Abbott & Costello Who's On First

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Doctor Soles11 : a remarkable performance. That's why its stood THA TEST OF TIME. friggin classic

Nox Lunaria : 2018! Who's watching this in 2018? Yes, of course he is.

Elani Aniyvwia : The joke that got them into the baseball hall of fame although they never played a single game of pro baseball!

Mike Mcgregor : I'm 71 & have probably seen "Who's On First" 100+ times. It's just as funny today as the 1st time. If you have never seen this routine, please do, you will not regret it......I promise! Mike 😁😀😂🤣😃😅😄

Lisa USA : LOL! This routine never gets old 😂😂😂

Rosey Horsegirl : HOW DO THEY KEEP IT ALL STRAIGHT WITHOUT A TELEPROMPTER??? They go so fast, it's kinda confusing! BUT IT'S HYSTERICAL!!! 😀😀😀😀😀😀

44GlenCoCo : Update... Who is watching in 2018? Again, What and I don't know are watching as well.

Mike W : Can't believe 2K morons voted down the most famous comedy routine EVER!

Azure'Ra Morganna : I was on a cruise... The comedian made a joke about this... I was the only person who laughed. Nothing like being thanked by the comedian for being the only on who got the joke

AQGOAT24 : Reading ths joke isn't that funny, but it's how these guys deliver it that makes it absolutely hilarious.

Joe : It's 2018, and my 10 year old son loves this, just like I loved it 40 years ago when I was 10 years old and my dad showed it to me. And my dad heard it and loved it growing up (born in 1943) as it was being refined into the 1953 version you see here. A timeless classic.

sam signorelli : Lou makes a small error at 3:15 ("I'm not asking ya What's on third"), Bud immediately gives the proper response for Lou to run with and saves the scene with NO break whatsoever. Absolute brilliance.

Gary Hinkle : In My Personal Opinion Abbott & Costello. The Absolute Best !!!

Brett Voss : watching in 2018....still gold

Cyberw4y : Imagine these guys trying to defuse a bomb.

LolCat138 : Top 10 Questions Scientists Still Can’t Answer

Dale Boxsell : This is comedy at it’s finest.

Joseph Seremak : I was a kid when I first heard and watched this. 70 years later it is as fresh and funny as it was then!

Geo L. : Anyone watching in 2018? Or just me?

Bruce C : Both the routine and the delivery are superb. No one else could do it.

Tim Watson : Classic! Good clean comedy.

iwinzeazy : How in tha he'll do they do this routine and mot trip up?????? WOW 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Pam Namisniak : Poor Lou he was my favorite of the two. He had a sad life.

Dvader134 : how can they do this with a straight face?

omegafan101 : One of the most iconic and greatest skits ever. I've seen it parodied hundreds of times yet it never gets old.

Judith Pittman : I'm watching in 2018. they were awesome.

balrogdahomie : I wonder if this routine is translatable. I guess it depends on how close the syntax and grammar of the given language is to English.

Pyro Inc. : True comedy is timeless.

Patrick's Crazy Place : I can't tell you how many times somebody has said "I don't know" and I'll just say "Third Base" to reference the bit. The confused looks make it all the better. I love this bit so much!

Joshua Tom : How does naturally get the ball? And who is watching this in 2018

John A : How could this be memorized

Darren Long : That's called using your brain , actor's these day's can't do that

Mark Damen : love abbott and costello

44GlenCoCo : Who is watching this in 2017... What, and I don't know are also watching.

Pam Namisniak : Best skit ever

George Vreeland Hill : Nothing today compares to this. Reason - they had talent in those days.

Mike Davis : I don't give a Damn...! Oh he's our shortstop.

Princess slivery moon : comedy gold here how else still watch this and is in 2018 I love this and this will never get old I hope that everyone knows the different then 2018 and this...LOL cant stop laughing and always watch this when I'm mad or upset...sorry for saying to much just love this video

Brian Dorn : Put these guys in the Baseball Hall-of-Fame.

Lina And Libby : Me and my father broke out laughing when we watched this😂😂

Cash Willis : my pc even knew this joke

Chris Barr : use to watch all their movies on sunday mornings growing up

Phil Robertson : Back when comedy was funny. A classic by any standards!!!

dixie dragon : without question, one of, if not THE funniest, most enduring comedy routine in history and I don't think any comedy team has ever had the split second timing that Abbot and Costello had to make it work -- the routine is hysterical but the timing is EVERYTHING. Thanks so much for the upload - this NEVER gets old!

Stevie B : Brilliant wit and timing. And NOT one f-word. Bravo. Refreshing. And also ironic: how something over 50 years old can set a new standard of comedy. New 'comedians' could and should take a lesson from these two LEGENDS. RIP Bud and Lou

Tony Brantley : So many years and still absolutely hilarious !!

Robbie Landrey : long live Abbott & Costello!

Maryam Al Ghazali : This one my old American favorite comedy 😂

Leslie Craig : 😂gotta love em

Hydrophish : That loud shriek at 2:11