Flea an Chad Smith jam
Flea and Chad from Red Hot Chili Peppers jam

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Flea and Chad Smith (bassist and drummer of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers) having a jam


Frank Myers : I this guys are the greatest rhythm combo of all time...

D_lane : Flea - 'Just with the kick drum'. Chad so obsessed with the snare always has been 

zachmorphman99 : This was filmed in 1993

kid gloves : fleanomenal..

Zach Miner : Can we just appreciate that snare/china accent in that fill at 1:21?

Hubert Cumberdale : Try not to feel da riddim. Bet you can't.

Johnny Zed : I love what Chad says at the end about it not being a double pedal; just shows how great he is in terms of both drumming and character.

Sweeneytv : on a drummer. Consistency and Timing are key. Chad is a LIVING metronome. I'd love to jam with that guy.

markosgraveyard : Fascinating, even for today's standards.

Cheetah Thunders. : chad looking more like Dennis Miller than Will Farrell here.

Nexo : Just here for my daily intake of funk.

Benjamin Jasar : fancy kick drum work haha guys are legendary

Jeremy Roscher : I need this drum set....

Antoine Lablanquie : I HATE double kick pedal but I LOVE Chad's right foot ! LOL

Myles Hume : Slap...Pop.... And Jam dat bass!!!!!!!

Cameron Centrella : Is there a bass tab for the opening song/solo

Jesus Coloa : This is fake, flea never wears a shirt

Alexandra Minnich : DR> DOO LITTLE WHATS YOUR SECRET?!?!

Ignition Vapes : By far 2 of the best rhythm players. Flea can just stay right with chad no matter what the tempo

Carlos Fernandez : Keep practicing young people! Find a friend to vibe with and only time will tell! 🎸🎸🎸

Thomas Higgins : That kit looks fucking awesome

Mylena Karine : Nice!!

Roland Botos : what year is this?

Dragos Munteanu : drums...and ...base!!!! :))))

Lord Henry : Amazing, simply amazing. I'm more of a metal guy, but you can't go wrong with some funky tunes every once in a while, specially from these monsters!!! Right on!!

Thomas Pullara : 10 people couldn't handle this epic jam and died.

TOPCAT3443 : chad smith looks like will ferrel

fenderfan85 : Would be sick in 1080

Pablo Sparta : Son unos MAESTROS!

Michael Hosse : youu may hurtyourself!!!

striderscanner : I recommend also Geddy Lee on bass.

harry fayer : It certainly got my testicles quaking.

Zac T.T : This definitely needs more views

Juan Pablo Arredondo Miranda : ¿What sneakers are on Chad's feet?

Ioan Craciun : Im happy i can play naked in the rain. But Im so eager to learn that first jam, or atleast be able to play something equally good. Damn you flea. You're the best.

KAMLU : lol

drew willett : Will Ferrell on the drums ladies and gentlemen!

Andrew : If she was only one it's really no surprise...

Jimmy Gustafsson : chad is tight as hell on the drums.! Together they are perfect

Twizted Vizionz Motorsportz : Those electric drum kits with single peddles can't handle chads bass drumming. Real drum kits can't handle chads bass drumming.

faabelshnoi : FAKE!!! Flea has a shirt :D

Zoe Pratt : Boom.

johnnyisherela : Me and my mate play the bass and drums together, now, we're nowhere near as good as Chad or Flea, and to say they haven't influenced us would be a lie, but I still think we've got our own sound, and I am just curious to know how many people would be curious to hear one of our jams

domagoj grgurić : bass sounds bombastic what do you know,you know shit!!!

JD14234 : Chad without a hat!!

mohawk1020 : This is from Chad's instructional video. It's pretty good if you wanna better your drumming

Fatrac Ist : first time i've seen flea with a try-hard face on.

Jason Ramm : Anybody else hear what sounds alot like Golden Age by TV on the radio and covered by Phish? Its at like 0:50 seconds in

Michael Scott : oh look, will ferell with long hair