Vennu Mallesh - It's My Life What Ever I Wanna Do

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Vennu Mallesh : 10 Million Views 10 Million Thanks

Install a Friend : What gets me is all the gestures the producers are making like they genuinely think this is gonna be the hit of the decade

Eye Zodiotic : I'm feeling different kinds of emotions all at once... Disappointed is not one of them

Sama Kun : „My Neighbour thinks that i am wasting my time, he dont know that he is wasting his time“ *Neighbour dies*

Dani Gtz : I was born in the right generation

Akpevwen Gbudje : If my producer don’t go this hard for me then I don’t want him.

Mellisco : "I'm a kids lover" Whoa hold up there Vennu

cj 7 : This man must be floating in Bobs and vagenes.

Zealio Gaded : I was just wating for "I am a drug dealer"

LADEN BIN : This is why I bomb people.

Bran is Not here : So this is what IRS scammers do in their free time huh?

Jad Mcdad : I absolutely agree with his friend, his teacher and his neighbor.

Mary Gold : “I’m a NIGHTWORKER” Got it he is a stripper 😆

CYBERTECH : Oh God! PLEASE give mee that level of confidence!!!!!!

Ashley : Why's the one dude got a pair of underwear on his head?

Uchiha _ : The real threat to Pewdiepie and T-Series - Vennu

Tahsin Tasnim : Girl: I only date bad boys Me: Sends this song

Filip Gräsberg : His father treats him like his father,LOL.

Keen Learner : Hey! are you into SING ? Shut up ! I'm very ANGER!

Ilana Freedman-Bowden : My last 4 brain cells in the shower

Stop Using My Computer : Step aside, T-series.

Somali pirate who's actually somali : _I am a very good.... bad.... boy_ - Charles Darwin

dead rats : I am a brain eater Slow down there curry man

Seeyalater Scrubs : *i am very anger* *i know it’s very danger*

Chris Parker : Mr steal your girl

Hiteshwar Dutt : Just searched this song typing : "I am a good bad boy"

Rodrick H Smokes Dank : *h E y , a R e Y o U In T o s I n g?*

Mike West : 1.kanye west 2.Vennu Mall 3.Freddy Mercury

Andrew Christian : I was ready to change my life because of the powerful message of this song, but then he said not to believe him because he is a true "lier", and now I don't know what to do with my life anymore.

Neppo : 03:09 FBI OPEN UP

yas666eer : This is what happens when you smoke curry

VeoBroLIVE : Auto tune was used more than his real education

I hate Urinals : “If you don’t like anyone live alone” this is actually really valid advice.

X RayZ : 2:19 is that guy wearing underpants on his head?

Adam Fitzgerald : "Hey...are you into sing?"

lukeisagiantsfan : "A friend of mine said I am a waste fellow, he don't know the taste of this fellow" 👀😛

Shubhankar Deshpande : We Indians are excellent in many things. Singing English songs is not one of them tho -_-

Crazy Monkey : Haters will say it's Autotuned

Mehek Memon : those are like the headphones you get in the airplane

Matte Maknae : put it on x2.0 speed It's shredding... and it takes half the time xx

Bts Is My Everything : *Justin Bieber's wig is on the surface of Pluto.*

Cyanide : i wish i had a producer who would get excited every time i was changing verses.

LucianStoleMyEyes : Im watching this video, and if you dont like it , i dont care because its my life

My name is Son Goku, b*tch : 3:09 "I am a Kids Lover" *FBI OPEN UP*

YUNG METH : 1:47 PAUSE he aint say no homo smh

Edy Mayles : How did I get from Whitney Houston to this I will never know.... :-/

SickickMusic : He's a Kid's lover?....

Carlos Ledesma : I wouldnt bump this song in the car but at least he is just being himself and having fun 💯 thats what really matters

Zomuan Sanga : I want this played at my funeral.

Mental〈〉Monster : Drake stole his bars in nonstop 🤔🤔🤔