Cyberpunk 2015

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ArsonBoy5996 : Perfection

jkruse05 : I really want 2077 to have just one piece of Marty's future clothes. The hat, the jacket, the shoes, doesn't really matter.

Smasher : Thank you. I needed this edit in my life.

M RO : Poor graphics

Rushnerd : Never stop, Mr.Jackets.

fedesso : Marty's cool stats are through the roof

sourdrops : Really love the attention to detail in getting the sound effects from the trailer audio to sync with the clips. Well done, you madman

Croz Raven : what a crime, this should've been a million views by now LOL

LionBestKing : This is so well done. Like you even matched sounds of guns or screams with movie fragments... Great!

Bercik87 : Great Scott! this is going to be best DLC expansion pack ever!

Crasis : Киберпанк, который мы пережили.

Fengas : this is god tier

minigunexo : Well I wasn't pumped before but I am now. This game looks real rad and that theme song.

DaManBearPig : My proudest fap


James {-} : Who came here because of the Cyberpunk 2077’s tweet?

NickP61494 : **applauds from rear of theater**

Morducha Blumsztajn : Poor graphics cause it was consol gameplay.

imicca : Now do same with BLADE RUNNER

Secretz316 : That...was absolute brilliance. Well done, friend...well done, indeed.

Jason Statham : Better than all Death Stranding trailers combined.

Jordan H : I would absolutely play a game set in BTF2's futures

NightHaunterFanboyNumber1 : See people this gameplay is in third person!

Sacrer : What happens when you mix two incredible things? This.

Zrin : It really shows that with the right sound, anything can become anything.

mikvance : Not gonna lie, I'd play a cyberpunk Back to the Future game.

CY?H3R : Where is gameplay

Zant : Imagine there’s a cameo of Marty and Doc driving into 2077, would make my life

Такумир Фудживаров : More cyberpunk than Cyberpunk 2077 LMAO

Денис Евсеев : ахуенно

Justin Y. : Great Gramhpics < Grate Gramepray

Rok Hamler : 6.5/10 no comeback mechanics

Freakr X : Back to the Cyberpunk.

domydishes : wow these graphics are so realistic

Vino Tinto : The shark still looks fake.

Maxim Barannikov : 10/10

SerMortzio : FINALLY they've released the gameplay footage.

M Rizky Putra Wardhana : Do i have to play this before cyberpunk 2077 to understand the story?

sueladysims : This is the pure cyberpunk of the future. Damm so lit and definitely a must-have as a gamer 😉 Ps: Cool edit, dude 😊👍

Joaquin Romero victorica : This is ART at the very best definition

MiREK : What is this? Newgrounds-YouTube era?

Alex S : Where's the freaking GAMEPLAY?!?!

Alfonso Falco : Mike Pondsmith would be proud of this.

Egogorko : Masterpiece

xMusicx : This is a well above par edit there, good job!

Mani Asxabov : dude, it's so cool Сап, двачик

Sachindra Bhattacharya : The most incredible edit sync on YouTube!

Nigger Faggot : Heckin perfect

KiIowatt : It is a crime that this doesn't have 20mil views. Amazing edit yo.

Alexander Sorokin : The best fun trailer Cyberpunk 2077!!