"The Entertainer" played by Chet Atkins

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Anthony Robinson : Love it,...but, that fucking shirt.?????????????/

Santiago DeRosier : can i get the tabs for this

Jim Clarke : Fantastic

reffoelcnu alouncelal : Swing wing bomber shirt .. that's what we used to call those as teenagers

Jaffre : The trick is to rehearse it so many times that it starts to sound even and pretty. Great tune to use as practice. So many places one can play the wrong notes on this one or just fuck up in general.

arseman arse : bag o'shite

TJ Anderson : 211 morons disliked this. You're either deaf, stupid or BOTH!

Minimal Sice : If you didn't notice he's playing the base line and the guitar part at the same time, that's why this is extremely hard.

Eli G : i just want to live in this video

Lefty Pick : More elevator music. I love you Chet.

Shiva Ashutosh : What a genius!!

Tabs Please : Tabs?anyone?

sampath kumar : So happy. Heard long back on piano. This is too good.

nik11411 : Most beautiful song I've heard on guitar.

a te : That song was named after the guy playing it.

Tony Music : I was carrying my ukulele in its case at school and my friend asked, "You play an instrument?" I replied, "Yeah, I play a little guitar."


jojojorisjhjosef : I like the look of his pinky, whats where I keep it and never saw anyone else do it too before Atkins.

Art Core : It makes you smile 😊

Ahmet Emin Aydın : 2017?

Dan Becker : Crazy ...

Jaxson Music : I'm dumb. I always thought that this was just the theme for Super Mario 3.

zniesmaczony : I've been trying to learn to play this little nightmare on a piano flawlessly for a few years now and I'm not even close to this. Damn you Scott Joplin.

Perktavious : Anyone know what guitar that is?

Joseph Matthews : In a simpler time when we appriciated real talent

Julian Magana : his fucking finger independence is so good I swear

santos gil : super Mario bros?

Lewmew22 : What a guitarist! The control of the left hand is beautiful to watch. Never forgotten x

dy120481 : Kinda embarrassing to admit that I never knew this li'l ditty's name until clicking on the vid.

2centavos : I don't think any accomplished guitar player would call this 'genius' but it was well played and different to hear it on a guitar vs. a piano. I also am a Tommy Emmanuel fan so don't bash me please ;)

kkkfts : I wish he palm muted that bass

DereMemo : This reminds me of RDR.

TheAnthraxBiology : I don't people actually get how fucking difficult this is to play, let alone come up with. This is a breeze on piano but translating it to guitar must have been very difficult and it's practically impossible to play. The slow parts that sound all simple are just as hard to play as the fast licks, and that's what people don't seem to get.

Jaffre : Stellar playing by the master. Rock solid shirt!

Carl Alacce : Who would thumbs down in this ?

NoSoyUnPulpo xD : This is such a masterpiece deserves a Nobel prize for talent

Truth teller : An American legend. We need more musical legends and fewer political jerks.

Joseph Felice : the folks who don't like this...wtf?

Mike C : Superb and sublime.

Christophe Rouffiac : meilleur joueur de guitare de tout les tempssssss.

banish_misfortune : Why the fuck 185 dislikes on this video?

dangrabat : 186 people were not entertained

steven pomerville : Never realized what a masterpiece this song is

John Billings : I wish I could! But after rotator cuff surgeries on both shoulders, I can no longer play at all.

William Kern : I feel like I should have been charged for watching this

KO Bossy : Chet Atkins- the Bobby Fischer of guitar

bartosh22 : Now kids from music school just watch and learn what sensitivity really is

AllegedlyMike : He plays it the way you want to hear it.

Strock : I can barely play it on piano and this guy did it on a guitar whAT THE FUCK THIS IS AWESOME

yorki gayi afgani : such a great song