Abbott & Costello Who's On First
Abbott amp Costello Whos on First Arguably the best routine of all time

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Probably the most famous comedy bit of all time. Credit to Koch Entertainment Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.


Matt Flynn : An immortal comedy skit that proves that delivery is everything. The gag itself is pretty simple, but it's the way Bud and Lou deliver it and play off each other that makes it a classic.

JoshL117 : First: William Hu Second: Dennis Wott Third: Joe Aiduno Left: Jack Wy Center: Cyrus Becaz Pitcher: Kenji Tamara Catcher: Jeff Tudae Shortstop: Aydun Givadon

David Klecker : The amount of time and talent it took to rehearse not only this but to make sure you don't break routine and laugh. One of the best comedic duos of all time.

Unicorn Sparkle1225 : “I DON’T GIVE A DARN!” “What did you say?” “I don’t give a darn!” “Oh that’s our shortstop.” Edit: Thanks for the likes!

Bruno : Imagine these guys trying to defuse a bomb.

Joshua Writer : Still watching in 2019

Ian Ewing : 66 years later and still the funniest thing known to man

AshLee R Parker : "That's the first thing you've said right." "I DON'T KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT!!!" I'm☠️

Owen Roberts : COSTELLO: I'm not asking you who's on second! ABBOTT: Who's on first. COSTELLO: I don't know. BOTH: Third base.

Mark Raum : Had to memorize this routine for a high school play 40 years ago....took my friend and I 3 Months prior to play to get it right

55DepotStreet : Notice Abbot never looks at the audience, keeping the attention on Costello. By the middle of the routine, they are such a tight rhythm you can tap your foot to it. Absolutely one of the best comedy sketches of all time! It is amazing.

Michael R : "Bat boys name?" "Maybe." "Right fielder?" "Nobody." "Announcers name?" "Possibly." "Screw you!" "Oh, that's our owner!"

Shiranui Aensland : Tower: "Flight two-zero niner, you're cleared for take-off. " Captain Clarence Oveur: "Roger. " Roger Murdock: "Huh? " Tower: "L.A. departure frequency one two three point niner. " Captain: "Roger. " Murdock: "Huh? " Victor Basta: "Request vector, over. " Captain: "What? " Tower: "Flight two-zero niner, cleared for vector three-two-four. " Murdock: "We have clearance, Clarence. " Captain: "Roger, Roger. What's our vector, Victor? " Tower: "Tower Radio, clearance, over. " Captain: "That's 'Clarence Oveur', over. " Tower: "Roger. " Murdock: "Huh? " Tower: "Roger, over. " Murdock: "What? " Captain: "Huh? " Basta: "Who?"

Cool Products : "ALRIGHT WHEN YOU PAY THE FIRST BASEMAN WHO GETS PAID?" "Every dollar of it" genius

Shota 945 : Who disliked the video? No, I don't know did. What did? No, what liked it. Who liked it? Yes. Alright- (A N G E R)

Quicktime Events : 4:16 Costello: "Alright, now who's on first???" Abbott: "Right!" Costello: "Okay, now--"(realizes)(ANGER) God, I love this skit so much XD

Jared Jams : For those who are confused, this is the setup: First Base- Who Second Base- What Third Base- I Don’t Know Left Field- Why Center Field- Because Pitcher- Tomorrow Catcher- Today Shortstop- I Don’t Give A Darn

Madeline C : This is how an argument happens between me and my mom

Salihah_BTS_ Jungkook_Kpop : Anyone watching in 2019?? 😂

Michelpp : Costello going mad is priceless!!! Absolute genius.

Malia : 1st: Who 2nd: What 3rd: I Don't know Outfielder: Why Pitcher: Tomorrow Catcher: Today Shortstop: I don't give a darn.

Coldstreamer957 : “ I’ll break your arm if you tell me who’s on first base!” 🤣🤣🤣

Elani Aniyvwia : The joke that got them into the baseball hall of fame although they never played a single game of pro baseball!

JangoBro101 : I’m watching this at 3:00 am, Wednesday, March 12, 2019, and I am dying of laughter😂

Joe Masters : I don't know! 3RD BASE!!!

James Hunton : Tell me the fielders name Why Cause I want to know I don’t give a darn Oh that’s our shortstop

Henry Jones : Science Fiction heroes have such strange names nowadays. Such as? There's this guy called The Doctor. Doctor? Doctor Who? He was the first.

Nox Lunaria : 2018! Who's watching this in 2018? Yes, of course he is.

John L : Who disliked? I don't know Third base!

steve byers : Amazing they work so well together that they can alter each version i have seen so slightly but still make it hilarious. Best routine ever!!

Lynne Henderson : I STILL damn near wet myself every time I hear this 🤣🤣🤣

Pastor Vidro : I grew up Watching these guys and No matter what or how many times you watch them . They are still Funny . No one will Replace them and may their Souls Rest In Peace . ❤❤❤❤

Michael Goldsmith : Just imagine these guys on whose line is it anyway!

Butch Jones : How did this get so many thumbs down?...unreal...

Diane Lewis : These guys were a real treasure. Liked their movies also.

Maria Kelly : I have just seen the complete "Who's On First" routine. My life is complete and I can now die happy.

Dvader134 : how can they do this with a straight face?

Just Some Aussie : I love the hysterical laughter from the crowd

Nick : I'll say it, if you don't realize how this is genius, you aren't very smart.

TheMusicalGamer : I just watched Rain Man, and this came up on recommended, i'm so happy

Liberty : They got into the Baseball HOF with this routine .... without using steroids.

AQGOAT24 : Reading ths joke isn't that funny, but it's how these guys deliver it that makes it absolutely hilarious.

Dan Lapidus : I knew the Naturally gag was coming and it still made me bust out laughing

Master Splinter : *Memories of the movie- Rainman, brought me here... When Dustin Hoffman recites the 'who's on first' skit.*

Denise Ubaldini : Man... people back then had such a better sense of humor😂😂

Joe Pavlik : Here's where I would bat this legendary baseball team: 1. 2B What 2. RF Nobody 3. LF Why 4. 1B Who 5. 3B I Don't Know 6. SS I Don't Give A Darn 7. Ca Today 8. P Tomorrow 9. CF Because

Annelie Szarke : And I don't give a darn! Oh, that's our shortstop! *AHHBEIGADUAHHBUHAHHH* *drops bat*

Wanderer101 : "So who's the catcher?" "No who's on first." "I mean what's the catcher's name!?" "What's on second." "I mean how do you address the catcher! Which person is it!" "Yu." "I'm the catcher?" "No Yu is."

The Hutch : Tbh I think it’s the delivery of these guys that makes this so special and hilarious