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Hiyu : You win the internet today

leokimvideo : Michael Jackson has come back in robotic dog form. Moonwalk is now called Plutowalk

Amrit Tripathi : A robot just looked at me while twerking! *Enough Internet for today*

ludvig hoelstad : Now im really afraid, not only are we going to die, but the robots would do some god damn fortnite dance afterwards

kinsai : ok now put googly eyes on it

Videoforum : Plot twist: Robots filmed this by themselves and uploaded on youtube on sunday when engineers were at home.

O K : 1970: in the future we will have flying cars 2018: 0:46

Daniel Paredes : I'm just going to ignore that erection I got from watching a robot twerk.

Commentur The Great : A robot just waved his butt in my face. THE FUTURE IS HERE LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!

Sluger1010 : My girlfriend walked on me watching this video and I had to tab-switch to porn cause it was easier to explain.

puggy : -watch a robot twerk- Let’s just cross that off the list

Lenny Mighty : 1990: can we have flying cars in 2020? 2018:

Кирилл Алашеев : Тем временем в России самым современным танцующим роботом оказался пацан в костюме

Mar Robô YuoTube : *I think **0:00** **0:01** **0:02** **0:03** **0:04** **0:05** **0:06** **0:07** **0:08** **0:09** **0:10** **0:11** **0:12** **0:13** **0:14** **0:15** **0:16** **0:17** **0:18** **0:19** **0:20** **0:21** **0:22** **0:23** **0:24** **0:25** **0:26** **0:27** **0:28** **0:29** **0:30** **0:31** **0:32** **0:33** **0:34** **0:35** **0:36** **0:37** **0:38** **0:39** **0:40** **0:41** **0:42** **0:43** **0:44** **0:45** **0:46** **0:47** **0:48** **0:49** **0:50** **0:51** **0:52** **0:53** **0:54** **0:55** **0:56** **0:57** **0:58** **0:59** **1:00** **1:01** **1:02** **1:03** **1:04** **1:05** **1:06** **1:07** **1:08** are the best parts.*

DrewPang1 : Anyone else see the cut at 0:57?

TheBackyardScientist : I haven't laughed so hard in a while. Also were all going to die

OlafttheGreat1998 : Miley Cyrus twerking? Lame. Nicki Minaj twerking? Booooo! Robot dog twerking? 😎👌

Петя Лавров : Тем временем а России показывают людей в костюме роботов и выдают за инновационное открытие

A Shark That Stubbed It’s Toe : Sometimes I think it’s a shit world we live in, and something like this comes along and makes me smile again. Thank you, Boston Dynamics.

Denis Denisov : Да это собака в костюме робота пляшет!

The Racing Monkey : This might be the single best video I’ve seen this year

pfifo fast : mmm, dat phat control panel, so sexy!

Простой канал : Они не видели танец Русского робота Бориса, вот это танец дак танец а тут что псссс

Melbu : Imagine when that thing it's going to have layers of skin and furr on top of that robotic skeleton, doing those fancy moves. It's going to look even cuter!

Józef Stalin : Detroit: Become Human 2 looks neat


Elon Musk : i think we don't have to go to mars now

smolder breath : 0:57 *When my teacher asks for homework on a Friday*

Kostia Bazrov-WORK : watch a robot twerk Let’s just cross that off the list

Federico Mancini : On the user manual: "please do not push the butt-on while the robot is twerking"

CrownieVA : How humanity loses against robots: Dance Battles

BENJI'S WORLD 7 : **1950** “I bet we will have flying cars in the future.” **2018** DANCING ROBOTS

Mr. Potatoes Head : This is what happens when developers are fast asleep.. It's like Toy Story, but with Robots.

INDIGO 81 : Да ладно, наш робот Борис круче, у него даже паспорт есть, человеческий...

Vyacheslav L : потрясающе!

T L : They will be programmed to do this right before they murder you.

Sir William : Weird flex but ok.

vDaBest : A twerking robot? Time to leave

Vitto Satan : Зато у нас есть робот Борис

Alibey Bal : it's happening... we're doomed. BOW DOWN TO YOUR ROBOTIC OVERLORDS!!!!

Memeorandum of Understanding : this is what they'll do after defeating human race.

Heikki Mastokangas : Sooo... for the Christmas, are you dressing up Spots as reindeers, pulling Atlas dressed as Santa in a sledge?

Tetrini : *When you flex how good your robots are by making them dance better then everyone watching*

hannah weaver : *Throws some cash money on dat robot booty*

Kevin French : So this is what some of the military funding goes to ^_^

NinjaCakeAssassin : Cyberpunk 2077 leaked gameplay.

Igor Smol : Twerking dog-like robot... Now I've seen everything.

rffdfd : super sexy dynamite hip

Ale Gimenez : technology from USA is more advanced to Technology Japan or South Corea

Haxer Music : Make one dab lel