"The Entertainer" played by Chet Atkins

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mrshow1 : Brings tears to my eyes.

Chir0n : This was so good I didn't even notice Chet's crazy-ass, polka-dot, humongous-collared shirt till the very end.

Rowyn Maxwell : gt5 oil service.

Tim Lim : You know, the very first Rolling Stone's list of Greatest Guitarist didn't have Atkins? I think it had Les Paul but not Chet Atkins. I left a comment about that list and on the next list Chet was in. Rolling Stone is not perfect.

Shean Crane : I don't really have a world for this; the best one I can come up with is: flawless.

Alex G : Chet Atkins is one of the greatest guitar players in this century!

michael cassidy : I love how even though he has probably spent countless hours learning this he is still is just really enjoying the song when he is playing it.

Henry Lees : anyone for an awkward game of twister?

Bill Holder : Boy could play.

aristotle358 : Excellent ! I notice he has the sixth string "en re", i.e. tuned to a D.

Opry99er : as a finger picker myself, I just have to comment on how unbelievably brilliant this arrangement is, and how difficult to execute. The greatest of all time, ladies and gentlemen...

Ulysses Alves : Is it really necessary to tune the sixth string to "D" to play this song?

Dan Allured : there are good guitarists,there are great guitarist,there are gods of guitar then there is Chet Atkins!

Richard Barr : A man totaly in love with the sound he made. Maybe Ulysses Alves could pull his head out of his ass and apreciate for what it is. A nice peice of music played well....you stuck up git.

naalar : I love Chet and I am betting he was very uncomfortable in this "wonder bread" shirt. The greatest standards guitarist who ever played.

Tony Radford : that's how it's done.

Andii Rejino : me running outside to get ice cream

David Pike : He could make any song the best one you've ever heard.

ΛUTOMΛTIC JΛCK : Never before and never again shall such epic lapels be worn, witnessed, or experienced by any living being in this multiverse.

Dave Cochrane : Shame on the 97 idiots who disliked this. This is genius!

John Ferris : I've seen many arrangements and play styles of this song on guitar... Honestly the unity of classical guitar and such a great ragtime piece fuse right here on this Youtube page so perfectly, that I am almost unable to watch any other version. This arrangement sounds like it would be played during a very dramatic and peaceful moment in a "Spaghetti Western" movie. Perfection.

Gáll Tamás : NIce one. Although I miss parts C and D, this ragtime does not end here. And maybe a bit too much of ritardando. Ragtimes are ought to be played in steady tempo. Still great cover.

Mike Spurgeon : Khoi Pham, Clapton is a joke. He could never play this good as long as he a hole in his nose. Anyone can fret wank. Clapton is just Utter Shite and the most overrated player ever. Chet is the man

Charley Pallos : I'm always amazed when an artist arranges a piece that was composed for one instrument and plays it on another, without missing a note or nuance. Scott Joplin I'm sure would be happy and impressed with Chet Atkins' work here. Thanks for posting!

Eleanor Howard : He really respects Joplin! A very nuanced performance.

Steven Nieto : My top 3 guitarists of all time in no particular order are: Chet Atkins, Jimmy Page, and Buckethead.

Richard Hale : Simply amazing - If I spent 300 years playing u wouldn't be a tenth as good!

Gerald West : A one man band, not to mention one of the actual greatest guitar players ever! Thanks for uploading this video GtrWorkShp!

Dan Radu : Love how Chet changes the speeds up on his version.

richard coburn : with out doubt one of the greatest legends of guitar there ever was just sheer brilliance

Vivi Santias : es fantasticooo

Ryan Pross : Mind=blown. That guy was insane.

Fat Sugar Salt : only the Greatest guitarist of all time

Carl Alacce : Who would thumbs down in this ?

Felipe Trop : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand your car is washed. Grand Turismo.

Exsoundus : OK. now its official: Chet was and is the BEST!

misslantana52 : Fantastic!

JoshAintSoCool : This is a gorgeous cover.. but I'll always think of the city of NY vs Homer Simpson

nitroxsam66 : Great version of this tune + I like Chet's shirt.

Oqsy : The real GOAT. When he does something awesome you see the slightest smirk sneak across his face.

Bob Shank Jr : Eat your heart out Scott Joplin.

lucyfanclub69 : Hell Chet was good

anand rai : I wanna trade my hands with the demon right about now...

Joseph Matthews : In a simpler time when we appriciated real talent

kev4241 : dang, doesn't that normally require two hands on the frets

Chief Kurtz : His genius is playing quarter notes on the bass, and sixteenth and eight notes on the melody at the same time.

mcfcguvnors : wow !

Jim Clarke : chet/tommy=

SpencerPlaneBain : Beautiful.

Jaxson Music : I'm dumb. I always thought that this was just the theme for Super Mario 3.