The emo song

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spider_gen : I mean who DOESN'T want their hair to do the flippy thing like Gerard?

Anna Scott : 10 years later. still relatable

Mara The Nekojin! : IM LAUGHING SO HARD

GabbyGoo : I remember listening to this everyday and loving it, years later, I still love it XD

Riley Francis : This is really offensive. But, I also laughed alot. I'm really confused about how I feel about this song.

jane the killer : im emo and this doesnt offend me..... i just laugh..... so stop all your butthurt people complaining and calling this offensive cause its not. byeeee

Seve Nacionale : wow i can't believe how horrible is the sense of humor of today's emos. back when this vid came out at least we all got that they were mocking us, maybe not laughed about it but knew its great tier humor. if we weren't mad about it you don't get to be mad about it! :P

orangemyk : I'd rather have more emos than the SJWs we have now.

Alysha Hughey : stabby rip stab stab!!

John-Luke Pollock : Everyone now is looking at this song incorrectly. It's a nostalgia for me. I was emo 6 years ago when this song came out. It's supposed to be funny. We thought it was. I knew every word. It was one of the most played songs on my ipod mini.

soupawacha : I love how different the comments are now than they probably were back in 2006


Zach : For anyone who gets angry at this song. Sorry to tell you but you're just angry because it's true. Then also for those who are defending emos, I give you a choice. If you stop being emo, then people will stop making fun of you. It's not that hard.

ArmoroftheFifthAge Taric : people call me emo for being quiet and like sitting in the corner with my friends and i like listening to metal and rock. I only listen to metal and rock because my dad listened to it when he was young so i got hooked up with it

Brooke Moore : Is this social repose

Katzechen : I am labeled as an Emo, but when I saw this, the only thought that went through my head was "What the fuck??"

Vivoxy : Not all of us cut Just sayin I like the vid anyway

Stephenie Kutcher : Leave the Way brothers (Gerard and Mikey) alone!

aanjii mitchell : Okay. 1- for everyone saying "this isn't funny it's mean" seriously chill. Like can't you take a joke? 2- this song is from 9 or more years ago. Who cares :-; 3- I'm emo and find this hilarious js.

bad351bronco : Emo was just a very convenient trend for teenagers then. The music, the fashion. It gave them an outlet for their overly emotional nature, that's why many people grew out of it. And of course some people endure great pains in life. I have a few friends who were raped, and others who have battled drug addiction, abusive parents, etc. Myself? PTSD, social anxiety, and alcoholism. I, nor any of them were ever emo. Although, I did have an urge to wear lots of black in high school. Still prefer dark colors to this day. Anyway, we grew up to be successful and happy. We were level headed enough to realize the world isn't against you and that bad things happen to good people. We own our problems. It's just a thing called life, and there's really only one thing you can do if you want to kick that nasty oxygen habit once and for all! But, whining will get you neither here, nor there.

Cheese Borgar : "That guy from that band" sure is hot 🙄

James Paschall : I remember watching this everyday 10 years ago 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Dezi Medina : Omgggggg. I remember this. 2006 seems like forever ago.

Nichole Sarah : alright , 1. this song is really offensive 2. Not all emos are gay 3. Not all emos slit there wrists 4. This song is mean  and lastly i want to punch the creators of this song in the face

jack orton : I most be Emo

Ozzie Anxiety : I can't believe this is 10 years old.

Kitty~Chan 1001 : XD I LIKE TACOS XDD

Karla y ivanna y Clau : Omg who else saw mikey?😂😂

teajay925 : it's only offensive to people now (again) because there's a whole new generation of over-the-top sensitive scene children. I bet the new children were looking up "emo songs" and found this HA

Party Poison : I freaked out when I saw Fob and Mcr.

FRO KIDD : I found this is a little funny I admit. What's even funnier is how a metalhead like myself gets mistaken for emo/scene or goth(mallgoth). Ha,funny how trends and lifestyles get missinterpreted. :D Silly how there's a label for everything.

I don't Know : I'm emo and this is so true

KittyKayleen : I'm emo af... but this is hilarious and I've been laughing through the whole song.

duckz : That picture of fall out boy got me so bad. This song brings back happy memories ♥

Destinee Davis : I love the random frank and rocky picture.

itsgracei : came back in 2017 because of fb memories lol


Reagan Franks : G way tho

Taylor Nieuwdorp : This reminds me of grade 8. Now that I'm in University I just feel embarrassed listening to this song.

Angel Coleman : Bless mikey at 0:48

Ryan Robo : Not funny I want to kill myself and you're making fun of it

peachy : I'm emo, and i thought this was funny xD

VictoriaLucenera : Omg I love the Emo songs.... years pass by but it never stops being amazing.

john morkan : this song is kinda offensive but it's funny so idc lol.

Miles Lockwood : I remember when this came out 06-07. Such a great song.

Claudia Savino : People call me emo, and yeah I kinda reflect in what says in the song (exept for the part of the sister's jeans ahahahah), but still, I find it really funny :D It's just some sarcasm! I think that someone could easily do a parody of almost every "label" in society, because people like to follow certain schemas to feel alternative or different creating another totality of clones, well I find that funny too. Don't worry too much, it's all a consequence of the first industrial revolution, in which people had to work like machines and felt alienate. In this society of cosmopolite famous people, in which we have to fight not anymore against a nation, but against the whole world, we feel restricted and there's an urge of self-expression. Just don't get angry at each other, cause we're all in the same boat c:

ladypitbullove : Soy Boys and Emos... Birds of a feather.

Zailix Z : Still better than music today

Wolf Spirit : +victoria downey So true

Steltzer Sketching : I am emo/goth some of the things in here are a bit offensive, but what the hell! it's catchy and I like it :P Dmn I'm bipolar .-.