Evolution of the Jeep 4x4 Utility Vehicle | Donut Media

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Muhluri Nkuna : Am I the only one who gets annoyed at the fact that most of the Jeep Wranglers I've seen with big off road tires are never driven off road?

Kyle Shoulders : I pride myself on my ability to read relatively fast, but I still have to pause these videos to read everything. Can you make each infographic literally like 5 seconds longer?

Ishmam Rhine : Toyota Corolla

aleksandar delov : DODGE CHARGER

antonio mendez : TOYOTA COROLLA

Neiman Collins : Toyota Corolla

Rizal Batheki : Yeah! I requested this! Landy Defender or Land Cruiser should be next

Mohamed Ali : Mitsubishi Pajero

Tony Pepperoni : evolution of V12 Ferrari supercars

Ian Mills : Do the Chevy suburban. Longest continuous production vehicle

Winged Thoughts : I did love to see the Toyota Corolla. From good, to amazing, to meh

thelonelydriver : Corollas please

Dylan McMullen : RIP jeeps 1940-2006

Mr Random Reviews : STOP STEALING CarsEvolution videos!...by your concept ill just download your videos and re upload them with a voiceover them...

Jerrypintoswe : You know, Macgyver had a Wrangler

pyr0freakXD : Toyota corolla

Novak Evans : Didn't realize how heavy modern Jeeps are!

Aldora 5968 : Gtr,lancer,subie impereza

FIY9AL ϟ. : Toyota land crusier

BG Ganggang : Do the CHEROKEE

PLUG_RACER : World War Jeeps were better during the time.

CajabaRoller : Dodge Charger

Cristian Seminario : Do the z car

M Ogerald : How about Mitsubishi Evo for the next one?

Jason Forester : This is nice 🇺🇸

Shonnie Hartz : Ford crown Victoria

Pablo Escobar : F150

Jonathon Corbello : SELL US DONUT MEDIA SHIRTS!!!!!!!!!

iamawatermelon : Do the landrover defender

Andry Indaya : alright, do the land cruiser, guys!

G.T. : Just got a 01 jeep wrangler with that gutless 2.5 4 banger but atleast it doesn't have any rust

Jared Swartz : Evolution of mx5 please like everyone in the comments

John de Rochambeau : You should do a video about the Mercedes G-class, and its evolution from military to a domestic vehicle.

Carlos Gomez : Dude, these are going way too fast!

Henry Danger : Evolution of the Nissan GTR

HKS T51R Turbocharger : Toyota corolla

car lover JDM : Scoda Octavia

The fn bill : AWESOME! Now we just need to get "up to speed" on the Wrangler

XxStreetShredderxX : You know what i´m most impressed with? The amount of engine configurations.. :O

CyberIndoGaming : do the nissan S chasis please...

Kaleb Carroll : Ford F-series or the Dodge Ram and Ram

NOBED_ 86 : Willys jeep ftw

Rajendra Vixion : Honda CR-V

Tudor Skyline : First

ANYTIMECAM : Toyota land cruiser

Garben vlogs Geudens : Audi

Adam B : There is a new wrangler now

Benjamin Haddad : LAND CRUISER!!!!!!!

tliska10 adventures : Do one on the Toyota Land cruiser

Justin May : Where's the 96" Jeep Grand Cherokee zj and xj.