This kid does his part very seriously
This kid does his part very seriously

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Credits to the original Poster


William Murphy : Thanks for putting that big blue circle there I would have had no idea what to look for otherwise

gRiMrEaPeRsco : "Credits to the original Poster"? That's not doing anything for the original poster, that's just being lazy.

im Clever Artist Name : How to create a Serial Killer: Symphony of Guitaristo

MMO Vault : *Nice job little dude*

hersheystaste4life : Thanks for the low-fi chancla beats. Really helped me focus on my Spanish homework.

Andulamb : Is that how we're wearing helmets now?

Jordy Hidalgo : Genius.

GUNNER Travel and Event : Lol, so funny, but i don't want my kid to be like that.

Gustav Altawil : @oliverjalke

Hammarix : Where is the kid? Can someone add an arrow or something?


Abraham Nixon : *I give this Film a tip of my hat and consent to it's proliferation on Reddit.* Trust me friend, with that very sentence, I just made you famous. Ciao.

Gustav Altawil : Hahahaha

Laat ma : r/videos

Daniel Olivares III : Can someone please sign the kid to a HUGE record deal? Please???!?!?!??!?!