ABANDONED city in America with NO LAWS | Yes Theory

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Plutto : I asked my daughter if she’d seen my newspaper. She told me that newspapers are old school. She said that people use tablets nowadays and handed me her iPad. That fly didn’t stand a chance.

Golden Heart : I love how they immediatly thought that it was going to be hostile, as if they weren't still compassionate. Weren't still social animals. Weren't still human.


boklog gaming : im expecting it like a mad max town where it has a custom cars and crazy people chasing you after you enter the city

CastleCraft : 1:26 *video gets demonitized*

quinn wilson : Aka chicago

XyntrK : Good video Yes Theory!! 😀 I love these exploration videos! 😊

aribadanchi : Lol I've ridden out to slab city before it ain't that bad

wick es : *"I am certified... Insane."*

Houston Muhammad : Of all the great videos I've seen on YouTube yours is the most unique.

Keep1 Rolled831 : In Mexico mostly every town has that when you enter them

Envy Allison : Wtf 8:21 i would not be there at night...city was cool till i saw that part

Vanessa Visitacion : The people living there are genuinely happy. This is an amazing video ❤

Ciel Dhanda : Did this video kinda remind you of Trevor Phillips from gta 5 where Trevor lived kinda has the same feeling as this place

TheLoveNinja : Far Cry 5 looking dope

Christopher Gomes : I have personally been out to Slab City many times and see all the people who live there. I want others to understand that the town is full of drugs and crazy people. If you do go be safe and stay in a group.

Alyssa Paige : This really made me reflect on my life

Keisha Rymdzionek : I was expecting an abandoned city full of murderers and crime 😂🤦🏽‍♀️

Cindy M : awesome..these are great Americans

Madelynne Schneider : Wasn’t Salvation Mountain in Kesha’s music video for “Praying”?

LOBO NEGRO : It's the U.S.🇺🇸, not America🌎

Louise Hallén : You guys are so amazing! Open minded and friendly to all people you meet, love that!

Kawaii Potato : Ke$ha went here!!!

Da Dragon Masta : “Safety third”

Derek M : This is what quality YouTube content looks like. Well done.

Jaedon Wynn : So all this is is a hippie druggie community

Here in My garage : Sandy Shores GTA

Wesley Gallipo : I love what you guys do it would be amazing to go on an adventure with you guys

Tanya Hartley : Boys let me tell you something that man made salvation mountain so y'all would know the name of the almighty king. JESUS he loved JESUS

PAPA Texas : I have seen a lot of videos on slab city. Good video!

James Goldenboy : Empty’s the sh*t buckets & has no running water... not a chance I’d hug him

ZkyRock A : Slav approved

Eliana Lew : Isn’t this where Christopher McCandless from Into The Wild went??

RJ Kelley : Slab City where someone I used to know killed a woman and and attempted murder on another and is in jail waiting trial. Stay away from there if you want to live.

Sammy Boy Gaming : This is sandy shores in gta 5

Ezzbra : The painted mountin is the alien mountin in gta 5 !

Ahmed Yamany : Leonard Knight from Into The Wild movie! Crazy!

The Pretentious Hermit : Someone tells you they're certified insane and you laugh, white people

Dahlson :-D : The purge😶

Jonas Norvaisais : Sounds like that city where spongebob was going through this city called SHELL CITY to get Neptune’s crown(spongebob the movie)

Aljearic YT : *_is that the thing from GTA V_*

Michael Davies : How long till the serial killers turn up haha

Z FM : The leftovers

Alexander Mackenzie : How did I get here.... I was watching Migos make a stir fry on tasty!

LilCurry04 : Salvation mountain is in gta 5

Gwyneth Berry : This place can be seen in the music video for Kesha's song "Praying"

Claire m : Yo that's where kesha filmed her praying video

Jaquan McMillan : So you could kill everyone here and not be arrested...

LegitDaddy : any one else getting fallout vibes?

T Bron : We made it to slab city Patrick!