ABANDONED city in America with NO LAWS | Yes Theory

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Plutto : I asked my daughter if she’d seen my newspaper. She told me that newspapers are old school. She said that people use tablets nowadays and handed me her iPad. That fly didn’t stand a chance.

TJ Israelsen : Bet the IRS will still find you there lol

Mike Normandy : what an incredible place - but, only a 6-pack? Wizard could probably drink that in 5 mins.....lmao!

bleh. : wizard: first off, i’m certified insane girl: giggles wizard: *no really i have papers*

DariusCZH : Wait if that city has no laws that means can i pick a fight with someone who tries to piss me off?

SDG Danny : Who would've known, such wholesome vibes can come from an abandoned city with no laws?

Legoman718 : The Purge, but in one town and in an alternate universe where everyone is peaceful.

offdutyofficer55 : My story of Leonard and salvation mountain. My wife and I visited in the late nineties out of curiosity. There were very few people that day, so we had Leonard pretty much to ourselves. After taking the tour, I asked him were he stayed. He then pointed to an old jeep wagoneer and stated that he couldn't get the rear door to shut. I asked him if I could take a look at it. He said please. I explained that I may be able to fix it as I had been a repairman on the assembly line at the Toledo plant. I asked him to get me a screwdriver and hammer. It seen his striker plate had slipped out of place. I adjusted the plate and the door closed as if it had just rolled of the final inspection line. He thanked me and said " God sent you to me this day" !

Betty Houk : The people who are residents of slab are not mean and hateful people ! They help each other as much as they can , if you are hungry they won’t turn you away ,they will feed you may not be a big elaborate meal ,but they will share what they have! Most are people who haven’t any other place to live and yes there are drugs addiction and alcoholics , just as any place in America has the same problems! In winter a lot of full timer people in their big motor homes ,and all sorts of R.V.s ,and tents come down to this little place in winter ❄️ to enjoy the warm sunshine ☀️ My family and I used to winter there ,this was about 40 years ago , and we donated paint to the wonderful old Gentleman and food ,when he was first beginning the Salvation Mt. the reason he was creating this beautiful monument ,he told us was because he was an alcoholic and wanted to stop so he started to create this wonderful place! Don’t judge people ,you never know you could be in their shoes sometime ! Blessed Be!

Francisco : “I’m certified insane , I have papers “ * lady laughs* 🤦🏻‍♂️

Clement Wong : "LAW" is created by the highest level of the society(rich and powerful individuals) to control the lower level. When there's no law, doesn't mean there's no order. Humans come with their own order when they start to live in a group with at least 2 individuals. The residents here know this and refused the good life provided by authorities in exchange of their freedom.

Jeanette Waverly : Welcome to post-Apocalyptic Amerika!

music stan : Omg that is where Kesha filmed for "Praying".

Makenzie Doolin : All I could think about during this was the book Into the Wild

Mr_Wizard : it was NEVER a city, so its not LOST it is a gathering of people, toughing it out, where there used to be an old military base, that 'RAZED' sometime after WWII yes it is called 'slab city' but its just a name, like calling a spotted dog 'stripe' it has never been an official city,

LIQUIDSNAKEz28 : Say what you will about the way their living, but if I had to pick between tripping on acid every other day in the middle of the desert with no obligations and all the free time in the world VS slaving away 50 to 60+ HOURS a week JUST to get by with NO time or energy to left over to actually live my life, I'd pick the former.

Fiery Vesper : 2min into the video and it feels like a movie about a group of people about to get destroyed by hillbilly people. Hills have eyes vibe there.

Alexa M : I was lowkey terrified that the bowling alley was a piece of art and they were gonna get shot.

Weague of Wegends Boy : GTA anyone?

Alex Outdoors : “The skeleton of an eye ball” lmao

TheZivix : if a small lawless city looks like this, imagine what america would look like lawless.....ok never mind that would be horrific

Dany Nico : Favorite part “ before we start, I am certified insane”

Mark Whitby : they just look like a load of old bums camping out in the desert what's so cool about that.

Din Pisciotta : This is America.

It's A Mom Blog : That entire area is a dump that smells like raw sewage. It's gross.

Matthew Palmer : Start cooking that meth you'll meet a nice woman, saggy g string ,no teeth perfect hit that

Mansoury219 : im not trying to be mean but this looks like an outpost you have to liberate in far cry

Sarina Dadarwala : This video makes me want to drive to slab city and paint a tree then look at it for hours

Jose Talavera : Lawless but I bet not benefitless. I don't want to live by the rules but give me my government money please.

XyntrK : Good video Yes Theory!! 😀 I love these exploration videos! 😊

ft.yodax : So this is where Kesha shot her Video for Praying 🙊💞

Nancy Wilkins : Remember everyone...Safety Third!!!

bella Nicole : Cool if I go there I'll drive a car I'm 13😂

Maxie Waxie : I'm gonna be honest. I thought that at least his tire would be shot out within the first 5 seconds of him being in the city.

MTB Rider : Did you see Trevor?

Raven Stovall : Am I the only one who wants to move there??

Ben S. : Yes. I am now adding going to Slab City on my bucket list.

CiaLosAngeles90210 : It is like the Hippies here in Europe, La Gomera. We have that too here, actually. 🙂🤗

2aa22a : That white girl should leave that hispanic maid ,.....

Pierce : 9:01 Cracking open a cold one with the boys

Joey Jamison : California. That figures. Maybe Slob City would be a better name.

Joel Buckley : Farcry 5

Jhon Thierry : 8:55 *THATS THE BEST PART*

deonta holmes : 4:56 Trevor Phillips everybody 😂😂

steven laughs : Dignity Village! The 'Alien Camp'/hippy camp/painted mountain! Is that long hair guy he gave the beer to, Curtis Weaver? When did he get out of jail? Did Maude bail him out one final time, as an excuse to call T, again? And where's Trevor Phillips? What's the point in going out to Slab City, without seeing it's most infamous resident? Trevor Phillips..

airel frr : The slab city paint is in gta on the little mountain that says beam me up and stuff

Rogue Weeaboo : Wizard MVP

Jessica Lorraine : The Kesha Praying video

Tia Fayed : It’s basically a land of art that’s so amazing

PAPA Texas : I have seen a lot of videos on slab city. Good video!