Flea an Chad Smith jam

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MeewHouse : Flea fingered a girl at once. She died.

Edgar Velasco : this video is fake Flea doesn't wear shirts

Frank Myers : I this guys are the greatest rhythm combo of all time...

Zach Miner : Can we just appreciate that snare/china accent in that fill at 1:21?

Jesus Coloa : This is fake, flea never wears a shirt

kid gloves : fleanomenal..

Hubert Cumberdale : Try not to feel da riddim. Bet you can't.

zachmorphman99 : This was filmed in 1993

MorningView4 : (Insert annoying and unoriginal will ferrel/chad smith comparison)

Nexo : Just here for my daily intake of funk.

markosgraveyard : Fascinating, even for today's standards.

Johnny Zed : I love what Chad says at the end about it not being a double pedal; just shows how great he is in terms of both drumming and character.

Antoine Lablanquie : I HATE double kick pedal but I LOVE Chad's right foot ! LOL

Myles Hume : Slap...Pop.... And Jam dat bass!!!!!!!

Matt Gonzales : I see 13 dislikes, I don't understand how anybody cannot like this....

Alexandra Minnich : DR> DOO LITTLE WHATS YOUR SECRET?!?!

Feeling Brothers : 1:30 musicalmente troppo bello!

Cameron Centrella : Is there a bass tab for the opening song/solo

Rich MERRILL : They were made for each other. Lol.

Fabrizio : tabs ?

Benjamin Jasar : fancy kick drum work haha guys are legendary

Tristan Brown : anyone wanna tab what flea plays @ 5:02 lmao

Ylnd : Then there's poeple to consider chad as not a good drummer.

Ben Dover : will ferrel on drums

Jack Alien : Who the f disliked this morrons.

KEEP ER GOIN : Legend says flea fingered a girl in the 19s... Yet to this day she is still cumming

Damnation 111 : 2:05 LOOK AROUND BETA lol

jon818 : This is fake no one is that good 😜

Cheetah Thunders. : chad looking more like Dennis Miller than Will Farrell here.

Philip Hotz Music : I heard look around at 2:06

yuta kawano : What's the first song?

Carlos Fernandez : Keep practicing young people! Find a friend to vibe with and only time will tell! 🎸🎸🎸

BlackN Yellow : Seinfeld!

xjohnx567 : I want to win this bass because a cant afford a proper bass and I watch you videos because you are an inspiration to my bass playing

Daniel Eduardo Sánchez García : 2:55 Badum Tss

Daniel Eduardo Sánchez García : 2:55 Badum! Tsssss!

Jeremy Roscher : I need this drum set....

Santiago Milano : you may HURT YOURSELF

Jared Rigney : The bass line from "cold naked in the rain" sounds identical to "tell me baby"

Ross McDermott : Flea is a sicko

Sabrina Cobain : Mortal!

Tim Peace : The Greeting Song is probably my favorite beat to play on drums uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Black Surf : Definitely one of the best rhythm sections ever!

Sayak Banerjee : what song is flea playing ?

Aamos : does anyone know what that bass is?

alex3DMZ : Tabs?

Chris Dunlea : Gosh he even talks like will ferrell, I can't him seriously now....

Christian Prado : Does anyone know the name of the diddy flew plays at 5:03? I hear so many artist play it but I don't know the name of it

D_lane : Flea - 'Just with the kick drum'. Chad so obsessed with the snare always has been