2 Weeks Left To Halloween!!

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deathtrips : go off king

Gregory McFadden : I can’t believe YouTube tried to silence you.

maxninja09 : This is the video that crashed Youtube.

BoBandy : So glad YouTube is back so I can watch this

Ethanal Spencer : Can't wait to come back to re-read my comment five years later after a slow trickle of interlocking videos culminates in a dramatic finale that somehow is tied to this upload

Tom Ado : kevin getting political again

Razolo : This made me proud to be an American but I am NOT proud of the COWARD, the regular BENEDICT who edited this. Please respect Jonathon's property rights.

Nintendawgv2 : Those first 10 seconds are probably the best ten seconds of recorded footage in existence.

Jordan Olson : Can you just make this like 20 minutes but more dancing

Garret Herder : 10/16/18 - I was there when YouTube tried to silence Rocco by shutting down their site. We have prevailed.

Old Shaman : Glad we have a true digital influencer

Real Human Bean : #ProBugStunt #LittleMooniniteBoys

Stephen J : A must for my Blu-ray collection

TheWisestWizards : I think those were Multi Grain Cheerios, my 2nd favorite cereal of all time, behind only Honey Bunches of Oats.

Tokioka : What's Kevin's t-shirt of? Looks siiiiick 😎👍

saw141 : Anything CAN happen on Halloween.

Yareyous : Very shareable content


TheRealBobbyMC : My God.

LiquidShaman : 3/10 Not enough footage of fire.

will : I'm already seeing Christmas decorations in food lion

Tyler Benson : I can't believe this video crashed Youtube I hope you're happy with yourself Rocco

Rob : God that dance kills me

meishectic : And there he goes. Once again. Another masterpiece

Mateorl : is this the video that broke youtube?

vulcanmagma : Its a real ghoul on youtube!!!

BASSOONISTFROMHELL : Great Moments with Mr. Kevin

tanter banter : every house i trick or treat at better have honey nut cheerios or im gonna unsibscribe from them

Rob Contreras : If you watch this one second at a time every day in October the last second will be on halloween

Devin Aston : I am exicted for hall of weennight thank ronco tellin me of t his special occasions were i learn of presidens of united of USA states of america proud to be america at macdonalds

Lord Pinky : If I remember correctly but wasn’t Jonathon Miranda’s ex boyfriend? Damn you Jonathon!

Spirit : Rocco, You're a national treasure

BIG BOSS : wrong song should of played Halloween 3's Silver Shamrock

fucknasa : god bless, god- god bless the USAAA!! sweet footwork roccos

m4ssee : Anybody seen my tambourine?

buttbuttwhat1 : Easter bunny isn’t coming this year

Hi, I'm Jay : We survived the great YouTubePocalypse of 2018 for this? Thank God.

Mightybison15 : I can't stop watching this. Help.

Garry Shill : excited like a true partiot

Sean Fineran-SFinerFACE : Dang youtube uploaded this video, dang

sirpixelol : Cant wait for next years annual Johnathon

disco__ : WHen do we get to meet Johnatathan Botte

ToastLogic Jr. : I can't stop thinking about this video

Trusty Knave : well until then gamer mode : on.

The Question : Don’t mess with Jonathon

supesdupes : Just a little Halloween come early :)

flashmozzg : Is this THE video?


Konn : Love me some Mannheim Steamroller.

NullEntropy : Now i miss xmas....