Burly Bouncer vs clubber Knockout

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bugze666 : The screaming slags that have not got a clue make these situation ten times worse!

Datwuzfun !! : Well done sir. That idiot was "thank you sir, may i have another"

Mark S. : Three cheers for the bouncer for showing such great restraint.

boonehouston : Arabic dudes always getting knocked out.

TheFreshman321 : That's the best thing that ever happened to them. Hopefully they learn from it.

Blue Skies Media : Maybe some 120 pound stick insect shouldn't pick a fight with a 300 pound bouncer.

Ryan Owen : Play silly games, win stupid prizes!

Sean Cunningham : Once, twice, three times a lady

Philo68 : Nights out, lights out!

Carsick Mick : The bouncer is also showing restraint by pulling his punches..................

VS : The other bouncers were under attack too, you can see them getting punched in the background

GuardianDominatusGuardina Dragan : Good job guys!!

Lovely Stuff : Now that kid was a slow learner......but I think he got the message at the third time of asking lol.

Dean Vankauwenbergh : White dude be knockin black boys out

tua jordan Tauelangi : well deserved

Nik Gnashers : This is the difference between somebody who has been trained to fight and deal with explosive situations while staying focussed....and somebody who 'thinks' they can fight just because they have a few beers inside them and their friends encouraging them on...Big respect to all the decent door staff out there.

Paul Roberts : Good job. If they would hire a couple of MMA girl bouncers, they could slap the crap out of the women that kept the fight going. If there were no chicks around, this would have ended in about two minutes. The two that got clocked deserved it. That security guy could work for me anytime.

Paul Duffy : Beautiful..

Master Jazoo : Religon of peace

Graham Clark : Bouncer was completely within his rights to defend himself only struck when he was approached. Unfortunately the first guy he hit was that drunk he didn’t know when to back off.

Ben Sims : The first ko you can possibly justify. The rest is just bullying

Quasi Umbra : Drunk slobs got what they deserved...

Vincent Roche : He sat in his fellas lap yes. That made my day

Mo R : Self defence!!!!

MICHAEL Rudge : Problem is although he asked for what he got. Its still assault...Its a difficult one

SS3 Goku : That bouncer knocked those guys "The Fuucckkk Out"...I tip my hat to the bouncer. Those douchebags had what was coming to them... Liquid courage doesn't make you a badass, just makes you look like a chump. If those kids think they're so tough go fight UFC! And they wonder why marijuana should replace alcohol... If those kids had been stoned that fight would have never happened. I've never heard of an angry stoner...have you??

CFN DAZZLING DAZ : Ok self defense is a mechanism we all have where we feel we are in danger of being hurt in anyway and the doorman did exactly that after the 1st strike he defended himself from harm /however the 2nd strike was not needed he was already shaken and dizzy he could of pushed him away or asked him to move away the 3rd strike is a complete no no showing off and getting cheered on by on lookers this doorman will be lucky if he keeps his licence if he has 1 and keep his job and might have a criminal record from this footage.... Let's hope the man has a full recovery with no side affects... Yes he might of started it and might of been drunk if he was drunk the doorman should have the experience not to strike the 2nd and 3rd time. Not funny hearing others cheer what is this world coming too..

Billy The Kid : You’d never get that in Afghanistan

Rob Airey : Good old British bulldog 👍

Stephen Meyer : I wish people would learn how to hold their phone to record..dammmm

william III : " hedidn'tdunuffin "  people. lol.

Alex Dumortier : Completely unnecessary and *highly* unprofessional.

Good Guy : Deserves a RAISE! Man is doing his job VERY WELL! haha

Rufusdos : England's green and pleasant land.

BMWm6e63 : That was excessive force, period!

mr grey : wtf is the bouncer doing in the middle of the street, get idiots of the premises or deny entry is the job. he lucky he wasn't done for assault. his legal authority is only on the premises. 1st thing ur taught as a door supervisor.

celtic hail hail : All bouncers are wanks that take libertys

English Crusader : Flopped lol

deeohhyougee : Bullies never grow up! This was unnecessary. He especially didn't need to deck that one guy twice, nor his buddy who toppled over him. But of course the majority of commenters are saying otherwise. Of course they're going to side with the bouncer – the alpha in the situation. The more the victims (betas) of a beating are unable to respond with blow-for-blow or defend themselves, the more pronounced the reaction and support for the perpetrator (alpha) will be. This is a classic evolutionary psychology response to interactions and conflicts between alphas and betas in a group. It is easier, perceivably safer and optically more beneficial to side with a dominant entity than with a submissive one. It makes the observer appear and even feel more emotionally and physically superior to the victims. It makes them feel less susceptible to the same potential treatment; simply by siding with strength. Had the tables turned and one or both guys been able to recover and respond sufficiently by sheer weight of skill and, or determination, commenters would be singing a different song altogether.

Robert Brunello : Sloppy, like a bunch of barbarians.

SJ N : That last one was a little much

cman weavster : Men, fists up. Women, screamimg and pandamonium hair pulling

Creative Games : Hahah it's funny that the fat guy thinks his hard because he knock out a drunken mess...

bonkey dollocks : Mark my words , that bouncer will be charged with murder soon . too harsh

Ricky Tomlin : Ban cannabis legalize alcohol......

joe bloggs : That creap sucker punched the bouncer from behind and thought he was tough , guess he was wrong, love it !

Creative rims : That bouncer needs to be arrested and charged with gbh the neckless over grown pig! That is far from restraining!

Marco ! : At the third punch the brat understood...

Respect Effect : how many licks b4 you get to the middle of the lollipops?.

dockerification : I laughed so hard took the first idiot three serves, at least the second guy was content at one serve lol