Former city councilman confronting hikers who come too close to his property

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NJ Wandering News : He should be arrested for making a false 911 call

forever one : Thats a great example of entitlement thinking, think they own everything arounx them...

matycee : Hikers causing "tremendous stress" huh? These entitled idiots have NO IDEA what tremendous stress is.

UDONTCME111 : Oh man, if I was a teenager and lived in Mesa I would be messing with this dude all the time.

Daemon Hauyer : This guy has some serious mental health issues.

J G : He probably is doing something very weird inside his house and don’t want hikers to catch a glimpse

PANZERFAUST90 : sounds and looks like just another deranged lunatic with Mine Mine Mine Syndrome.

Ian Moon : RULE #1. Don't Get High On Your Own Supply!!!!

Lee Smith : What a jerk we have the opposite here there is a house on a popular trail and the owner built a bench water fountain and dog fountain for hikers and everyone walks by his house happy salt lake City Utah

Dan Earl : Have a couple officers hike the trail and when it gets to the 911 call , let him know we are already here and your under arrest for false call

Cell Chaos : Locals there should organize a group trail hike. Then the group should stop on the trail behind his house for a photo opportunity 😂

johnny_schwifty.soundcloud : Police should check what's in his basement...

realpqleur : Could be they are hiding something, any children missing in area?

Angel Eyes33 : But there’s a fence around his property and she was walking outside of the fence. How can this even be a claim that he is making?!

Krista Harmon : He's shaking?????? Too funny.

Aron Dunlap-OFD Watch Channel : Hope she wins her lawsuit against this asshat.

Wallace Geller : The guy is an idiot. The hiking trail is not on his propetty. He has no standing .

rick miller : It's a popular thing in Arizona for the entitled to surround their property with government land so you don't have neighbors. They also designate lands for preserves, setbacks etc to keep those less wealthy out of their neighborhoods while making them pay for it. GoDaddy?

Phill Huddleston : He is acting like a crazy homeless person.

MrJreed1000 : F*%$ this guy

najbrzi28 : That IDIOT is a REPUBLICAN! I'm not surprised.

ophiecat : Put a 20 foot high fence around his property. See if he likes that view. Ha!

Tom Collins : dude should not do meth. it makes you crazy....crazier. people like dude are what's wrong with america.

Bry Rye : It does not even belong to him in the first place. It belongs to the native americans.

GodofWarChuka : What a rich A-Hole!

Sharay's Corner : If the trail isn't properly marked, it's not the hikers fault. And his fence/wall wasn't even close to the trail. He was being very dramatic.

Pills161 : Epic Streisand Effect he did on himself, now people will go intentionally mess with him since it's not that hard to find his location.

Funeral Hall : What are you doing man? DON T RUN THE LADYS OFF! Are you all right? It’s good when lady’s are about! It’s good luck for A guys when lady’s are around ! YOU KNOW THIS MAN! I wish any of the lady’s of this world would Come around here! I would not run them off! You going against these lady’s is like trying to stop A car on the free way Going 70mph with just your hand! Not ever happening! THE WOMAN IS THE SUPERPOWER IN THIS WORLD! THEY MAKE PEOPLE MAN! Come on! You have A mom! Would you run her off? NO YOU WOULD NOT! We all know that! BE A MAN ! NOT A CRYING BABY! Yes I am A very bad speller! SORRY ABOUT THAT! I am not dogging you! YOU NEED SOME HELP! YOU KNOW THE WORLD LOVES THE WOMAN! You going against everything we are all about! I HOPE YOU STOP TREATING THESE LADYS LIKE A DOGS BODY! THE WORLD IS MAD AT YOU SIR!

perryandy2 : you obviously have some pretty serious money to build that house - still not happy? buy an island

Heidi Neale : Every hiker in the area should make a point to go hiking there now, then stop and have an extended rest break. These are the type of people who buy a house beside a pig farm, then complain and insist the farm be shut down. Smh. What a couple a ridiculous weirdos. Hope there's a charge for a false 911 call.

Washable Junk : Guy needs to stop smoking meth

Kiki : With all that time on his hands he should just get another job.

Mike Messer : Hehe ... get some 2nd Amendment folks to go hiking up there. THEN you'll see stress,

Bobby G : That guy has been drinking way too much soy milk.

Alex I : Get 50+ hikers or more and get some chairs and go sit right there facing his house and have lunch.

Vanity Fair : Typical. Rich person moves in and wants to change everything to accommodate them.

blastman8888 : Sounds like this man has mental illness next thing he will be armed.

Vitality Massage : I'd like to file a report on the newscaster women's FACES OVERLY PACKED with MAKEUP! lol They look totally FAKE like manikins!

Dale Gribble : Huh, now that I think of it, crystal meth is a bad idea.

Beany 57 : A hiking marching band every Friday evening and mariachis 😂

Train Boxing at Home - Ty Thomas : Psychopath future massshooter

Alex kaneh bosm : I know where my next hike is gonna be !

Ben Martz : Abc will post anything online. In atlanta we would of already burned his house down!

gk10002000 : Heck, I would organize some mass hikings and walk bys every day! And charges should be filed against him for false charges, misusing 911 etc

John Dolby : That guy needs his ass kicked

Sammy : ™I'm surprised no one shot him yet💪😎🖕💯

Mud The 1st : He's doing his "big boy attitude" to impress the girls.

Jeffrey Kroll : Dude is nuts. I would let him and his batshit crazy wife enjoy their insanity and hike in a much more peaceful place. No where near MESA!!

Tom Hertz : He's obviously on meth or has delusions / paranoid

Phoenix Typewriter : I don't hike much , but I think I might now that the weather has cooled and I know a nice trail to try.....