrats...

CHANELLE THE QUEEN : She is so pretty!!

Adriana Garcia : This the cutest thing ever!!! What the heck they need to be on tv or something lol they’re both insanely good looking

Little Sims : THE ENDING SONG IS PERFECT for the marriage thing! Like she was not expecting it because it’s a song!! Omg love ♥️

Brooks2beautyxo XoXo : I'm not crying, you're crying.. 😂😂😂😅😅😅

Dino Boggio : "Are you buying us lunch?"---Awesome!

AliGomie : Omg the re-enactment was fucking awesome

Kaylee Palominos : Those reenactments though😂💀


Ivy Vaz : I know “ Love is an open door “ is supposed to be a romantic song but every time I hear that song I keep thinking of what Hans did to Anna and Elsa 😆 lol ... love that reenactment at the end was hilarious

Madison Teague : This is, hands down, the best video I've seen in a long time! It couldn't be more perfect. Wait.. I lied. It would have been a little more perfect had his phone recorded the actual proposal. But, other than that, it was perfection. You both are adorable and are even more adorable together. Yall were clearly meant for each other. I wish yall a lifetime of happiness.. Congratulations!

LeeAnn Carpenter : That re-enactment was the best

Olivia Caudle : The thought that was put into this. Holy crap I’m crying 😍😭

Earth Angel0016 : This was great! And, your friends were hilarious. Just caught this....are you now married?

Alyssa Tony : This was so adorable aww

A True Love Official : Fascinating proposal! That was fun, romantic and sweet. It got my eyes wet while smiling and laughing. Congrats guys! :)

Eva Velasco : She sounds like Anna Kendrick

Ximena Cherry : omg he needs to be a radio host rn, his voice

Kawaii Let’s play : This is bob: 😐he doesn’t ask for likes 👕 👖

Jenn'sCrazyLife : So cute!!!

Vina : This is literally the cutest thing ever and I watch sooo many proposal videos (hey, I'm a hopeless romantic). This is definitley the cutest, well-planned, and included 3 great songs that I love! Congratulations guys, I can tell you're perfect for each other!

Shadow Slimes : Omg Eb looks so much like Anna Kendrick 😂

ranimations : The fake proposal part was so awesome

World of Faz : This was soo sweet !!!!

Lisa Jue : Ah man, I just came across this video on my "recommended" lists and wow I am sooo happy for your guys, you can just see Eb's emotion as she realizes what is going on. CONGRATS! And also, has anyone ever mentioned that she kinda resembles Anna Kendrick??

Jay Bird : This popped up on my dashboard and I'm so glad I clicked on it! Literally the best proposal E.V.E.R! The dramatic recreation just made it.

Mlgray94 : I swear i own that re-enactment wig lol

Eilidh MacGregor : Aww blink 182 first date my now feionce sent me that after our first date it's his favourite band very special to me :) congratulations

Tabitha Kelley : I'm glad the camera cut off. It was your special moment in front of God alone. Perfect!

Azaria Urena : THE REENACTMENT I DIED 😂😂😂😂 u guys rock congratulations 🍾🎈🎊

Musical Ava : It was perfect and emotional Up until the reenactment BTW. I'M LAUGHING. ITS BEAUTIFUL. BUT IT'S HILARIOUSLY ADORABLE

Mollie A : Aw!!! Congratulations! I proposed to my man (now husband) and he wore one of the silicone bands. Still does. And I wore an antique ring. So honestly....I love that he’s wearing a ring.

Nigel Griffith : Wow this is so cool. Congrats guys.... Somehow your video came up in my suggestion listing and you guys are amazing. Happy New Year and may your everyday continue to be abundantly blessed.

Logan Martie : Damn she looks like anna Kendrick