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圧倒的不審者の極み! : これは世界一切れる木製の包丁ということで宜しいでしょうか?

AwpWilliams : This is essentially what you're doing when you craft a wooden sword in Minecraft.

Now that Is hot : No it’s not a wooden knife. *It’s the vampire slayer 9000*

Sr fluffy Dog : None of this is time lapsed, he’s just gotten that good at knife making

BluSpringTrap9 : basically any material *exists* kiwami japan: *glances off in the distance*

ren : I feel like this dude’s catch phrase is “anything can become a knife”

那個誰SOMEone【新奇科技】 : You can kill someone with that, then burn it

登録者神 : おままごとの包丁研いで欲しい

madcat789 : He must have one hell of a jerking arm.

Z : *When your roommates been making the sharpest wood kitchen knife in the world all week and you're nervous.....*

Public Nudity : You’ve gotta imagine his kitchen knife collection

Napoleon Bonaparte : Looks like Britain is gonna have to ban wood now.

VenomAG : I thought he was gonna melt it and put it in a mould, then I realized... It's wood... Thx 4 likes

The Good Tea : The 8.2k people that disliked is probably the family of the wood

nine : 久しぶりに見に来たらコメ欄が英語だらけで草

Chanfended찬펜덷 : *When you're bored but you're rich, talented and smart.*

Nrimster Games : Make an axe so I can cut wood with a wood

BigBrotherMateyka : Well, I'll tell you one thing: it's definitely one of the most aesthetically pleasing knives to look at. And it seems to be pretty darn functional too. If nothing else, it really makes you think about cultures that utilized wood for hunting and weaponry, and just how effective certain types of wood were for crafting blades. Impressively sharp, I might add.

いちごみるく : 11:32 包丁の持ち方も、刺し方も、抜き方も、 人を殺すみたいな感じで草。

Your Sherlock : This channel maybe not the biggest, but its comment section is always be the biggest jokers playground.

Chaud314231 : It's dangerous to go alone...

梨樹垣間 : まあとりあえず・・・・・ 海で溺れそうなときに、リグナムバイダに頼ってはいけないということですね

Pai Yang : I think people are just distracted of how good his videos are, so they forget to sub.

bom man : 硬いだけあってノコギリで斬るところ無茶苦茶大変そうw

MimiQueen22 45 : this man has all kinds of sandpaper i swear

るうまくん : 俺の肌も紙やすりすれば綺麗になるかな

デイモスハデス : 縦挽上手すぎ。俺もあんな真っ直ぐ切れるようになりたい


Geoff Allen Ohrazda : I think it *wood* be really painful to get stabbed by that. That’s like, a splinter times *tree.* But I can’t *leaf* without saying anything about this guy’s creativity.

Flynn Swagmire : It's always so funny to me when videos like this one get thousands of downvotes. What were those people expecting? Awesome though it may be, this is actually a very honest and simple craftsmanship video. What is there to dislike?

Weastern Way : *Papercut*

YouTubeが好きな人 : 不審者さんが今まで作った包丁やアイテム色々は普段は何処に? ふとにきなった

MaximalGamingNL : Imagine being killed by that...

Night_Hunter : Get this man a belt sander

だゐ : やっぱあんたすげぇよ。 YouTubeで俺らが見たかったのはこういう突き詰めてる人の動画だよ。最高だよ!

Drunk Asian : murderer: what you in for? guy: i killed someone with a wooden knife i made in my kitchen murderer: whoa man i dont want trouble dude

Justin Durr : Gotta love me some 3am YouTube videos

•* Gacha Amy *• : 0:05 - 0:15 When you try so hard, but you don't succeed..

自分用アカウント : ホームセンターになかったのでアマゾンでも探しましたがありませんでした。 極みさんは何処で買って来たのですか?

Nick Chan : Hey, You forget to polish it with Ultra-Super-Extra-Fine-Final-Polishing 1,000,000 Grit Sharpening Stone!

Aѕunα Yuki : Hi, you appeared in a channel in Brazil called: "Você Sabia?" , they showed some of their knives.

tombkreeper3 : "Ligma Wood."

samaki masterson : When you min/max for the training sword in an MMO

Aurum x Argentum : Fun fact: lignum vitae, the name of the wood, is Latin for "Tree of Life." Irony

み み : 意味があるかは分からないけど、極みさんの動画では広告はスキップしないで全部見るようにしてる。動画ができるまでの労力を考えたらスキップできなくて。でも意味があるのかは謎🤔 とりあえず特別な動画だと思ってます😄

Windows Error 1495 : lel bruh just get a stick and 2 wood planks (Minecraft joke)

鈴木貴久 : この方の家には何本包丁があるのでしょうか

BigManBilly : 1:02 Of course you did...

のの : 金属探知機で検知されない凶器が出来上がってしまった・・・!!!

しらすくん! : この木材を切るのに最強のノコギリを作ろう! ん?