Abbott & Costello Who's On First

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Lisa USA : LOL! This routine never gets old 😂😂😂

Shut Up & Take My Money : "ALRIGHT WHEN YOU PAY THE FIRST BASEMAN WHO GETS PAID?" "Every dollar of it" genius

Elani Aniyvwia : The joke that got them into the baseball hall of fame although they never played a single game of pro baseball!

Master Leguichard : It's ridiculous how re-watchable this is. I only discovered it some months ago, and I can watch it literally every couple weeks and it's still equally funny. This might be the best comedy routine of the 20th century. Or ever.

Azure'Ra Morganna : I was on a cruise... The comedian made a joke about this... I was the only person who laughed. Nothing like being thanked by the comedian for being the only on who got the joke

Doctor Soles11 : a remarkable performance. That's why its stood THA TEST OF TIME. friggin classic

Matt Flynn : An immortal comedy skit that proves that delivery is everything. The gag itself is pretty simple, but it's the way Bud and Lou deliver it and play off each other that makes it a classic.

iwinzeazy : How in tha he'll do they do this routine and mot trip up?????? WOW 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Stevie B : Brilliant wit and timing. And NOT one f-word. Bravo. Refreshing. And also ironic: how something over 50 years old can set a new standard of comedy. New 'comedians' could and should take a lesson from these two LEGENDS. RIP Bud and Lou

Judith Pittman : I'm watching in 2018. they were awesome.

omegafan101 : One of the most iconic and greatest skits ever. I've seen it parodied hundreds of times yet it never gets old.

Gary Hinkle : In My Personal Opinion Abbott & Costello. The Absolute Best !!!

George Vreeland Hill : Nothing today compares to this. Reason - they had talent in those days.

Aniquin : My algebra teacher in middle school, an old Italian guy named Mr. Cicero, loved Abbot and Costello. To this day, the funniest thing I've ever experienced was when he did the "Who's on first?" routine with my buddy Joseph, and Joe took so long to catch on that he played Costello's part perfectly. Timeless comedy and that memory will stick with me forever.

Cyberw4y : Imagine these guys trying to defuse a bomb.

Dragosh : how in the hell they memorised all of this... pure talent

Chris Barr : use to watch all their movies on sunday mornings growing up

Ricky- C.88 : Who is on first What is on second I don't know is on third

Patstar54 : This is real comedy, not those s w e a r words that are found funny by kids nowadays.

AQGOAT24 : Reading ths joke isn't that funny, but it's how these guys deliver it that makes it absolutely hilarious.

Phil Robertson : Back when comedy was funny. A classic by any standards!!!

Zacco : who is watching in 2018

Agoraphobic Adam : I dont know! They both say, Third base......Too Funny.

Pam Namisniak : I had a friend who had this routine on a poster. I thought that was cool.

Nox Lunaria : 2018! Who's watching this in 2018? Yes, of course he is.

Muttley McLad : If laughter is the best medicine then i want this on repeat prescription for the rest of my days.

godless heathen : Very funny routine that has stood the test of time...and not a single swear word to be's comedians can learn something from these two legends..

Glenn Riviere : I alway love this routine

Midgard Eagle : Why have I not watched this sketch before? It's freaking genius!

Patrick's Crazy Place : I can't tell you how many times somebody has said "I don't know" and I'll just say "Third Base" to reference the bit. The confused looks make it all the better. I love this bit so much!

Jaclyn Kundrat : oh my god! this is so funny! how am i just seeing this. hahaha cant catch my breath. the best joke evvvvvveeerrr

Sbeirman99 Classof17 : this is so funny I am laughing in the library

Angela Castleman : i watched this 42 time's in a row and every time I do I ALMOST WET MYSELF LAUGHING

Lina And Libby : Me and my father broke out laughing when we watched this😂😂

Dvader134 : how can they do this with a straight face?

Brad Fry : 2.9 k people who gave this thumbs down does not know comedy

Robbie Landrey : long live Abbott & Costello!

Tony Brantley : So many years and still absolutely hilarious !!

XXXGhostsXXX 10 : Who on first

Poffo Ortiz : it's like having a conversation with my girlfriend :P

Brandon Clarke : Oh, you mean things were funny without curse words and sexual deviancy? Ya don't say.

a b e o abeo : if i need to laugh i always come back to this

Lineage : And I thought the Three Stooges were hilarious. This is amazing.

Angela Ju : Classic baseball comedy...still to this day!! Love it.

Jack Frost : This will be watched for ever.

alan elliott : The best comedy routine I’ve ever seen. absolutely fantastic 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧

Nonna_SoF : Hu is on first, Watt is on second, Ida Nao is on third? Could happen. Though Ida Nao would have to have not westernized his name order.

ultrainstinctsm ! : 100000000000000 likes 😂😂😂

sm0kemonster : Imagine how much practice it took to get these instant responses perfect

Leslie Craig : 😂gotta love em