"The Entertainer" played by Chet Atkins

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mrshow1 : Brings tears to my eyes.

Rowyn Maxwell : gt5 oil service.

Chir0n : This was so good I didn't even notice Chet's crazy-ass, polka-dot, humongous-collared shirt till the very end.

Tim Lim : You know, the very first Rolling Stone's list of Greatest Guitarist didn't have Atkins? I think it had Les Paul but not Chet Atkins. I left a comment about that list and on the next list Chet was in. Rolling Stone is not perfect.

aristotle358 : Excellent ! I notice he has the sixth string "en re", i.e. tuned to a D.

Henry Bojangles : anyone for an awkward game of twister?

Shean Crane : I don't really have a world for this; the best one I can come up with is: flawless.

TomiBone : NIce one. Although I miss parts C and D, this ragtime does not end here. And maybe a bit too much of ritardando. Ragtimes are ought to be played in steady tempo. Still great cover.

Bill Holder : Boy could play.

Alex G : Chet Atkins is one of the greatest guitar players in this century!

michael cassidy : I love how even though he has probably spent countless hours learning this he is still is just really enjoying the song when he is playing it.

Ulysses Alves : Is it really necessary to tune the sixth string to "D" to play this song?

Richard Barr : A man totaly in love with the sound he made. Maybe Ulysses Alves could pull his head out of his ass and apreciate for what it is. A nice peice of music played well....you stuck up git.

Andii Rejino : me running outside to get ice cream

Dave Cochrane : Shame on the 97 idiots who disliked this. This is genius!

Tony Radford : that's how it's done.

David Pike : He could make any song the best one you've ever heard.

Dan Allured : there are good guitarists,there are great guitarist,there are gods of guitar then there is Chet Atkins!

John Ferris : I've seen many arrangements and play styles of this song on guitar... Honestly the unity of classical guitar and such a great ragtime piece fuse right here on this Youtube page so perfectly, that I am almost unable to watch any other version. This arrangement sounds like it would be played during a very dramatic and peaceful moment in a "Spaghetti Western" movie. Perfection.

naalar : I love Chet and I am betting he was very uncomfortable in this "wonder bread" shirt. The greatest standards guitarist who ever played.

Gerald West : A one man band, not to mention one of the actual greatest guitar players ever! Thanks for uploading this video GtrWorkShp!

richard coburn : with out doubt one of the greatest legends of guitar there ever was just sheer brilliance

Mike Spurgeon : Khoi Pham, Clapton is a joke. He could never play this good as long as he a hole in his nose. Anyone can fret wank. Clapton is just Utter Shite and the most overrated player ever. Chet is the man

Eleanor Howard : He really respects Joplin! A very nuanced performance.

Opry99er : as a finger picker myself, I just have to comment on how unbelievably brilliant this arrangement is, and how difficult to execute. The greatest of all time, ladies and gentlemen...

misslantana52 : Fantastic!

ΛUTOMΛTIC JΛCK : Never before and never again shall such epic lapels be worn, witnessed, or experienced by any living being in this multiverse.

Steven Nieto : My top 3 guitarists of all time in no particular order are: Chet Atkins, Jimmy Page, and Buckethead.

Ryan Pross : Mind=blown. That guy was insane.

lucyfanclub69 : Hell Chet was good

anand rai : I wanna trade my hands with the demon right about now...

Richard Hale : Simply amazing - If I spent 300 years playing u wouldn't be a tenth as good!

kev4241 : dang, doesn't that normally require two hands on the frets

Charley Pallos : I'm always amazed when an artist arranges a piece that was composed for one instrument and plays it on another, without missing a note or nuance. Scott Joplin I'm sure would be happy and impressed with Chet Atkins' work here. Thanks for posting!

Jan Flemming Olsen : Holy shit! THAT IS TALENT!

Exsoundus : OK. now its official: Chet was and is the BEST!

Chief Kurtz : His genius is playing quarter notes on the bass, and sixteenth and eight notes on the melody at the same time.

Eli King : Awesome.

TJ Anderson : 211 morons disliked this. You're either deaf, stupid or BOTH!

SpencerPlaneBain : Beautiful.

Jaxson Music : I'm dumb. I always thought that this was just the theme for Super Mario 3.


CCCP Communist : This is fucking, beautiful.

757flyer : Smooth as butter.

Oqsy : The real GOAT. When he does something awesome you see the slightest smirk sneak across his face.

Cameron Lowes : I've been trying to play this at speed with no errors on "Yousician" for three months now using tabs.....( It sounds nothing like this )

hollowhostile01 : Im suddenly craving ice cream.

Bob Shank Jr : Eat your heart out Scott Joplin.

michael benzur : does this so relaxed it takes away from the song. the slowing down at each bar, overall being slow as hell, not using froce on the strings.... noone else?!?

Chris Rocco Astoria : only the Greatest guitarist of all time