SURPRISE Carpool Karaoke Proposal!

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Livin' the Keys Life : No idea who you guys are. Not really sure how we came across this video. Who cares, cause the phone almost broke when we smashed that subscribe button!!!! You guys better not suck in your other videos cause this one set the bar high lol. We vlog too but we don't compare to you guys. You two are magic together. Best of luck to you in the future and binge watching your channel shall begin soon. Wow, totally cool!

Zenaida Villalta : EB is absolutely gorgeous!!! this was beautiful! glad I got this on my recommended!

Leigh-Anne Marie : LOVE the man-gagement ring!!

A True Love Official : Fascinating proposal! That was fun, romantic and sweet. It got my eyes wet while smiling and laughing. Congrats guys! :)

Adriana Garcia : This the cutest thing ever!!! What the heck they need to be on tv or something lol they’re both insanely good looking

Jenna Williams : That was the most tender man kiss I’ve ever seen.

Tilly Sanders : Very cool , unique , funny .. and beautiful - congrats guys :)

Tabitha Kelley : Side note, we call my sister EB. Her name is Elizabeth

Erica M : This has got to be one of the best proposals ever!!!

Ess : Still not sure why this was on my recommended but happy it was. You guys got yourself a new subscriber. Also side not, weird how I opened this up the next day on my computer and subbed and I guess I was the 33,000th Subscriber lol. You guys are meant to be together.

Norma Puerta : That was awesome! ❤

Kt Crowl : This is absolutely awesome


Logan Martie : Damn she looks like anna Kendrick

Lyndsy Serdynski : Well recording the whole proposal was a huge fail lol

Tia Rose : cutest thing ever i love his voice its deep and raspy and perfect

Jessica B : This is the first video I've ever seen of you guys, aka I wasn't even emotionally invested, and yet I still teared up so much. This was so perfect even the friends re-enactment aspect. Congrats!

Tabitha Kelley : I'm glad the camera cut off. It was your special moment in front of God alone. Perfect!

Chanel Charles : She looks like anna kendrick

Sochel Shibira : She felt it...she knew it was coming.A woman knows😘😘😘

5tinytim : He needs to work with radio with that voice so great! Nice job!

Jenn'sCrazyLife : So cute!!!

Emma Sherwood : my shriveled, cold, dead heart just broke. you guys are so cute, you look like a celebrity couple. Congratulations!

Marwa alhumaidan : I have no idea who they are but that was cute and beautiful

Steph Borton : This was adorable. So unique! But please tell me why EB reminds me so much of Anna Kendrick? LOL

Mia Lee : i'm not crying

whateverticklesyourpickle Monique : Your friends nailed that ending. Cool points

Oscar : It's weird that I'm smiling excited at EB every time i see her teary eyes. Gratz!

Melissa Monsivais : Can we talk about how good is his voice?

Alyssa Tony : This was so adorable aww


Olive Daniels : This is nerdy and cute I love it!

Emily Danielle : During the reenactment when he said "wellness pills??" "no but you should have some of them" I LOST IT 😂

Christina Elizabeth : I feel like the weird time gap fix with the friends was far better 😂😂😂👏🏻

Celine : this was hilarious I loved this! Congratulations to you both!

Fizza Fatima : How does she know already ? She is crying

Amy S : first video I watched in 2018 and it was probably the perfect video I have ever seen

Avis Wrentmore : He needs his own show;) so likable:)

Chris N : Hey man congrats on the well-pulled off proposal!

Emily M : Why isn't this viral yet?!

Abm2014 : I died of laughter from the reenactment! That was absolutely hilarious. You earned my subscription, and congrats to you both!

Shinaya : dad y do u leave us so often

World of Faz : This was soo sweet !!!!

cheer7blondie9 : Congratulations!!!

Ashley Jane : First 30 seconds, just found my new favorite channel!

Little Miss Mama : Okay seriously BEST PROPOSAL EVER! You guys nailed it... I cried. I laughed. I aww'ed. You guys are just classic! CONGRATS

Cora Monroy : My God you can tell how much he loves her, I love this!!!

Emily D : Awww this is the best :) I've been watching your channel for years and I'm so excited for a new chapter in your awesome life story!

Mare Marshall : Well i cried. Congrats to you both.

Michelle Foster : Why was she crying at first