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Nonya Bisnis : When you've finally eradicated the human race.

Garfields World : 1950: *we’ll have robots in the future and make them to cool stuff* 2019: *uses robots to dance to music*

Phillip Forrest : This video never fails to make me smile. It's such a wholesome thing.

Paul : Love the sassy over the shoulder look as its thrusting its roboass in our faces.

Abdulla Mohammed : Wow, so these things won't only kill you.. but they would humiliate you in a dance battle and steal ur girl too

Tetrini : *When you flex how good your robots are by making them dance better then everyone watching*

Hyun Seo : Showing so much capability with just a simple fun video... That's the way to do it without technical explanations.

Rose Wallace : Boston Dynamics rules!As far as I can tell You're leaps ahead of others out there. Please dont stop what You're doing guys.

Federico Mancini : On the user manual: "please do not push the butt-on while the robot is twerking"

Manisha Wal : When you dont get abused by the humans for a week

Gren Games : 1. HOLY FUVK IM LAUGHINH SO HARD 2. How high were they at Boston Dynamics to make this?

Кирилл Алашеев : Тем временем в России самым современным танцующим роботом оказался пацан в костюме

Machine 27 : Best video comments I've read in a while!

G. Friedli : Awesome Work Boston Dynamics is doing. All i would like to know, when and where are those Bots available to buy...

CrownieVA : How humanity loses against robots: Dance Battles

Plqskov : I want them to do this routine every time before they start killing us it will be cool. It can drop a small speaker on the ground do the dance and then pull out the lasers or machine-guns and rip us to shreds.

Mike Kocziban : This is what happens when you get a person from Yorkshire to run the programming - the boss said "get it t'work".........

jon b : She is such a beautiful piece of engineering... Amazing

Synthx : That bot has orders of magnitude stronger game than mine...

Boutros Boutros Boutros Ghali : First they take our jobs, now they take over the dance floor..

Alex Blake : Holy shit that's amazing. That must having taken ages to program that to look as smooth as it did

cycoholic : I for one welcome our robotic overlords (of the dance floor). 😁

Jack James : Great way for these engineers to spend their time /s

Leandro Faustino : caraca velho. É impressionante a evolução desde aquele que era gordão, cheio de fios pendurados.



Machine Gear : Send one of these on mars or moon and record them performing dance, you know for SCIENCE.

DIFFERENT KIND OF MINDS : This is so kool thanks for sharing I tap your button new here 🌸🌸👍🏾🤗

hakkujin : The machines prepare for all possible end-of-the-world scenarios, even the one where it comes down to a wholesome dance-off.

Alwayz : The robots will take over, and they will be funky fresh

ValladolidArde : OK this is a lot less spooky and actually made me laugh, impressive moonwalk and twerk. Now give the man who came up with this the reigns of the company to ensure these machines don't become our masters.

The Stormchaser : Robots will do great in the dance group entertainment business as it's all about moves in perfect timing

Rocketplumber : They could build a Pierson's Puppeteer from spare parts.

benjamiah 777 : Metal gear Rex early concept

Haunting Spook : 1985: In the future, we’re going to have hover boards! 2018: We have invented a moonwalking robot quadruped

Frederik Kiel : The moment you realise, the Robot has a better moonwalk than you.

Siang C : My neighbor keep showing off their golden retriever, Im gonna get this to flex the whole nieghborhood

The_Kraken757 : 2020: Now introducing: Two Spot. Audience: what does he do People: He is a bipedal Black and Yellow robot that can do *fortnite* *dances*

Berk Sılkım : Detroit Become Human Becoming Real

Purity Sin : Im ok with the idea of a mass destruction robot that can boogie down.

Squid Charms : Oh my god, it moves so smoothly! This can't be real!

Disco Steve : Bi-pedal moon-walk & twerk, too much to ask for? Doing the "robot", for its ironic qualities, perhaps?

ALEXANDER BOOK : make it with toothpick legs that weigh almost nothing and make it able to run at like 30mph

Vyacheslav L : потрясающе!

NinjaCakeAssassin : Cyberpunk 2077 leaked gameplay.

Sir William : Weird flex but ok.

R.G.A. Club : Never knew of robot could moonwalk

CaTy CaNdY : вау ахуеть, это просто 1000/10

Diablue : I found that you were purchased by SoftBank which is a Japan Co. So can I expect the appearance of Gundam in the future?