Vennu Mallesh - It's My Life What Ever I Wanna Do

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Vennu Mallesh : 10 Million Views 10 Million Thanks

Install a Friend : What gets me is all the gestures the producers are making like they genuinely think this is gonna be the hit of the decade

mythical soundtouch : One of the few rappers eminem was afraid to diss

che' yeopnye : Eminem dissed MGK, this guy dissed entire humanity.

Harry Baskets : No autotune was used in this.

Simon Cowell : I love this song. It’s a yes from me.

Mellisco : "I'm a kids lover" Whoa hold up there Vennu

Harold : *if you DONT like anyone.... live alone* - William Shakespeare.

sanj231 : Even the girl is embarrassed like wtf am I doing here 🤣🤣

Nanda Murali : A friend of mine said I am a Waste Fellow *He don’t know the taste of this Fellow*

Ahmed Ali : “I know it’s very danger” -Bear Grylls 2069

Jad Mcdad : I absolutely agree with his friend, his teacher and his neighbor.

Shinichi Kudo : To be honest, this song has grown on me and I legit like it now. I have become somewhat mental.

K T : Fun fact: one day when venu mallesh was walking to his studio he passed by a 5 year old little boy who was crying on the street. Venu asked what’s wrong, and the little boy replied, “ I want to be a singer but my mom says I suck”. Venu squatted down and told the little boy, “it’s your life, whatever you want to do.” The boy began crying tears of joy. That boy later grew up to be Michael Jackson. Like if you cried😭😭😭😭

Portrait of Madame X : is that one dude wearing panties on his head?

Disturbed : “I am a kids lover” “I am a rules breaker” Calm down Vennu.

Tahsin Tasnim : Girl: I only date bad boys Me: Sends this song

ThePointlessBox_ : *I search for good in bad I also search for bad in good* NEW LEVELS OF PHYLOSOPHY ACHIEVED

Edward Youssef : The producer think hes like dr dre or something. 😂😂

2000 subscribers with no video : Vennu got laid that night... *by the bald diaper man*

Boris Stranfordov : 2pac has been hiding in India obviously

Somali pirate who's actually somali : _I am a very good.... bad.... boy_ - Charles Darwin

jasbir singh : How to unview this?

Cyanidious_ Radzi : I am self suicider

John Zylali : Doctor: you have only 5 minutes life Me: i am a very good bad boy i 'am a kids lover 🤔🤔

BobFredIII å 12 ÿëåř old : "how t-series took over yotube"

SickickMusic : He's a Kid's lover?....

Divionist : I love how they incorporated those "backstage" flicks into the music video to give you a glimpse into their creative minds. It's really the essence of this video as it highlights the mental struggle of producing a gem such as this.

Fallen AngelYT : And the Grammy Award Goes to the Very Good bad Boy Vennu Mallesh.

Ahmed Ali : “I am a brain eater” —.Venom 2070

Chris Parker : Most danger man on the planet

Siraj Raval : Vennu Mallesh for President 2020

Elina Danilova : ''I am very Anger... I know it's very Danger... I am My Life driver...''

Dwight K. Schrute ✔️ : Weird flex but ok...

Mute Silent : why this not on T Series?

beanvan99 : 2:27 She’s like wtf lol 2:31 underwear head guy is like he’s getting ready to fist pump and go YEAH! But gave up half way 2:35 wtf cringe lol 3:10 oh yeah now I’m feeling it

Rodrick H Smokes Dank : *h E y , a R e Y o U In T o s I n g?*

Richard Grouper : Found this by typing "indian cringe track" not disappointed

Jay Jie : I watch this 10 times a day.

Rakesh Kumar : I am a Risk Taker _-Steve Irwin, 2006_


Cyanide : i wish i had a producer who would get excited every time i was changing verses.

Philip T : Best part is when he rhymes education With education 🤣🤣

J J : I am a kids lover, I know it's very danger

Pizza Butler : Haters will say it’s autotune

Christain Alex29 : Song name: darude sandstorm

Shubhankar Deshpande : We Indians are excellent in many things. Singing English songs is not one of them tho -_-

Doctor Sam : I only listen to real music

Imperador Da Porra Toda : ''it's not a song, it's my life'' THAT GUY IS A GENIOUS

bitter truth : Still Better than Trump speech