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Crank Lucas : Thanx for watching and subscribing! Instrumental "Overdoser" http://cranklucas.com Download/stream my album "RAPGOALS" TIDAL: http://bit.ly/2xZIAdv ITUNES: http://apple.co/2fPyfsb GOOGLEPLAY: http://bit.ly/2fPEaxA SPOTIFY: http://spoti.fi/2ytHcTJ AMAZON: http://bit.ly/2xZe7MN

Benadryl Cumberbund : Xanny Pacquiao.

candiigurl7893 : @ 1:04 That whole dialogue was priceless. "But I need the money tho..." lol

jman exe : *That Opioids bit was a nice touch and truth on that low-key bias, excellently and intelligently tied in*

Tiffany Aura : I’m glad you put this message out there. It’s funny but true at the same time. These drug and mumble rappers are not doing anything good for the community and black community and with this video you are exposing their true intentions in the industry. This is also a live representation of Birdman and lil Wayne. Birdman never paid lil Wayne his money and also can’t pay his mansion off. Probably overdraft his account 😂

Dark Paradox : bruh.. said.... boat AHAHAHAHAHAHAH! yo this.. i needed this fam.. so true.. so so true

Yung Chambers : Rappers are going to turn into drugs in the future

sumper man : PCP no harm😂💀

Marti : LMAO! "Shoot up some dog food, it'll make you float". I'm so done. "Throw a toddler like I'm Aaron Rodgers." I almost spit my water out listening to this. Crank too much.

Brett Graham : I know it's a joke... But people actually think this is good. Sad part, kids would actually listen to this.

SIC RECORDS : This a lil peep diss LMFAOO

Samurai Wilde5100 : That breakfast bowl bar was lit tho

AyyeAyye : Im an overdoser

Rae Shakur : This is actually a sad reality tho.

Larisa Pearson : Nooooo.... Lol

Andre The Astronaut : make this a real song so i can bump it please!

bruh heff : windex on my breath (glass) i just smoked some meth (glass)

Kloutless Kid : Juice WRLD if he wasnt depressing 😭

Mikey Geb : This is supposed to be Danny Brown, I love it.

Irena Deacon Henriquez : Hahaahaha

wizzy bby : this slaps though 😭😭❤️❤️❤️

StuArtThat30 Atgmail : I dislike the issue; its sadly true. I like your vid bc you did a good job. This is so real. And it is sickening. Shame on the yes-men that surround these fukboys. Shame on the industry that is selling this to kids. Salute to you for making a funny vid to get the truth out. Raw truth is too heavy for folks nowadays.

בֶל גְרֵגורִי : It’s incredible how everybody is saying this is fire •_•

Rudy Dog : Im literally shovelling dirt over my own coffin!💀

Jose Velazquez : I be kicking toddlers 😂😂

MeetMeAtTheRim : “Basil”

Mohammed Ahmed : Xannypaccyoh

Cas J : I'm dying when the butterflies came out 😂😂😂😂😂

Damion Seville : shit's kinda lit!!!!!!!

ghostnig11 : Facts too Real but sad the culture don’t want facts just glamorous piñon and jugg’n

Chris Xenoit : This was lit af

Nathan Leach : Dude look like ice cube 4 real

Levi Prentice : Holy oil plugin 😄😄😄 and a victim outfit for halloween 😂😂

Mauro : 0:09 his reaction was priceless lmaoooo

Medina Victorious Earth : Gahdamn! This escalated QUICK! 😩😳🤦🏿‍♀️😆🤣😂😭😭⚰️

MC ILL - DISSNEELAND : the song is actually good

Mohammed Ahmed : I'm an overdoser

Dalon Branch : Now if you could take the content of the street or lyrical rappers and put it with these melodies you might have something lol.

BEATS BY DSYRE : "throw em like I'm Aaron rodgers" lowkey so fire if it wasn't bout throwing kids either way I'm rolling dawg😂 subscribed👍

salvador guzman : Low key was lit lol

RiFF : I be kicking toddlers bhahahahaha

Abdirahman Abdulkadir : i blame the hollywood

Rightwinged Huey Freeman : Damn subbed.

Killa_City_ Senpai : Yo this song is hilarious but boi dat beat is mad sexy

Sam Francis : I know I'm not the only who pulls this up to listen to it a few times.

Won Thouzan : WHYY😭😭💀💀

big c's big brother : You know, Tupac used to talk about things like this, how our idols actually help in breaking our community apart etc. I mean he was opening eyes by the millions. Then, someone killed him. Point is, be careful lucas, someone out there knows how the hood is, that same someone will stop at nothing to make sure it stays like that.

Swayze : Who hears the juice wrld vibes😂🤔

WAA : Ima steal this fucc off bru

Resilient Music : I get this stuck in my head like once a day lol