Penn & Teller FOOL US Featuring Michael Vincent YouTube

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Srikant Mahapatra : Wow! "I have to bow to your superior knowledge and intellect". Humility is a mark of a great man. This was one of the best acts of classic card magic I've seen. I actually watched your act some years ago and just watched it for a second time. Both times my mind was blown.

Jason Becker : "And leave magic better than I found it" just perfect. We should all use that in anything we do

Kafrawy5 : All he did in the beginning was the classic pass and then what followed was black magic

Kleavers : 4:45 This is still one of the most insane card tricks I've ever seen.

Tony Clifton : he was watching penn and teller and the audience at the same time

mark evans : I've been performing magic for a while now, and what you see in this video from Michael is in my opinion one example of perfect cardmanship you are ever likely to see. I think Michael is one of the greatest modern close-up magicians, no gimmicks involved, just how card magic should really be! All the best Michael and thanks for sharing this video.

Kristina Baker : he's so classy. I love it & I miss fat Penn

Andre Cejka : No gimmicks - all skill.

James F : I saw footage of you performing this routine when I was about 13 and it's what inspired me to to start learning magic. A sincere thank you for that inspiration.

Peter Schmidt : Its kind of a shame the show requires P&T to be fooled, because even though they knew how the trick was done, Mike performed the trick so well.

Krehlmar : The most insane part is that the crowd doesn't even get half of what he is doing, this is world-class, if not world-best, sleight of hand. Even knowing what he is doing it takes several rewatches and it's still to fast to keep up.

Nolan Francis : I've watched this multiple times now and I can still appreciate how fluently he performs these complex moves. Just a fantastic performance from such a likable person.

Chris Colvard : Just... the smoothest routine I've ever seen. Thank you.

Thomas Godart : World class magic without any doubt. Beautifully done, as well as presented. What a delight!

Leggo My Ego : This is still one of the highest skilled performances I've ever seen. I love tricks that even when I know how they're done from a book I can't reproduce because they require greater skill than I possess.

Prince Shergill : at 7:29, why do they both touch their glasses ? is that a code for something?

Mattia Gabbiani : Classic Magic done perfectly. Michael you are the modern God of Classic Magic.

BranFlakesR1337 : If the dumb editing didnt cut away from his hands every two seconds...

dickerson1234567890 : This dude was born to do magic. And by that I mean this dudes crazy eye is the best misdirection a magician could hope for.

jagrcantakeyou : The magic was fantastic, and this guy seems genuinely amazing as a person too.

+You Tube : flawless execution. I get fooled every time I watch this video, and trust me I've seen it way too many times.

Wendell Misch : This is my favorite Fool Us act. +Mike Vincent, your performance was beautiful and your patter was inspiring. Simply wonderful!

TheDiMono : I love how you can see how in love Penn is with the routine.

luxon4 : it really makes me sad that this show is about fooling them, and any hack "magician" can win by saying "oh no i didnt do that way" (see jibreezy and that moron who skated over a deck with his skateboard), and they dont award real performance and classic magic as shown here. keep doing you mr vincent. my goal is to see you/darwin ortiz live someday

Pepper Shaker : literally a class act 👌👍

Achillies : 7:29 wtf was that eye symbol?

Emmett Fitz : The level of showmanship here is just inspiring. Ty for a great performance.

Mestinon : This is hands down my favorite work with cards on this show. Oh and I can't forget maybe the best presentation. The mannerisms, the wording, it all made me feel relaxed, focused and perplexed. Greatness

Derek Davidson : My eyes dried out trying to stare at what he was doing. That is just amazing. I wonder how many decks were wore out getting to that level.

Sulman00 : What a beautiful performance. Simple, clean, marvelous.

WolfRebel : God damn, I keep thinking "He's gotta be hiding those up his sleeve", but he keeps showing that he isn't. That is some killer slight of hand!

kurokuyo : That was honestly the best card trick I've ever seen, and I watch a lot of Pen & Teller :D Beautiful, simply beautiful

Boris Chan : The turtle ate the frog and went into a cooler

In_Vas_Por : I don't know what it is about this guy but his performance brings tears to my eyes. He is like a real damn sorcerer. So much mastery I cannot even see the sleights. His charisma and stage presence is like nothing I've ever seen before.

RW3ints : Ah the first season where they didn't get fooled easily for tv

Monty Kay : Michael you are very well spoken and a great magician.

Kyle Harris Harris : - I love the way he talks and how ended the show with a story as if he was reading a book , 😂😋👈

JokerKnives : 0:55 "Can I fool them? Absolutely." Yea I mean you're already fooling me because I can't tell which way you're looking lol

Alpha Magus : As a magician myself this just blows my mind.Wow!!!!

Dezmond Bork : Calling all Jan Michael Vincent’s!

bertvg86 : I'm not a magician, so I can't say if it's a good time or not to be one, but it sure is a great time to be a fan of magic and illusions. I have never aspired to be a magician (I don't think of myself as being skilled and patient enough, and I just love the feeling of wonder too much). Being from Belgium, where magic has somehow kept stuck in the 90s, with David Copperfield-like acts, it's great to see my favourite magicians, Penn & Teller, put the spotlight on all these different kinds of illusionists, who truly push themselves to amaze the audience. I love the fact that I'm living in an age, where I have access to the brilliant minds (and skilled hands) of illusionists such as Michael Vincent, who treat the craft (or art) of magic with so much respect. As a huge fan of magic, I'd like to thank you for this beautiful display of sleight of hand. After all those years, still one of my favourite card illusions.

Lucky Man : Elegant work, Sir. Beautiful card handling and routining of some classics. Your gentlemanly deportment and scripts elevate the art. However, if I may, mind your angles and cover on the Z. Also, the C*RV**n FTP might complement and make some of your CC even lovelier. Just a thought.

Opera Singer : Michael or Shin Lim?

theBoonarmies : What a finish. What a beautiful speech, A true master.

Duncan Cook : A true master at work, shame they cut away for most of the cooler.

Carp Etlick : We need you on a third time, you are a magic god

MetteC5 : Pure elegance - what a delight!!

Elfcheg : amazing performance. Just amazing. Looks just like magic :)

Anshuman Malik : Damn. He actually did fool them. Why would he not say it at the time though?

Duncan Bannon : Brilliant. Love you. One of my favorite magicians.