How To Make Creamy Honey Mustard Skillet Chicken | Twisted

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Michael Klama : why always 3 breasts? why not 4? does a Chicken has 3 breasts?

Lainey Browne : Made it but served it with garlic mash beautiful:)

Ezinne238 : Amazing 😉

Sarah Hatch : Great video! I'm leaning the cooking video game so it's fun to see your titles and camera angles. Good videography:).

Kay Klash : 👀 Looks delicious 😝🍝

Laura Boldog : First

Ziad dead : Wooooaw

Nour Osama : 👍👍

3amoor 3amoori : Wow, that's awesome

Lola Bunny : Mu grandma will like this, she LOVES honey mustard!