ABANDONED city in America with NO LAWS | Yes Theory

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Plutto : I asked my daughter if she’d seen my newspaper. She told me that newspapers are old school. She said that people use tablets nowadays and handed me her iPad. That fly didn’t stand a chance.

Rowdy Audi : This place is just under a 2 hour drive from my house and my ex-girlfriend grew up there so we'd travel out a couple times a month to visit her old family and friends. The place truly is awesome. On a couple of our drives down there we found traders and we would trade some of our possessions for theirs (they didn't accept money). These trades often included something of emotional value or earth value, definitely a great experience.

some drunk Easterner : "A skeleton of an eye" You my friend... are a fucking retard

Daniel B : this from GTA V?

Jonas Norvaisais : Sounds like that city where spongebob was going through this city called SHELL CITY to get Neptune’s crown(spongebob the movie)

PAPA Texas : I have seen a lot of videos on slab city. Good video!

HawaiiMclovin69 : For place with no laws they seem to get along better than us who have them.

Derek the half a bee : NO LAWS.... except every single State and Federal law.

The Alpha Male : I live a few minutes from here. To be honest the title of this video is misleading. This place is not even considered a city and laws are in a effect here just as much anywhere else in California.

Elizabeth Perc : What in Caucasian?

olivia : Real life “The Bad Batch”

No Name : I thought it was gonna be like the purge but the people seem so welcoming! Yes, some are insane but it's SO AMAZING!!! Oh and btw kesha recorded "praying" at this spot

O N C E upon a T W I C E : So how do they get food??

Northern Brother : If the city is in the U. S., then there are laws.

createdncali : Do you know what happened to Wizard? I have a good friend who is looking for him, he photographed him and wanted to do a documentary with him.. do you know is he's still around?

Houston Muhammad : Of all the great videos I've seen on YouTube yours is the most unique.

XpertMikey : That man who made the mountain is a legend

lanayah :/ : The most awkward hug of 2017

oWayWard - : This place seems I don't know, kind of like another world. I would visit, it's lawless , so with the strap of course. But it seems these people are better than the ones I see here

Xonk Law : never thought anarchy would look so inviting

ChronoSoldier : Just wait till London sees this place *Cough cough* don't do drugs kids

SUPREME : I would got there to grow weed

Kneon Knight : "Skeleton of an eyeball." I quit right there, that is weapons grade stupidity.

Alexy Ilchuk : GTA 5

Anthony Lidstrom : See, we only need the government to build roads and defend us from other nations takeovers. We don't need the government for anything else.

xsjack 44 : This is in gta 5

Me Love Twatt Longtime : I couldn't imagine being there at night, NOPE !!!!

Dark Infinity : So this is where Kesha actually filmed the music video "Praying"?

commonman80 : Every City In America HAS LAWS... Because when A City Becomes Unable to Maintain A Legal System? The County Has Authority To Instill Law and Order... And If The County CAN NOT Instill Law And Order? THE STATE Has The Authority to Instill Law and Order. And If The State CAN NOT Instill Law and Order? THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT HAS THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT, POWER AND AUTHORITY TO INSTILL LAW AND ORDER... So Cut The Bullshit... This is America... Not Some Third World Country... GROW UP AND WAKE UP!!! Read A Damn Book why don't you...

Crab Nebula : it was created in 1905 not in the 1950's

Exploring With Cody : Went there last summer it was such an amazing experience

Alena Koala : Fallout.

Adam O Leary : If I saw that fish, I'll be like"y so salty?" 😂

GuyWithFox : Wizard is like the Anti Manson ...with that Ying yang tattoo on his forehead instead of a swastika. Maybe he's from a parallel dimension?

Sarah Willson : I bet these fukn parasites still get welfare payments.

MTB Rider : Did you see Trevor?

DynamicGaming : This Is like the cult from GTA 5 but religious

James Holbrook : I would not call a 6 pack a bunch of beers

Michael Price : The skeleton of an eyeball ? Fucking retard, please don’t speak again

Derek M : This is what quality YouTube content looks like. Well done.

Elliot Unosson : i'd tell you a chemistry joke but i know i wouldn't get a reaction

Its Lit : After 300 years this place will be history mark my words

Big finga Nigga : This place gives me heavy fallout vibes

CBM170 : Before i watch this i gotta say technically there are rules there! The rules of america!

Donald letim : Who else love this place and wish to move there? NO rules, NO laws NO constitution, you live to the fullest. I love those people. I know many people hate rules

Michael Klausner : I'm one of the first few comments so chances are you might read this comment. I wanted to tell you how much you inspire me. Your channel motivates me to get out of my comfortzone. Whenever there's a challenge which brings me out of my comfortzone I'll to it. So far it were only a few opportunity because with 15 years I don't have too much time for other stuff but I took part in a dirt Run, did cliff diving and tried mountainbiking in the mountains of austria. Cheers from Austria you should really visit Austria.

Cute Kawaii girl : At 5:23 CREEPY DOLLS FACES THO

Lizze Carmen : Wizard: I have papers that I'm insian Me:cool dude I wish I was like you

Barbara Lainhart : yeah that weird 'vibe' u feel sir that's radiation

Riley London : That art thing is in GTA lol