Star Citizen - FOIP Face Tracking #2 - Space Delivery

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Robbaz : Got a better webcam, now the andro... human can finally blink! Also tried to actually play the game. Part #1 -

Jabroney : Until he shows his face I choose to believe this is what Roberts face looks like. And even if he does show his face I'm gonna refuse to believe it

smudboy : This is simultaneously terrifying and hilarious on multiple levels.

MrCP : Robberts wanted to make a video game. Instead he made a Vlog Simulator.

PASTRAMIKick : $200 isn't a micro-transaction that's a damn macro-transaction.

HMSTETdroid : Your character looks like he traded brain cells for chromosomes

scamp23 : “I mean... I don’t want to kill anyone.” *sinister grin*

pinbuck : >Buys 200 dollar micro transaction ship >It kills and crashes your game twice

Fu22028 : Things a pilot should never say: “where is the cockpit?” And “how do I fly this thing.” What is this spirit airlines?

Dishonorable : in space, no one can hear you glitch out while trying to load a crate into your ship and die

BAD HOBO : It cost $200,000 to fly this ship for 12 seconds.

Rice Niceman : this feature is changing the way I see let's plays

Noke : Thats where it all started. That smile. *That damned smile*

Monmonstar : The Machinimas for this game are gonna be something special

Mr. Internet Man : Robbaz should not have this level of technology. He only uses it for evil.

crazykirsch : 0:32 it's fucking uncanny how much this looks like when Hillary Clinton's human simulation glitched out and had the same reaction at that event.

AdventureThroughLife : This game is gonna be the new youtoube poop when it comes out. Literally everyone is just gonna film themselves making ridiculous faces while blasting each other to shit in space. It's gonna be a goldmine for a long time

DrBockNstein : Multi million dollar game, die every time you open a door. Money well spent Robert.

ΔΘΛΞΠΣΦΨΩ : Star Citizen? More like Crash Citizen.

PoofyKittyPants : Do nothing but make these videos forever.

Shitizens United : This is crazy cool. Its been super crashy lately. But it is the Test server for a new build. I cant wait for the kinks to be worked out of 3.3. Its been fun so far.

xXCoolKid69Xx : Swedish humor is yelling at children. I see this in early pewdiepie and robbaz has always done it.

Shawty Chris Beatz : 1:10 No words needed...

Taki 7o7 : This game only gathers money to create nice shaders. The gameplay is shit :D

Colt 45 : 0:33 sounds like crash bandicoot lol

Henry Bayman : I suddenly need this game in my life.

J. C. : I gotta say I thought Finland sim was funny as hell this tops it off by a mile. That smile just makes my face hurt from laughing. not to mention the fact that he is so overjoyed that his facial gestures are just perfect for this type of game.

Colin Bremner : almost 200 million dollars raised for this game xD hahahaha suckers!


LX15 : I spent an hour last night doing nothing but flying in a straight line to ArcCorp only to for the game to crash 200km out. I know it's not there but I guess I'll never find out what was now.

Fulgrim88 : This tech is simultaneously terrible and impressive. I'm confused

ViruX : Wow this is so much fun to watch!

Antti The Internet Guy : That horrifyingly gorgeous smile gets me everytime

Karyū JDM : Still better animations than Mass Effect Andromeda

Cody Freeman : dude i love you but sometimes i miss the days of the nipple king

Snails40 : That WOAHH at 0:32 sounded like Crash Bandicoot.

Morally Ambiguous : I love this series but if you’ve showcased ANYTHING of any real value it’s that star citizen is a ripoff.🤣🤣🤣

The Onee-Chan Man : Still better facial animations than Mass Effect Andromeda

Hayden Truman : this is what sc is all about doing whatever the f you want in amazing detailed spaceeee ahaha

OneColdMonkey : All that tech and your expressions look like someone animated you in Garry's Mod lol

Floofi Floof : That smile is so sinister

keanu coetzee : You look slightly like slim shady. Should do a rap.

Agent Bill Wilson : while hilarious, this technology is actually really impressive

ThisIsCertainlyNotMyNameSoDontEvenBotherReadingThisTextItsProbablyWorkingOnYourNervesRightNow : Has this game finally been released?

Ethan Croft : The Face Reveal we didn’t know we needed

kructypoo : I think robbaz might have multiple personality disorder

DatNoobDoe : You really have made this game look like a vlog where the host always talks to the camera while walking around and they get side shots of conversations lol at least it has content now

Ique : "my microtransaction came with a toilet" This is it. This is what humanity has been waiting for all this time

gangster gandalf : this is my favorite video on the internet

DaddiesFatBelt : Y R U NO UPLOAD MORE? No seriously Robert, we miss you here on youtube! Please upload more... :c