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Nonya Bisnis : When you've finally eradicated the human race.

Paul : Love the sassy over the shoulder look as its thrusting its roboass in our faces.

Garfields World : 1950: *we’ll have robots in the future and make them to slave work* 2019: *uses robots to dance to music*

Phillip Forrest : This video never fails to make me smile. It's such a wholesome thing.

Ghostly : "How's he so good at dancing?" Boston Dynamics "AlgoRHYTHM baby!"

Tetrini : *When you flex how good your robots are by making them dance better then everyone watching*

Hyun Seo : Showing so much capability with just a simple fun video... That's the way to do it without technical explanations.

Christian Stiker : Plot twist, it's actually the robots getting high when the humans aren't around

Artista Livre : Primeiro dançam, depois te matam kkkk, belo filme <3

Mike Kocziban : This is what happens when you get a person from Yorkshire to run the programming - the boss said "get it t'work".........

LokiDaFerret : This has got to be one of my most favourite videos on YouTube

Federico Mancini : On the user manual: "please do not push the butt-on while the robot is twerking"

Alexander L : The future home aid robots will not be humanoid. They will look just like this, helping around the house.

CrownieVA : How humanity loses against robots: Dance Battles

Anastasia Falcon : The little shoulder shake is adorable. Don't know if it was programmed or the robot decided to add it himself hahahaha

Rose Wallace : Boston Dynamics rules!As far as I can tell You're leaps ahead of others out there. Please dont stop what You're doing guys.

Machine 27 : Best video comments I've read in a while!

Кирилл Алашеев : Тем временем в России самым современным танцующим роботом оказался пацан в костюме

Alwayz : The robots will take over, and they will be funky fresh

MrauEley : That s the last thing you ll see before your death

jogos é vida : Era isso oq o davy jones temia kkkkkk "o futuro"

ubertoby : When you realise people are starting to get a bit scared about your creations & decide to do a funny video to throw them off the scent.

Chris Benn : ha! In the start of the video, it looked like it was a gun-barrel we were looking into on top of the... dogrobot!

T L : They will be programmed to do this right before they murder you.

ender1260 : So I guess the robots are going to be fortnite dancing over our corpses after the uprising huh

Plqskov : I want them to do this routine every time before they start killing us it will be cool. It can drop a small speaker on the ground do the dance and then pull out the lasers or machine-guns and rip us to shreds.

Synthx : That bot has orders of magnitude stronger game than mine...

tinderuppal : Nice way to soften human killing robot dogs

Manisha Wal : When you dont get abused by the humans for a week

G. Friedli : Awesome Work Boston Dynamics is doing. All i would like to know, when and where are those Bots available to buy...

tdunlopmusic : dances a little bit then jumps you and starts eating..

Rocketplumber : They could build a Pierson's Puppeteer from spare parts.

Олег Ларионов : Вот интересно, кто мог поставить аж 2.7 тыс дизов? Бабульки из отрядов Путина? Других версий у меня нет.

Boutros Boutros Boutros Ghali : First they take our jobs, now they take over the dance floor..

shocklobster : Did humanity just get twerked at by a flipping robot?


jon b : She is such a beautiful piece of engineering... Amazing

jlee29170 : This fills my heart with gladness.


Marthinn Kehntoozs : put it on BFR and send it to Mars.

Alex Blake : Holy shit that's amazing. That must having taken ages to program that to look as smooth as it did

Machine Gear : Send one of these on mars or moon and record them performing dance, you know for SCIENCE.


Haunting Spook : 1985: In the future, we’re going to have hover boards! 2018: We have invented a moonwalking robot quadruped

AyKoze : Ahaha, it's scary but at the same time fun.

Beat Sky : The best dance i ever see..

benjamiah 777 : Metal gear Rex early concept

Tyno Rex : Extinct humans ( ) Make a dance (✓)

Blackridge : Military Commander: "Alright.. show us this thing's capabilities." Boston Dynamics: "We think you'll be very pleased, General."