Learning to swim from John Wayne!

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Francis Pritchard : I miss that America.

NoGiGhErR : I'm glad he didn't taught me skydiving

techtronicman1 : That's how my uncle taught me. Shoved me off the dock, told me to kick. When I made it back to the dock I was PISSED, I told him I could have drowned, he laughed and said that wasn't going to happen, then shoved me off again. Made it back to the shore faster the second time then totally forgot about being pissed when I realized i had just swam twice. My uncle is the world's best asshole. He's taught me over and over again that there's really nothing I can't handle, any limitation beyond physics is all in my head. My uncle's the best.

Eiahfou : That's how I was taught to swim. Expect I sank straight down. And I almost died. I didn't learn how to swim...

Nuclearpigz : 0:37 this is why I have trust issues

Sans : 0:37 Me as a parent.

MaijaEveliina : My dad literally did that to me when I was little. I'd say I was probably about 5 or 6 so I kinda knew how to swim but I wouldn't get in the water so he just threw me in lol.

Royal assin Martinez : I'm not kidding my dad literally threw me cause he saw the episode last night and I almost drowned

Harish Rabbani : Didn't expect this kind of humor back then XD

Johnny Wishbone : My Dad tried to throw me in. I swept his leg, and reverse punched his liver.

Scoots : John Wayne has no chill.

Bogs Binny : What if you tell John Wayne you don't know how to have sex? Will he rape you?

AlaskanWolf : Fuck I cant help but laugh out loud at that last part hahahahaha

raddaradda01 : Young adult: i can't skydive John Wayne: how old are ya Young adult: 24 Editor: oma wa mou shinderiu NANI!! *earpiercing noise* John wayne: *kicks the adult out of a plane* John wayne: oh no he forgot his parachute

Ex-Poser Toons : Throws him in and he gets skewed on a submerged log.. woops

Core Puncher : When the lightbulb goes off in her head and she runs away LMAO.

Wolfie Millie : what movie is this?

Christopher Wernli : You can't *W H A T*

Gravy Graves : the way I learned ...........

Michael King : John Wayne just Keeping It Real.

txchpr1986 : Is that you John Wayne??? Is this me???

Alan Sherry : haha which movie is this ? would have been hilarious if he had thrown the mom in

Chris Bellanza : Savage

TheZeitergeist3 : YEET

The Ignorant Hunter : God bless you John Wayne.

Max Cady : That's how my father taught me how to swim.

AGuyWithAChannel : A True American Hero

Mute Nation : How many of us saw this on iFunny and watched it

james : dad of the year

KIM Y SOK : *but I can't swim* him face like wanna throw her into the warter

Jeff Pedersen : how i learned... lol old school but works

Charles .m : "How will he get back" *S W I M*

Anarchy Truck Pulls : Today they wouldnt show this on tv.

Triple Saed : God bless America.

Cmyth : XD

Its Okay To Be A White Man : LOL John Wayne was a beast

Error inscript : I did that to myself.

Emma Ōkami : Deku: I can't swim All Might: How old are you? Deku: Six All Might: *throws him in*

Rotcrawler : So that's why my dad threw me in.... thanks a lot John Wayne >.>

D.O. F.T : If you did this today you’d go to jail.

Necrobadger : So John Wayne was a terrible person. Got it.

Asa Yagami : I am sorry, but this is impossible, first that child is outside without shoes on! second, that child should have goggles and a helmet on and some type of flotation device to protect him. Also, John Wayne should be sent to prison for child abuse. If that child cant swim, it's not John Wayne's duty to toss him into the river.

NickTheBoss Gaming : yeet

Team Shot Hero : Watching this made me realize, I haven’t gone in a pool in years

Anjney Mital : Zoe sent me here.

Nalu_boyy : That's how I learned ! That's how every kid should learn I believe

third day 1989 : You had to be tough my cousin threw me in sink or swim

Jin Utchima : *Thug Life*

Mo Khayat : HAHAHA Unbelievable

madchad77 : lol