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This is my first appearance on Penn & Teller FOOL US recorded in 2009 and aired in 2010. I was given full permission to make use of this footage for my PR by September Films and 1/17 Productions. I am sharing this footage on my Channel now for all to enjoy. I may not have fooled Penn & Teller, however, to go on television and perform a classic and classy piece of magic meant the world to me along with receiving the effusive praise of Penn & Teller. Thanks for watching. Join The Mastering Magic Mailing List:


Srikant Mahapatra : Wow! "I have to bow to your superior knowledge and intellect". Humility is a mark of a great man. This was one of the best acts of classic card magic I've seen. I actually watched your act some years ago and just watched it for a second time. Both times my mind was blown.

Jason Becker : "And leave magic better than I found it" just perfect. We should all use that in anything we do

Kafrawy5 : All he did in the beginning was the classic pass and then what followed was black magic

mark evans : I've been performing magic for a while now, and what you see in this video from Michael is in my opinion one example of perfect cardmanship you are ever likely to see. I think Michael is one of the greatest modern close-up magicians, no gimmicks involved, just how card magic should really be! All the best Michael and thanks for sharing this video.

Andre Cejka : No gimmicks - all skill.

Peter Schmidt : Its kind of a shame the show requires P&T to be fooled, because even though they knew how the trick was done, Mike performed the trick so well.

James F : I saw footage of you performing this routine when I was about 13 and it's what inspired me to to start learning magic. A sincere thank you for that inspiration.

Kleavers : 4:45 This is still one of the most insane card tricks I've ever seen.

Kay B83 : he's so classy. I love it & I miss fat Penn

Nolan Francis : I've watched this multiple times now and I can still appreciate how fluently he performs these complex moves. Just a fantastic performance from such a likable person.

Thomas Godart : World class magic without any doubt. Beautifully done, as well as presented. What a delight!

Leggo My Ego : This is still one of the highest skilled performances I've ever seen. I love tricks that even when I know how they're done from a book I can't reproduce because they require greater skill than I possess.

Krehlmar : The most insane part is that the crowd doesn't even get half of what he is doing, this is world-class, if not world-best, sleight of hand. Even knowing what he is doing it takes several rewatches and it's still to fast to keep up.

Chris Colvard : Just... the smoothest routine I've ever seen. Thank you.

Tony Clifton : he was watching penn and teller and the audience at the same time

Mattia Gabbiani : Classic Magic done perfectly. Michael you are the modern God of Classic Magic.

Bob England : Mr Vincent is one of the best card magicians to have lived in our modern age, magnificent.

ARealChemist : If the dumb editing didnt cut away from his hands every two seconds...

jagrcantakeyou : The magic was fantastic, and this guy seems genuinely amazing as a person too.

ugotparred : @9:00 *I have to bow to superior knowledge and intellect* ... Very humble and modest in his closing remarks. It takes a true craftsmen and professional to say those words; even more so when your career spans 40 years+. Brilliant act !

+You Tube : flawless execution. I get fooled every time I watch this video, and trust me I've seen it way too many times.

CMBlue : What a class act. His monologue skills are just as impressive as his card handling. Also he’s one of the few people that rocks a bolo tie well

Pepper Shaker : literally a class act 👌👍

TheDiMono : I love how you can see how in love Penn is with the routine.

Wendell Misch : This is my favorite Fool Us act. +Mike Vincent, your performance was beautiful and your patter was inspiring. Simply wonderful!

Emmett Fitz : The level of showmanship here is just inspiring. Ty for a great performance.

Mestinon : This is hands down my favorite work with cards on this show. Oh and I can't forget maybe the best presentation. The mannerisms, the wording, it all made me feel relaxed, focused and perplexed. Greatness

ChromaticBlaze : God damn, I keep thinking "He's gotta be hiding those up his sleeve", but he keeps showing that he isn't. That is some killer slight of hand!

dickerson1234567890 : This dude was born to do magic. And by that I mean this dudes crazy eye is the best misdirection a magician could hope for.

WorldsWorstBoy : Very cool that they allow the magicians to post the clips on their personal YouTube channels. You're a cool guy Michael.

Prince Shergill : at 7:29, why do they both touch their glasses ? is that a code for something?

Duncan Bannon : Brilliant. Love you. One of my favorite magicians.

Debaditya Mandal : This magician may be one of the most humble ones in the Game.

Cory Deichman : I love how humble and kind this man was. Not to mention his abilities. Great man.

Nightis81 : Beautiful handwork, ALMOST pure magic. You're a true artist.

Kyle Harris Harris : - I love the way he talks and how ended the show with a story as if he was reading a book , 😂😋👈

Anthony Aman : Every single moment of this is amazing, but the reveal at 6:24 is absolutely astounding. The gasps from the audience give me chills every single time.

Ralph Nabhan : I'm saving this video in my favourites just because that speech was so touching. Of course, the magic was astonishing, but you know what sealed it all off. Hats off, sir.

Derek Davidson : My eyes dried out trying to stare at what he was doing. That is just amazing. I wonder how many decks were wore out getting to that level.

Myoddwill : Amazing! Magic with kindness. Thank you!

Guz Man : I've seen this performance I don't know how many times. Just beautiful

Mark Stratton : Beautiful trick with a beautiful blessing for all. We need more people like you, good sir.

Lapo Sgatti : 16 quadrant and only one Michael Vincent? A Michael Vincent can cover only 1 quadrant at the time. Mh, this sounds entertaining

A smile on my face but a Demon inside : enough the constant clapping!

John Coombs : Stupendous routine good sir. I'm officially a fan.

The eye of the beholder. : That's the best triumph I've seen! Amazing!

Quentin Bartram : You seem like such a genuine, down to earth man, so I wanted to say thank you for that spectacular performance.

Coulter : That was wonderful, I smiled and giggled as you revealed the sorted suits at the end.

Георги Ставрев : An amazing act, beautiful. And you seem like you've got your heart and wits at the right place, Michael.