Whatever Happened to Ken Bone?
Whatever Happened to Ken Bone wavywebsurf

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Ken Bone became a meme because of namesake,red sweater, cheerful demeanor and many more endearing traits. Most importantly, Ken Bone gave us a much needed break from the bloody mess that was the last presidential election cycle. What has he been up to since then? In todays video I cover the full Ken Bone story. 10% OFF COOL SHIRTZ LINK http://shirtz.cool/WAVY wavywebsurf links: Twitter: https://twitter.com/thewavywebsurf Discord: https://www.discord.me/websurf Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=5351136


Niggtendo : Whatever happened to Hugh Mungus?

Tyler D : Maybe don’t use “pedo ‘stache” as a compliment, lol.

The Unknown Otaku : Man, I completely forgot about Ken Bone.

Stoney Drazzz : I would pay to see Ken bone busting some cheeks, haha another great vid in the collection

AnimeMagikarp : Donald and Hilary were so lucky to meet Ken Bone

Technicolor Snail : Ken is sooooooo adorable, he always made me think of a huminzed version of the octopus guy from Monsters University! Take me to the BONE ZONE:D

Charuna : Now Ken bone should save h3h3

Wild Trek : I love that the porn contract includes "25 throw-away cameras" lol

Alex Healy : If Ken Bone is a legend for shaking Clinton's hand what does that make Lewinski for shaking the rest of him?

Infidel Castrato : Ken Bone is too wholesome for politics. We don't deserve him

Jonny Walker : So this is what Macaulay Culkin is up to these days....

Lord Vega : Gimme that bone

SlackerTV : Ken Bones is peak boomer

shoelesblondlady : I heard Ken bone killed a guy in jail with a knife made from a chickens thigh bone

TM : Fun fact: Ken Bone lives in my hometown. Saw him in Walmart recently. He’s doing fine.

Internet Unwind : Man you went hard on the bone research, love that you repped the sweater.

ShockMouths : Did they invite him to the Doctor Strange premiere!??? Is that what he's on the red carpet for at 2:43

Brain In A Cat : Idk who is more handsome. You or bone

Maz : He reminds me of the dad from Monster's University.

Presley B : Wavy ALWAYS dressing for the occasion. 😎

Q Jones : I want Mr. Bone to clap my cheeks

Mr. Lookback : Oof taking clips out of context who's this made by Wall Street Journal

shoelesblondlady : I heard Ken bone hacked the dnc and sold the info to russia

RedTeamReview : I always did wondered what happened to him and now I know. good video!

Hussein Naji : no way, i deadass was thinking about him ages ago. big respect to u, clicking ads just for u wavy baby

F3ynman1um : He should run in 2020

Beaver Boi : O R A L B O N E

Christopher Tapkins : "he's just a cute guy" - wavy

Grubbs Tavern : Remember teaching your kids fire arm safety is against school rules.

God : Increasing in quality boy, keep it up

Adam Baldwin : Ken Bone still seems like a pretty cool dude. I mean, about as cool as a guy like him could be, which is still pretty darn cool. And 31k subs, damn dude! Keep it up! I like these "Whatever Happened to" videos!

Tom Buckley : Wavy cured me with this video just like the nurse he is

Whiterun Guard : that's not out of context that's just straight up lying about what he said

nofucksgavin : if i remember correctly he had the disposable camera because phones were not permitted in the event and that is the cheapest option available

matt_543 : Ken Bone: Posts picture of son shooting at a gun range. School: OMG HE SHOOTS GUNS!

Derly Contreras : \m/

JACpotatos : This dude surprisingly lives in my town and I never knew until recently. It seems nobody knows he's from here. Dude's gone MIA everywhere

Asbro : Bill Maher isn’t a classical liberal lmao

Eric Pham : No one can touch our precious bone

Marcuss95 : Fans: I have an idea, you should be Merc-- Ethan: *IM ALREADY MERCY, SAVING PEOPLE IS MY THING*

Em22 : He seems like a pretty cool guy... This is the second vid of yours I've watched (in a row, sighhh, it looks like I'm well on my way to a binge, and getting eff all done today, thankssss YT! Or, Wavey...), and love this series... I hope there's more, bc really, who needs clean laundry today? Lol! Eh, maybe I'll do a load or two later... Haha! Great vids, so far, and sub'd. Thanks, for entertaining me this Sunday, even tho I may possibly run out clean shirts mid week... Good time to check out the merch then... Waiiittt a minute... Maybe that was your plan all along.... 😉

907110Eddizzle : Nice vid wavywebsurf you should do a whatever happened to H3H3

blouptqy : Nice vid. Just wanted to comment that Bill Maher is pronounced like "Marr" and not "Mower"

ESKETIT : Whatever Happened to My Virginity (sees uncle walk out of room)

Justin Last : I can't believe it's been so long since The Fappening happened.

Mike Marks : Am I the only one who thinks that vault 111 sweater hoodie looks great with him holding a rifle?

green queen : "The bone zone"? Sounds like a gay strip club

you got to win sometime : Everytime wavy wave surf uploads I get super excited

Omar Almasri : $100,000 and 25 disposable cameras 😂😂😂