Penn & Teller FOOL US Featuring Michael Vincent YouTube

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Srikant Mahapatra : Wow! "I have to bow to your superior knowledge and intellect". Humility is a mark of a great man. This was one of the best acts of classic card magic I've seen. I actually watched your act some years ago and just watched it for a second time. Both times my mind was blown.

Jason Becker : "And leave magic better than I found it" just perfect. We should all use that in anything we do

Kafrawy5 : All he did in the beginning was the classic pass and then what followed was black magic

mark evans : I've been performing magic for a while now, and what you see in this video from Michael is in my opinion one example of perfect cardmanship you are ever likely to see. I think Michael is one of the greatest modern close-up magicians, no gimmicks involved, just how card magic should really be! All the best Michael and thanks for sharing this video.

Tony Clifton : he was watching penn and teller and the audience at the same time

Kleavers : 4:45 This is still one of the most insane card tricks I've ever seen.

Kristina Baker : he's so classy. I love it & I miss fat Penn

James F : I saw footage of you performing this routine when I was about 13 and it's what inspired me to to start learning magic. A sincere thank you for that inspiration.

Leggo My Ego : This is still one of the highest skilled performances I've ever seen. I love tricks that even when I know how they're done from a book I can't reproduce because they require greater skill than I possess.

Andre Cejka : No gimmicks - all skill.

jolly jolly : I've watched this multiple times now and I can still appreciate how fluently he performs these complex moves. Just a fantastic performance from such a likable person.

Krehlmar : The most insane part is that the crowd doesn't even get half of what he is doing, this is world-class, if not world-best, sleight of hand. Even knowing what he is doing it takes several rewatches and it's still to fast to keep up.

Thomas Godart : World class magic without any doubt. Beautifully done, as well as presented. What a delight!

Mattia Gabbiani : Classic Magic done perfectly. Michael you are the modern God of Classic Magic.

Chris Colvard : Just... the smoothest routine I've ever seen. Thank you.

dickerson1234567890 : This dude was born to do magic. And by that I mean this dudes crazy eye is the best misdirection a magician could hope for.

Prince Shergill : at 7:29, why do they both touch their glasses ? is that a code for something?

TheDiMono : I love how you can see how in love Penn is with the routine.

Peter Schmidt : Its kind of a shame the show requires P&T to be fooled, because even though they knew how the trick was done, Mike performed the trick so well.

JokerKnives : 0:55 "Can I fool them? Absolutely." Yea I mean you're already fooling me because I can't tell which way you're looking lol

jagrcantakeyou : The magic was fantastic, and this guy seems genuinely amazing as a person too.

+You Tube : flawless execution. I get fooled every time I watch this video, and trust me I've seen it way too many times.

luxon4 : it really makes me sad that this show is about fooling them, and any hack "magician" can win by saying "oh no i didnt do that way" (see jibreezy and that moron who skated over a deck with his skateboard), and they dont award real performance and classic magic as shown here. keep doing you mr vincent. my goal is to see you/darwin ortiz live someday

BranFlakesR1337 : If the dumb editing didnt cut away from his hands every two seconds...

Pepper Shaker : literally a class act 👌👍

Emmett Fitz : The level of showmanship here is just inspiring. Ty for a great performance.

In_Vas_Por : I don't know what it is about this guy but his performance brings tears to my eyes. He is like a real damn sorcerer. So much mastery I cannot even see the sleights. His charisma and stage presence is like nothing I've ever seen before.

Sulman00 : What a beautiful performance. Simple, clean, marvelous.

Wendell Misch : This is my favorite Fool Us act. +Mike Vincent, your performance was beautiful and your patter was inspiring. Simply wonderful!

Achillies : 7:29 wtf was that eye symbol?

Mestinon : This is hands down my favorite work with cards on this show. Oh and I can't forget maybe the best presentation. The mannerisms, the wording, it all made me feel relaxed, focused and perplexed. Greatness

kurokuyo : That was honestly the best card trick I've ever seen, and I watch a lot of Pen & Teller :D Beautiful, simply beautiful

Derek Davidson : My eyes dried out trying to stare at what he was doing. That is just amazing. I wonder how many decks were wore out getting to that level.

WolfRebel : God damn, I keep thinking "He's gotta be hiding those up his sleeve", but he keeps showing that he isn't. That is some killer slight of hand!

Boris Chan : The turtle ate the frog and went into a cooler

kourtney viars : I’ve watched this so many times but this time I was just so overcome with emotion. when he finished spreading the diamonds out at the end,boom. To the point of tears. You realize at that moment that he’s literally taking you through a subconscious/conscious emotional ride. It’s intentional, it builds, this is what 99 percent of performers can’t do. They can’t make it mean something, truly mean something. He is genuinely expressing his soul with the playing cards being the instrument. When he says “may the spirit of magic be with you always” he means it. It’s real. Technical excellence is achievable but what I’m describing is what makes someone world class. It is a huge separating factor. Kobe had it Jordan had it Ali had it Bruce lee had it. It’s all about who you are who you want to be and doing everything you can to become that, the version of your best self. This is what committing your whole being/purpose to something can get you if crafted in the right way. -Austin

The Institution : A master at work, the smoothest i've seen.

MetteC5 : Pure elegance - what a delight!!

S. Tarık Çetin : He is very classy and cool. I like it.

Monty Kay : Michael you are very well spoken and a great magician.

Lucky Man : Elegant work, Sir. Beautiful card handling and routining of some classics. Your gentlemanly deportment and scripts elevate the art. However, if I may, mind your angles and cover on the Z. Also, the C*RV**n FTP might complement and make some of your CC even lovelier. Just a thought.

alcazar123456 : Wow, I thought it was some fake, heat sensitive deck or something. If you're telling me those moves were simple sleight of hand...AMAZING!

bertvg86 : I'm not a magician, so I can't say if it's a good time or not to be one, but it sure is a great time to be a fan of magic and illusions. I have never aspired to be a magician (I don't think of myself as being skilled and patient enough, and I just love the feeling of wonder too much). Being from Belgium, where magic has somehow kept stuck in the 90s, with David Copperfield-like acts, it's great to see my favourite magicians, Penn & Teller, put the spotlight on all these different kinds of illusionists, who truly push themselves to amaze the audience. I love the fact that I'm living in an age, where I have access to the brilliant minds (and skilled hands) of illusionists such as Michael Vincent, who treat the craft (or art) of magic with so much respect. As a huge fan of magic, I'd like to thank you for this beautiful display of sleight of hand. After all those years, still one of my favourite card illusions.

American Businessman 42 : It's time to Michael down your Vincents!

Duncan Cook : A true master at work, shame they cut away for most of the cooler.

lovetownsend : This guy gives me ASMR heheh

DarkG0d : I have no idea if this is Micheal's channel but if this is and you are reading this I have to say one thing. you are the 1st person ever that made me clap my hands over a television. You are simply amazing. no otherway to put it. you are amazing my friend

AngelLestat2 : he deserve a "fooler" price.. even if they knew.. because the illusion "even if you know or dont".. is perfect no matter what.. Michael Vincent.. thank you for the show.

Dezmond Bork : Calling all Jan Michael Vincent’s!

mishocker : For the love of gods, this guy deserves a trophy, no matter if you know how he did his trick, he is more skilled than 99.9 % of the people who Fool you...