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ludvig hoelstad : Now im really afraid, not only are we going to die, but the robots would do some god damn fortnite dance afterwards

Amrit Tripathi : A robot just looked at me while twerking! *Enough Internet for today*

Lenny Mighty : 1990: can we have flying cars in 2020? 2018:

Commentur The Great : A robot just waved his butt in my face. THE FUTURE IS HERE LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!

Yra Cat : He's got the ALGORHYTHM!

O K : 1970: in the future we will have flying cars 2018: 0:46

1NZD : Black mirror deleted scenes

Sluger1010 : My girlfriend walked on me watching this video and I had to tab-switch to porn cause it was easier to explain.

OlafttheGreat1998 : Miley Cyrus twerking? Lame. Nicki Minaj twerking? Booooo! Robot dog twerking? 😎👌

Videoforum : Plot twist: Robots filmed this by themselves and uploaded on youtube on sunday when engineers were at home.

Кирилл Алашеев : Тем временем в России самым современным танцующим роботом оказался пацан в костюме

smolder breath : 0:57 *When my teacher asks for homework on a Friday*

RiiDIi : I think someone heard the instructions wrong. He said, "I want a video of it WORKING."

k!sh! : roses are red violets are blue let's all admit it this robots got better moves than any of us do.

why : *gets military funding* Boston Dynamics: let's make a robot twerk

Synthx : That bot has orders of magnitude stronger game than mine...

Garfields World : 1950: *we’ll have robots in the future and make them to cool stuff* 2019: *uses robots to dance to music*

Lovushka30 : Как вообще можно дать дизлайк, гавнюки?? Видео👍👍👍

Federico Mancini : On the user manual: "please do not push the butt-on while the robot is twerking"

puggy : -watch a robot twerk- Let’s just cross that off the list

John Turner : Those jumping ninety-degree turns are even more thrilling than the moonwalking and the twerking. MiniSpot's got air!

BJ-7 : Partner up with Tombot and robot dog will be complete.

hannah weaver : *Throws some cash money on dat robot booty*

Agustin Alfonso Cesar Charles : MIT Cheetah can´t dance, thats why Boston Dynamics is still my favorite :P

M OOOm : i think it will be more funny to program the robot dog walks backward with his head pointing to us in the end.

XxXsweg DogeeXxX : Кляти Пиндосы шоб их засипыло🤣🤣🤣

Gamer929 W.I.P. : Can we press assault and robot abuse charges on Boston Dynamics

Piña Colada : Me: Opening a bag of chips All of my friends: 0:45

TheBackyardScientist : I haven't laughed so hard in a while. Also were all going to die

TheDjCatLover : So this is what you have been accomplishing? Wow.

rwc pc33 : Human tried dance as robot but now robot try dance as human

Stare Kotlety : Not gonna lie, I was actually aroused watching this

Alibey Bal : it's happening... we're doomed. BOW DOWN TO YOUR ROBOTIC OVERLORDS!!!!

Kurt Nobranes : *Gets military funding* Boston dynamics:

Tetrini : *When you flex how good your robots are by making them dance better then everyone watching*

Gpp-75 : Everybody gangsta until the robot start moonwalking

Denis Denisov : Да это собака в костюме робота пляшет!


Hiyu : You win the internet today

Māra Giertmane : Boston dynamics you make the best robots!

Artem Kazanovskyi : Dances far better than me, actually ':-D

Cyvius : that butt shake got me out of nowhere. what a sick moove, damm. keep up the good work!

Flyin YT : where are the fast runners? (like the cheetah robot from 2012) i want to see how fast it can go!

Abdulla Mohammed : Wow, so these things won't only kill you.. but they would humiliate you in a dance battle and steal ur girl too

MindedChunk6 : Yup,Skynet is comin in real fast

Alton toni : OMG that is just amazing creepy....well done guyz this is amazing work...SUPER IMPRESSIVE

Door-to-Door Hentai Salesman : It's all fun and games until you mount a 9mm SMG on it.

Directionally Challenged : Damn it! now the robots have come for our backup dancer jobs!

CrownieVA : How humanity loses against robots: Dance Battles