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BlueBitProductions : This man is lying, Big Rigs Over The Road Racing is godly. It throws away the shackles that comes with obstacles and allows you to transcend the physical limitations of this plane of existence. Your opponent not moving is a metaphor for games of the past, stuck emulating a world that in actuality does not exist. The future of the gaming industry was lost, as people did not understand Big Rigs Over the Road Racing. It allowed you to not only go through the game world, nay, the game universe but allowed you go outside of it, and fall through the endless void that awaits us at the end of times. The country roads and buildings are only there to trick consumers, as they would not understand if you showed them the truth. Once the blinds are thrown open and you start the game, true understanding hits you. You begin to feel the gears of your brain moving again, as the child like wonder of your youth returns. You go back to a time when you realized that the real world was merely a starting point, for you to escape and dreamed of larger worlds outside of your own. It shows us that humanity has greater goals to reach, and that we are merely at the beginning. It is telling that Big Rigs Over The Road Racing was panned, it shows how useless humanity is in its current state and that we can grow to something beyond happiness. There are simply not words to describe Big Rigs Over The Road Racing, but if I had to choose one... It would be free.

Cynical Reviews : Wait, Big Rigs came out the same year as Wind Waker? Christ...

Gezim 67 : Sadly, it's quite ground-breaking that ICP had a video game about them to begin with YOU'RE WINNER ! is a meme I grew up with. It should come back to life, it's better than this Thanos Car nonsense!

lordpyromon : Gotta say, I don't actually think ET 2600 is that bad. It was actually pretty on par with other games of the time, in fact all things considered it was a pretty revolutionary title. It wasn't necessarily the quality of the game that killed Atari as much as it was Atari being a company run entirely by sleep deprived stoners with virtually no experience in running a business, ET was just a final nail in the coffin to lay in the grave they were digging since day one.

grizzlystation : Superman the Hedgehog. Also dude, really digging the greenscreen!

DOPLEX : WOAH HELLO FACECAM - had to comment that before i watch the rest of the video

Projects To Mansions : Yo awesome , hit me up foreal

Clinton Francis : good shit

Cynic Snacks : Smashing video, my man. You know I love it when people berate things that are objectively terrible. Nice addition of the face cam too, you look absolutely nothing like I expected! Haha


NinjaWarrior Chris : Nakeyjakey style and format! Nice job bro!

Mich : This is like Nakey Jakey but a lot smaller I look forward to seeing what comes next out of your channel.

Pragmatik : Lex Luther Wins

Zulicus : Fantastic video. Subbed.

BitQuest : Gotta be honest dude, I like that you now include facecam, but your editing of it isn't great. I thinkn maybe it's better to do cuts to your face rather than put you all over the screen. Great video otherwise though!

WarmPotato : Dang - high quality video, high quality audio, you're definitely going to find an audience in time.

HaRRy Taco : My dude got the green screen. How much that run you?

Not Lee : for some reason i thought you would be black