Vennu Mallesh - It's My Life What Ever I Wanna Do

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New Song link: My Facebook Page: Buy this song now! iTunes: Amazon: For business inquiries, contact My Twitter page: " It's My Life what ever I wanna Do " is a non-fictional,psychological and philosophical Song written by Me. My Life inspired me to write the lyrics, lyrics inspired me to compose tune, lyrics and tune inspired me to Sing. That's what the actual happened to the " Born of the Song ". The words I penned for the lyrics of the Song are genuinely written from the bottom of My Heart which describes about " My Attitude ". The Idea to write the Song came from My Hell Wishers (criticizers,discouragers,etc;). So, I am heartfully dedicating this Song to all my " Hell Wishers ".... Than Q VennuMallesh


stuntv31 : I actual believed him until he said he was a true liar , dam he just got me .

Eddo Gamer : Editor: How much autotune do you want? Vennu : Yes

Random Guy : This guy saved my life I was in coma His song came in radio I got up to switch off the radio Doctors say it's a miracle

Nattsvart : Damn, Vennu Mallesh... save some bob and vegene for the rest of us!

Ankit Jain : Baby: Talk dirty to me Veenu : “ I’m a very good bad boy, I’m a very good bad boy , I’m a very good.....bad Boi”😂😂

nyan cat : Guys, remember, it's not a song, it's his life

Ayaan Jamil : *my neighbors love this song so much that they threw a brick on my window to hear it better* Edit: Thanks for the likes. That's is the most I have ever got in my life.

Einarr : Vennu : It's my life.. Bon Jovi : Am i a joke to you?

Issei Hyodou : "I am a kids lover" *FBI WANTS TO KNOW YOUR LOCATION*

Josephi Krakowski : me: pass me that aux cord them: you better not play trash me:

Trollmaster Overninethousand : The producer acting like it's the biggest hit of the century

antoine rossignol : Travis Scott got his whole style from this man...


Oval Febriantama : nobody: nobody at all: literally no one: vennu: "wHo cAreS, iT's mY LiFe"

Butlcl001 : " I am a fart smeller I am a dog catcher I am a great teacher I am a brave preacher."

schuane souza : lmao im only here for the comment section 😂😂

Unknown Truth : I literally enjoyed it , but ill have to do some cerebral scans to detect any tumors, better be early 😄

Ahmad AaHMAD : Parents to me why i dont focus on studies. Me : i collect real education.

Maryam Siddiqui : When you want to pen down every English word you know.

Kelsey Brown : Mum: no you can’t go to Hannah’s party Me:”it’s my lifeeeee”

Divyatmika Mohanty : Then we've got the producer with underwear on his head acting like they're recording the hit of the century.

Idroppedaxanax : Top 10 rappers T series was afraid to diss

incognito kie : This guy man .... he just ..... he just had a way to speak to your soul maan

Yeah Oh Yeah : Freddie Mercury recording new album (colorized 1980)

Kingdom of Geek : This guy is so wise. If you dont like anyone, live alone. BOOOM he's brilliant!

Roberto Del Rosario : remember guys this is not a song, it's his life......

Cedric Bautista : 2:28 Girl: wtf is happening, I didn't sign for this

racing gurl : "I am a kids lover" ladies and gentlemen, we got him.

Mr. Commentator : The majority of the viewers watched this coz of the meme..

Suraj Burathoki : Sound engineer. Mail me. I need to give you an Oscar award.

YaCine Benhorma : " My neighbour think that i am wasting my time .. He don't know that he is wasting his time .." OOOOOH OOOOOOOOOOOH OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH

Venom : After listening to this, Thanos be like: "Looks like I wiped out the wrong half"

Chloe B : YouTube back at it again with the crackpot recommendations..

poLaczekCebularz : *Doctor* : you have 4min29sec until you die, do you have any wish ? *me* : say no more, play me vennu mallesh - baby girl *cries*

Siddharth Jain : *It's my life, whatever I wanna do" *Calls Domino's asking for Pizza Hut's number*

fish freaks : i used it as my alarm now i wake up one hour early before the alarm

Mutated Pearl : *Producer:* So what kind of autotune effect do you want for this song? *Vennu Mallesh:* Yes.

Azekel Imre : Friend: So what's ur favorite song? Me: ... It's complicated...

Princess Mariposa : director: make sure you make it rhyme perfectly. Vennu: Yes.

srikar vaka : 'I am a **BRAIN EATER**' Of course you are!!

Francisco Santiago : When your neighbour thinks that you're wasting your time but he doesn't know that he's wasting his time LMFAO SAVAGE

siddharth dhulipala : You have 4:29 mins left. What do you wanna do? Me:

Vipul Konnur : "my teacher scolds me that I neglect education." CLEARLY!! lol

-Belue- -Myst- : By the way...That was a nice thank you message...I like the way you said it! 😎👍👏...I joke, but I give credit where credit is due.

Youkon Groundmas : The guy's lower lip did all the singing.

DVG : When your parents want to arrange your marriage

ugen lepcha : I need this level of confidence in my life🔥

Hev Bushnell : Is noone else concerned that he is "a kids lover"?!

Manisha Bharti : She must be his viva external .. She was asking all rubbish questions!! And he is a back benches so he was trying his best... . 🤣😂