One Point English Lesson

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苏雨琪 : 从拂菻坊那里来的举手!(๑´•ω•)

Emmanuel Paradela : God dammit, Toshi, just give the lady what she wants.

Balkan Let's Play : LMFAO Come on TOSHI XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD or My grandmother gives good head looooooool

Daniel Ye : 拂菻坊观光团签到处

A Tem : lol her whole family gives good head

MeanieTheMeme : I'm Toshi and I can confirm that she gives good head.

moshimoshitoshi : wish me luck guys

Muhamed Owda : it seems "giving good head" is passed down through her family

peterpiperdiedharper : I am going to Japan and tell people my name is Toshi

Khusuke : I lost it when she started saying her reratives + mom + grandmother give good head...

LaVey Charkus Veros : Toshi is a very lucky guy. :)

Keirnoth : Her English doesn't have a strong Japanese accent - I wonder if she's Japanese-American?


Forssa1 : I feel so good right now. And my name is not even Toshi.

egal : I love how she's in like a bathrobe instead of a kimono. Flawless. She's _so_ good.


Stranger : I prepared my memo pad

Halfcentaur : Learning the important things

Daryl Lukas : My grandmother does what?! WTF did I just watch, Toshi?! God Dammit!

YujinXshadow : Toshi must be at the top of his game.

ThunderCats : Toshi, if you don't, I will.

acelsg : What is the name of this actress?

Nightwings Firebullit : she gives good succ

Sean Matsumoto : I dont know who this Toshi guy is.. But He must be good in bed

Quarnivorr : I'm mad that this is a legit English lesson where you actually learn things

Impact Player : Toshi pls

Yuxi Shi : "my grandmother gives good head"

Patrick Reilly : reratives

Leo Xu : 这个系列的视频简直有毒😂

沙成金 : 还有吗?笑死我了。

takerukite K : -What's the song? -Darude-Sandstorm. -What's your name? -Toshi.

Danny Hetherwick : I felt uncomfortable watching this and I'm sitting here alone...


Soltra45 : I wish I was Toshi. : Let's use it constructively!

IARRCSim : too bad Toshi is gay

-TriP- : damnit demo-senpai who is this 'toshi' and how do i get his job

HOSHAN : Notice me toshi-senpai

pseudogenesis : Toshi is the camera guy

whatthexbox old channel : Japan is getting more f**ked up in media. That's why I love Japan.

TGiSH IllidanServer : I heard this is how they order their coffee in Japan.

萍乡之声Voice of Pingxiang : Is that an English training lesson for sex workers?

realeques : damn... i wish i could trade my 5 years of french vs japanese ..

GokaikillerTobi : this could pass off as porn


Tim Yui : 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂笑死了

beatchef : .................. desu.

tianlong Dai : That's the reason why Japanese woman popular of all the world...

Fandom Smoothie : My friend sent this to me with no context.. She did tell me to wear headphones though... I didnt listen...

Loyzengiaie Shwise : God damn it Toshi, just go