DONNIE DOES | Duck n' Donuts Chongqing
DONNIE DOES Duck n Donuts in China

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Donnie gets hired as the general manager of Boston Donuts and Coffee in Chongqing China...and by gets hired I mean shows up randomly and tries to start running the place.


LADDOMC : How are you not in the top 100 YouTube channels!? Only a matter of time!

Lee Baesler : This things gonna fly like a Canadian Goose.

Abaydukes Dukes : i though that was Danny brown 

lubo4991 : Beyond amazed u only have 26k subs. You’re definitely getting shorted at bar stool.

George Law : "I don't think so."  lol!!!!

Max Martin : Still my favorite Donnie video, absolutely electric

Defiant Arex : Dude you are hilarious! Keep up the good work because your definitely getting somewhere!

Confused Prick : Mate, soon you're gonna explond your so funny! TLB!

Pharmokan z : DONEZO'S

JackDontLie : This dude is crazy lol, Love your work, keep it pumping! ( ps i want one of them suissey )

kgardinerCQ : Man I wish I knew u were coming to chongqing, love your shit. Boston donuts is closed...

slicesyndrome : great video man. keep at it, you'll get the recognition you deserve shortly.

Christian : where does he get all these ducks...

albny89 : HEY donnie, GO SOX!

Ping : Where are all the views?!

ghost of dad : Great use of the Danny Brown song.

Trudgemank : I think it was probably a different duck. He probably didn't take a duck on a flight.

Le Ying : where is the "国“, dawg?

Christian : u better get the duck back

Oats : You deserve so many more views haha great shit.

Thomas Stack : So did he pay to ship the goose on Spring Airlines or just buy a new one in Chongqing? Knowing Spring Airlines, the second option may have been cheaper.

Emperor Of The Known Universe : Same thing happens to me every time I go to Chongqing.

Hmmm Hmmm : Heavenly duck intestine... XD

Fallencomrade182 : This guy is my god.

djkasumi : Of c ourse you had to go to Chongqing after I left... NUTS CLUB, YEAH!

Kip Oblion : lol 

Ferrit Rat : Holy crap how did u drink alll datttt lol

lubo4991 : Gimme some Donnie does merch and il buy it on the spot.

mxamiss5 : Best video on YouTube

Smokey Bobandis : donnie you greasy bastad

King David631 : Hes gonna fly like Canadian goose Lmaooo

JOHN WAYNE : 5:49 or not I guess

Reed Delgado : watching in 2019.

MicroNuggets : I'll see you later bud.

calvin I : what danny brown song is that?


marcos renderos : You know how to fly

YEARGHHHHHHH : man you are hilarious. youre gona be  huge

Hong Gao : This guy needs help.

Justin Villalobos : I love these

Mc Hurricane : Skinny Donny

Matthijs van Oostende : Damn, they shut down the donut shop?

King David631 : He needs a movie

Runnin Gunnin : Idk how all this shitty youtubers have millions of followers and the funniest guy on here has 26k makes no sense at all

flaboyvr6 : What song is that?

Go Pats : how are you not a billionaire

Tony C : please stop... you're not helping American's international reputation. You are just validating their assumption that we are all stupid.