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Videoforum : Plot twist: Robots filmed this by themselves and uploaded on youtube on sunday when engineers were at home.

pillowigloo slothmoth : "Hey guys, lets program the robot to dance to that hot new Uptown Funk tune!" "Good idea! Shouldn't take long" *3yrs later

JNoir J : When the robot started twerking and looked back. ( ͡◉ ͜ʖ ͡◉)

Manisha Wal : When you dont get abused by the humans for a week

joshuaha12 : Lol imagine being the one to control these thing on a battlefield and scream FORMATION! Pull out your gen1 ipod and play Uptown Funk while thousands these things with guns attached start dancing in synchronization before the massacre, flash murder mob.

TheBackyardScientist : I haven't laughed so hard in a while. Also were all going to die

Mister Double Sevens : That is a moonwalking robot, I'm officially impressed.

StardustBreaker1 : Yeah when you're bleeding out on the floor this is the last thing you'll ever see before it murders you

Mike Soda : As if it wasn't bad enough we're all gonna die to machines just like in Terminator someday, but now they're gonna be able to do a victory dance as well.

Brewbolt : *The rule34 artists are coming..*

puggy : -watch a robot twerk- Let’s just cross that off the list

DrewPang1 : Anyone else see the cut at 0:57?

Яйцеслав Мудищев : Да этот пес танцует лучше меня! Боюсь представить, что будет, если повесить на него парочку пулеметов 😨

Mr spicy Pepper : That robot has better dance moves than me dam

Animation Nerd : If you don’t think this is adorable you have no soul.

NinjaCakeAssassin : Cyberpunk 2077 leaked gameplay.

Juliet Fischer : We just watched a robot shake its money-maker.

karlwashere123 : Boston Dynamics has always had a spot in my heart. Truly inspirational research and development. You never cease to amaze me. do me a favor? Don't ever make a robot that makes robots.please. For the sake of humanity.

leokimvideo : Michael Jackson has come back in robotic dog form. Moonwalk is now called Plutowalk

Leopard Leo : Ребята нам пиздец,роботы уже умеют твёркать.

Hiyu : You win the internet today

Lora Buff : Wish I got paid 6-Figures to make a robot dance...

Geoff Carr : That little fella looks like he will enjoy killing anything with a heat signature. This video gives me nightmares and caused my dog to shit all over the house.

Kareem Abdullah : 1950: there will be flying cars in the future 2018: teaching robots to dance…

Hugo Dunsany : And the science gets done And your robot shakes its bum For the people who are Still online! (It's 2am and I am) Still online! (I'm surfing YouTube and I'm) Still online! (Look! Homestar reruns mean I'm) Still online! (Hey! There's still Lolcats--whoops, I'm) Still online! Still online! Still online


ArtuomY : Это все загнивающий запад! Танцульки какие-то. Совсем другое дело расиянский робот Фёдор! Сколько бабла этот робот сумел распилить!

Sam Evans : It's so cute I wanna hug it ❤️❤️❤️

Petr Vrtal : Wasn’t expecting that...that’s absolutely ridiculous 😄 the fluid motion is stunning

Daniel Paredes : I'm just going to ignore that erection I got from watching a robot twerk.

The Racing Monkey : This might be the single best video I’ve seen this year

Crackers (PhD in Wumbology) : All comedy aside, this is absolutely remarkable in terms of technology. We are living in such an amazing burst of innovation

Mar Robô e Outros ง : *I think **0:00** **0:01** **0:02** **0:03** **0:04** **0:05** **0:06** **0:07** **0:08** **0:09** **0:10** **0:11** **0:12** **0:13** **0:14** **0:15** **0:16** **0:17** **0:18** **0:19** **0:20** **0:21** **0:22** **0:23** **0:24** **0:25** **0:26** **0:27** **0:28** **0:29** **0:30** **0:31** **0:32** **0:33** **0:34** **0:35** **0:36** **0:37** **0:38** **0:39** **0:40** **0:41** **0:42** **0:43** **0:44** **0:45** **0:46** **0:47** **0:48** **0:49** **0:50** **0:51** **0:52** **0:53** **0:54** **0:55** **0:56** **0:57** **0:58** **0:59** **1:00** **1:01** **1:02** **1:03** **1:04** **1:05** **1:06** **1:07** **1:08** are the best parts.*

rffdfd : super sexy dynamite hip

Space Tyrell : I am become moonwalking robot, destroyer of worlds.

T L : They will be programmed to do this right before they murder you.

MelbuFrahmeDrop : Imagine when that thing it's going to have layers of skin and furr on top of that robotic skeleton, doing those fancy moves. It's going to look even cuter!

kinsai : ok now put googly eyes on it

JamesA : I think there was a cut at 0:57 right before the backwards dance.

Walter White : Thanks for the nightmares Boston Dynamics 👍🏼

CrownieVA : How humanity loses against robots: Dance Battles

A Shark That Stubbed It’s Toe : Sometimes I think it’s a shit world we live in, and something like this comes along and makes me smile again. Thank you, Boston Dynamics.

Mr. Potatoes Head : This is what happens when developers are fast asleep.. It's like Toy Story, but with Robots.

Elon Musk : i think we don't have to go to mars now

FireBomberBassist : Wow. Big improvement over Big Dog.

Memeorandum of Understanding : this is what they'll do after defeating human race.

Birdhouse Entertainment LLC : We are watching robot porn.

Stranica : That feeling when even a robot dances better than me.

Kevin French : So this is what some of the military funding goes to ^_^

SuperAtheist : But can it do the robot?