Ivette's First Solo - Ft. Myers, Fl

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She has been with us from the beginning, Ivette takes to the skies for her first solo flight. We have great upcoming content for the new year, but there is no greater kickoff than celebrating Ivette's amazing accomplishment. Nothing short of nerve's of steel are required to fly an airplane by yourself. CONGRATS IVETTE!!!! We are honored to have you as a part of the 7.Zero family!!!!! Produced excitedly by 7.Zero Prodections Music by Epidemic Sound: In Dreams by Hushed Slow Motion by Johan Börjesson


TheTrooper 98Vlog : ATC ground should take the peanut butter and marbles out of his mouth.

R A : Congrats!!! Brings back memories... my instructor just got out of the plane , mid runway!!! And said go!! It's all yours now!! Gulp! What a moment. Way back in 1970. :-)

Micah Gaar : Why am I crying watching a video we made!? Ivette, you never cease to amaze me. This is incredible, you’re going to be an amazing pilot

Scott Willi : I got a kick out of seeing her exhale at 11:27. YOU DID IT KID. WELL DONE!

Oliver Oshkosh : I don't even know this girl and I feel so good for her! What a nice accomplishment. Congrats. You're sweet.

Omar says : Why would any one dislike this video???? How weeeeird!

alienxyt : That's the nicest 1st solo video I've seen. Congratulations!!!

Randy Porter : Congrats Ivette ! That’s a special day, among many more to come, but NEVER will there be another FIRST solo ! You were set free that day and you will always have that. Safe skies and thanks for sharing the ride ! 🛫

Rick Valero : That moment @ 11:21-24. The moment it hits you. You've done it. You're soon going to be licensed and for all intents and purposes - You're now an aviator. Bravo and congrats!

Titty Skillet : Congrats. Pilot for almost 30 years. I still remember my first solo. Good job.

Captain Ed : Congratulations and blessings to Ivette; Godspeed young lady!

Don Olypopper : It’s so nice to see a young person with drive, responsibility and the nerve to get their pilot’s license! Good job.

Greg Gonzalez : This has to be an amazing feeling and sense of accomplishment. Way to go.

Deadstick : She's so sweet, just when touching down for the last time, she started to get emotional. Daughters are so precious when they show such honest emotion. Great flying by the way, Ivette.

Vern Norrgard : Just showed this to my young daughter, we both want to fly now! Inspirational.

Roberto R. MOLA : Watched your flight and tried to translate what was your feelings... Would they have been similar to mine 42 years ago? Was the swing of the airplane with the wind the same? What about the engine noise? Would the tinkling of the keychain of the magneto keys before takeoff have been as "disturbing" as it was to me? Would the tone of the other people on the radio have been as welcoming as it was for me? Interesting that I do not remember much of the details of the flight, after all, it was just ONE of many in my training, and everything was very normal and without scares. But those little things, hitherto unnoticed, seemed to come together to conspire or help, I do not know... Today, 14000 hours of flight later, sometimes with some inspiration and introspection, I have the same feelings again. Sometimes I tell this to the colleague on my side and I get back a smile from who knows perfectly what is this all about. You are the next generation Ivette. I am counting on your greatness and consideration to this great brotherhood to which you are a part now. Be happy!

Phil Trammel : Smooth landings! Your a natural young lady! Wish you all the luck as a pilot 👍

Gary Herlth : Nice first solo landing Ivette. Only us pilots know how it felt to do our first solo landing. PRICELESS!!!!!!!!

Matt Larson : I remember being able to drive for the first time, that free feeling. I can't imagine what this feels like. Next level to say the least.

Will Klassen : If you believe that you can't or believe you can, you're right either way. You believed and you conquered, congrats on an amazing accomplishment.

David Hearnshaw : Don't understand the negative reviews, but here's a positive one. Congrats Ivette and I hope you do well in your aviation future.

myfast5oh : smooth as silk... way to go... !!! congrats

Roberto Azevedo : After 24 years as a pilot I still remember my first solo back in Brazil in 1995. very important achievement. congratulations Ivette!

John Garroch : It is fantastic that you have this captured on video. I can promise you that you will never forget your first solo. Fly safe.

airman firstclass : That was really cool, girl. You go. I'm 70 years old and cried through the whole thing. Congradulations to you.

donuthole4sale : Congrats Ivette a perfect landing you should very proud!!!! GO GIRL!!!!

Andrew Hedin : No matter where life takes you, you'll always remember this moment....well done :)

Harrison Cardona : Nice swing work, Ace! May this be the ushering-in of a fantastic new adventurous chapter in your life. Don't really know you at all, but I'm proud of you!

davidca96 : Great job kiddo! I can see the nerves getting to you a bit before line up but who wouldnt be nervous?

Moe F. : Really smooth landing. Well done!

rjh00 : This was a beautiful video, very well done, congratulations

Fellow 7000 : This is only beginning)) now you are cleared for take off))

John smith : Congrats and welcome to the exclusive club.

Alpha1Charlie : 11:23 Pull off runway... Pause and reflect on a job well done. Congrats young lady!!!

Michael McManus : It’s one of those flights a pilot never forgets. It’s up there when ya receive your multi, land the first paying gig, the first airline job offer and that first flight as an airline pilot. So why not a huge smile or grin after that first landing? Don’t hold back your excitement...let it fly. Good luck with your aviation endeavors.

Tim Orourke : Excellent video...congrats Ivette!

Cesar Soto : As a CFII, watching your reaction after your last landing had me teary and brought back memories of my first solo lol. Congrats on a day to remember forever!

actuary 1776 : Absolutely impressive! Video made my day. Well done.

Kevin Ohlson : Congratulations! I hope to share my first solo soon...

Sann Kasyanov : I know how big this is! I just witnessed my son’s first solo who is 17! Congrats Ivette! Keep up the good job!

kwik440 : AWESOME !! GREAT JOB !! I only dream of my first solo!!

bigstevebaker : You ROCK!!! I remember my first solo. It feels great to have the freedom of being a pilot.

Juan Morales : Great job Ivette, that first solo is a great feeling, happy landings and keep the blue side up.

robbynelson3 : Enjoy each milestone. Bask in each success and move to next challenge. Wash rinse repeat. Nice work girl!

TAGABAAO TO : See that landings, right on the line -- bright future you one!

Ben A1 : Welcome Aboard!!! Congratulations and a Job well done. Your life will never be the same. You have opened a whole new world for yourself. This is one of those fields that everyone who has been through it knows what it's like and it brings back that same feeling. After a while you too will help nurture future pilots and share the joys of flying. All the best to you our newest member. Oh, and thanks to your CFI too. Bravo Zulu!!

J M : Not one for flying, but congrats to you for all you have achieved at such a young age. You flew that plane like you had done it a 1,000 times before. Best of luck going forward! 🇺🇸👍

boffin6969 : Congratulations Ivette!!! VERY well done!!!

Mike Whylee : Brilliant, be so very proud of yourself.