ABANDONED city in America with NO LAWS | Yes Theory

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Plutto : I asked my daughter if she’d seen my newspaper. She told me that newspapers are old school. She said that people use tablets nowadays and handed me her iPad. That fly didn’t stand a chance.

Jess Krause : GTA V anyone lol

Ethan Norman : Google.com

Evan M : ITS GTA!!

Brad G : Bums

Jacob Anderson : Wizard looks like Santa...

Itsyeboi LD 2.0 : Gayngel

AlexGaming : 9:13 alcoholic... 🙄

josh eadie : That video was so boring i regret watching it because i could have used that data on something more interesting sutch as pornography

John Smith : The truth about this video: Spoiled rich hipsters who record a superficial understanding of The Slabs. Sorry but I need to be honest. You make no attempt to really understand the people there, instead you treat them like monkeys in a zoo. Just another novelty to laugh and take pictures of, then back to the OC or LA. Clap yourselves on the back neophytes.

L&m mining solutions : A bunch of beers. There's 6

IETCHX69 : You got the year wrong , right off the bat .

June Viarruel : I love that you hugged him! :')

Mikey : Youtube has forced me here. Recommended around every corner.......

Chris Chaney : I want to live here.

Dean Soings : that old man looks like he hasn't taken a bath within a year. the scruffy lookin mf needs a bath and to shave that scraggly sh.it off of his face.

MovieScenesAndStuff123 : 4:17 lol looks like someone tried to recreate the car from Escape From L.A.

1KRAZM F : A six pack is not a bunch of beers douche bag!

James Robin : So if I wAnted,,I could by a low income trailor park and gave it a name i and claim it's a lawless town?

humasima : Federal law covers all US territory, not to mention the Imperial County laws that covers this area. This is a stupid video made for the simpleminded. Don't think so? Go there and grow weed....or start a meth lab.

Explosion : Skeleton of an eyeball lol what are you talking about

Shadow Phoenix : Slab City is the name of a cemetery in my town form the 1800s

makaya rivers : Looks like the intro to a scary movie

Luke Triton : no laws? is this the purge 24/7

Isaac Mayer : Why were they acting like a civilized community couldn't exist without laws?

lordsardonicvids : The man is 'certifiably insane' ?? Seems certifiably one smart guy to me, as he said right up front, what's needed to live well in a certifiably broken and more, world. '~'

Jeff Kewl : Six beers... Wow. You sure did go all out

Eric Cordeiro : its like burning man but a tad less lit..

Ivan Nikitin : San Andreas is that you?

terminator ninjaassassin : so many jesus and god references but in gta 5 only stick figures having sex appear

Benny Sael : Where are the black people ?

KING_PANDA : it was the first one

John Lennonade : 4,000,000 views, huh. Not so off the grid anymore, Slab City.

Raymond S : Ive been there..... On gta 5

sharon patterson : That is so AWESOME that art work is beautiful

Shaq Attaq : Ummmmm Jessica's MV for FLY definitely was filmed here 👍🏿👌🏿😻

Leo DiPesci : That's where Kesha filmed praying

Aidyn Siemens : gta5 much

Gavin Reddig : kesha anyone?

Speedy Rob66 : Yo thats in gta5 right?

brandon yuenger : that tiger woods clip lolololol

Jihad Mims : Leonard Knight...the GOAT

zane petty : Where is Trevor Phillips

I'm Her's Meow! : Dumb! ! Damn rich kids

Eugene Jerles : this is amazing

Laura Johnson : You ONLY brought them a 6-pack of beer??? I would have at least brought 2 cases and a keg!!!

Shannon Denham : Hipsters interviewing hippies. Weirdos

Hector Pena : Thats gta

Sandy Davis : You guys are all so sweet💝🐸

Tyler Johnson : How do they get food and or water if it's toxic?