Luis Fonsi - Despacito ft. Daddy Yankee

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Ferlyn Bellarmia : its time to say goodbye gangnamstyle🇵🇭😂

جزائري TiGER : 1. Wiz Khalifa, “See You Again” feat. Charlie Puth (2015) 2,947,303,744 views 2. PSY, “Gangnam Style” (2012) 2,908,241,695 views 3. Luis fonsi - “Despacito “ ft.Daddy Yankee(2017) 2,730,022,182 views

BaiZeR : can I get 0 likes? today is not my birthday ! PLS

CloakedStatue 20 : Lol its amazing how a spanish song is famous in pakistan

GamerTuber : Melhor música de todas!! Tem alguém que fala português aí ??

fathy El.shiekh : أى حد عربى هنا ؟؟؟

Pedro Henrique Freitas Fernandes : Eu so teu fã .que massa .DESPACITO

Ale Petrabissi : See you Again (wiz) *2,947,394,358* Despacito(luis) *2,730,562,980* Sorry (Justin) *2,665,917,898* Uptown funk (mark) *2,566,444,263* views más altas!!!😘💎

Alex Jedrzejczak : 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

تُےـوِتُےـة تُےـوِتُےـٱيّےـة : الديسمعها وعربي ويعشقها لايك وكوللي من وين اني العراق 😍😍

csontvazharcos : It's my birthday can I get a like on my fav song?

Abdul Haseeb : "Dark Horse" - 2,015,000,000 views and sold out 13.5M+units. Ofcourse better than this shit.

boss baby : there are memes now on this

David Mera : loamo

BuzzTown : 1.5 billion views r from india only

unbelievable RD : How lucky kid 00:56

Trê Lương : Despacito! this best song! Việt Nam thấy vậy!

Chandan Smart Games : what language is this?

Kimberlly Hamino : Oi

Roberto Castelli : Porcoooooooo diooooooooo sta cazzo di canzone despacito fá schifo


Alexandra Culelar : Ce frumos e superv pasito savesito eu am10ani si urmatesc de la 5ani pasito simi place si aurel moldoveanu vou nu

Suraj Agrawal : Leave this channel Luis has sold his soul to liiuminati and the head of illuminati is none other Satan my other half and this song is dedicated to Satan and if you want confirmation so go search thris song with "reverse" add and you will find the proof on the first sentence that this song mentioned satan at first

Gabriela Garza : Recuerdo cuando vi este video tenía 307 visitas :')

Prathamesh Hire : I don't understand a word in this song but I still listen to it

Yanis Leroi : The most popular song in algeria

Enriqueclx Rivero Millán : Himar❤️❤️❤️

Nam Nguyễn : I'm from Vietnam, I love your song <3 <3 <3

CANAL jessi kelly : essa música é um Boom tengo que bailar com tigo hoje

Kamilly Gabrielly : Muito legal

veronica avellaneda : los quiero DADY Y LUÍS FONSI

Mary Dias : adorooooooooooo

ahlame hloma : وااااااااااو عمر ما سمعت اغني بهاذه روعت

mohamed ashad : do you think it can break see you again's record I think it can like if you agree Despacito 😍😍

abhishek jha : Can i get like for just nothing Happy despecito

its kian : I know every word of this sing and I dont know Spanish and my sister knows a bit she learned Spanish for 6 Years...😎

SAI : Pasito pasitoo despacito ;)

DHRUVIL VEVO : who is watching ryt now???

Uh king Kong took a big dump : my birthday is in 2 days can I get 10 likes

alejoyil alejoyil : Diempre me a gustado

Deepak Thakur : hit like if u play this song every day.. 😄😄😊😊

karimovic II : les marocain vous etes encore la 😂😂

ashish jain : I love this song. . It rocks my soul.......and I a really like it.

toufik ahmed : who is listening today

gaz meister : i think the girl gets the views :-)

joan du 66 : C trop bien belle chanson

хотя мила и красиво : Hello IKEA Хайд охладитель

Gurkirat Singh : Gurkirat was here.

Dj Punjab : Hit like for Despacito Song😍😍😘

Roya Ghimire : I'm gonna like my own comment.