An Exhaustive Look at Pokémon Omega Ruby

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A comprehensive commentary on Pokémon Omega Ruby, using it as a case study to explore the series' strengths and weaknesses. ...Three days after Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon came out, good job Shay you baboon. ------------------------------ 01:10 Intro 03:38 Littleroot Town 08:55 Route 101, Oldale Town, Route 103 13:20 Route 102 20:14 Petalburg City 23:44 Route 104, Petalburg Woods 33:54 Rustboro City, Route 116, Rustboro Gym 43:33 Dewford Town, Dewford Gym 47:52 Granite Cave, Meeting Steven 49:52 Route 109, Slateport City 56:52 Oceanic Museum 1:00:00 Contest Spectacular Hall 1:08:57 Route 110 1:14:28 Mauville City 1:20:51 Cycling Road, Granite Cave 1:25:18 Battle Food Court 1:29:02 Mauville Gym 1:30:56 Route 117, Verdanturf Town 1:34:44 Route 111, Route 112, Fiery Path 1:41:46 Route 113, Fallarbor Town 1:54:08 Route 114 1:58:48 Meteor Falls 2:02:48 Mt. Chimney, Jagged Pass 2:06:09 Lavaridge Town, Lavaridge Gym 2:17:14 Route 111 Desert 2:20:50 Petalburg Gym 2:27:06 Routes 105-109 2:30:37 Trick House 2:34:14 Route 118, Southern Island 2:42:14 Route 123 2:47:19 Route 119, Weather Institute 3:12:53 Fortree City, Fortree Gym 3:23:38 Route 120 3:30:29 Route 122, Mt. Pyre 3:36:22 Safari Zone, Route 121 3:49:09 Lilycove City 3:53:32 Magma Hideout 3:57:44 Route 124 4:00:49 Mossdeep City, Mossdeep Gym 4:06:01 Route 125, Shoal Cave, Sea Mauville, Route 127 4:18:54 Seafloor Cavern 4:25:56 Sootopolis City, Cave of Origin 4:40:10 Sootopolis Gym 4:42:27 Pokémon Hunt 4:49:34 Mauville Hills, New Mauville 4:54:56 Routes 126-131, Secret Bases 5:04:02 Pacifidlog Town 5:10:49 Routes 132-134 5:12:14 Sealed Chamber 5:22:54 Legendary Hunt 5:31:14 Route 128, Ever Grande City, Victory Road 5:40:20 Pokémon League 6:02:28 Delta Episode 6:30:11 Post-game Content 6:32:27 Battle Resort 6:39:29 Battle Maison 6:59:20 Transferring Pokémon, Mythical Pokémon 7:02:43 Pokémon League Rematches 7:03:33 Miscellaneous Wrap-up 7:07:52 Conclusion ------------------------------ Links and Credits The Bug Boy: the early years of Pokémon's Satoshi Tajiri: Game Freak on Player Freedom vs. Story in Pokémon: Interview with Masuda on ORAS and why there is no Battle Frontier: Why Pokémon Go Works: Pokémon Director Explains Why Series is Becoming Easier: Musical Interlude by PiPsteer: So Does Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Include Trainer Customization?: Bloodborne Is Genius, And Here's Why: Pokemon's Junichi Masuda: "We weren’t explicitly targeting children": L.T.'s Twitter: Interview with Shigeru Ohmori (Japanese):

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Sean Jackson : Nice job stretching the vid to the 10 minute mark smh

Matti : the virgin 1 hour review vs the chad 7 hour review

BMOnus : The accent makes this 20% better.

E W : >not gonna go over every mechanic here that would take forever >he says with over 6 hours left to watch

Luke Evenson : Pierce Brosnan ate Mrs. Fitzsimmons' seabass!

RadicalSoda : I gotta step up my game, Jesus Christ, what a video

Wayne Write : When I found the braille segment as a kid I asked my parents what are all these symbols. They told me what it was and since we were at my grandparents I had access to their encyclopedias. I'm sure my parents told me to use them, but soon I had an encyclopedia open and steadily deciphered the ruins. It was a lot of fun and it's one of the few mysteries I was able to solve in a game before I knew the internet existed.

Yukari Yoshisaki : am i the only one who wants more reviews to be like this

Damion Williams : Can we get an Exhaustive Look at Pokemon Platinum? Or Black and White and eventually Black 2 White 2? Edit: This is a Look at Pokemon, not a review. Changed my wording a little bit

Skeletater : you should make a follow-up video to more thoroughly explain your thoughts

Bordje : I'm pretty baked and I put this video on to help me get to sleep, but "I'm off to the the PokeToilet to take a PokePesh" kept me up laughing for a good extra 10 minutes so thanks for the sleep deprivation mate. 10/10 video.

axsenion : How is it possible that at the end of an over 7 hour long video, I want more??

Ana Kadela : I've watched this video quite a few times, actually. It really helped to distract from the pain after I had a tough surgery as it was long enough to keep my attention. Really appreciate all the work you put into this, thanks a lot!

liforrevenge : Pierce Brosnan ate Mrs. Fitzsimmons seabass Great video!

TheGamingBritShow : Gonna have to flag this video for murdering all other videos.

WhyBuffet : This video is outstanding, Shay. You have a thorough knowledge of the Pokémon series, a good balance of providing personal anecdotes as well as factual evidence (like snippets from interviews and such), and a great sense of humour. I would love to see a similar deconstruction of other Pokémon games in the future. Oh, and of course: Pierce Brosnon ate Mrs. Fitzsimmon's sea bass!

Jack YT : Just one more video before bed mom

Dragoran Draconian : This has been such a fantastic watch. I really hope you decide do make another one of these some day. One thing that particularly stood out to me was how often you'd relate things back to the 'playground' experience of Pokemon. Sharing secrets with your pals, debating which Pokemon was the coolest, and navigating the awful hardware and link cables of previous generations... I think you did a really excellent job, throughout this massive project, focusing your vision on Pokemon as a childhood experience - not for the sake of cheap nostalgia, but rather because you correctly realise that the Pokemon series is designed to play out one's childhood dreams!

L Lawliet : MauLer is just sitting behind his computer, “I’ll show you long”.

Landon : Pierce Brosnon ate Mrs. Fitzsimmons seabass

minifigamer : There is going to be no more immortal line than “something to do I suppose”

Passione Kai : I do not like the Hoopa ring catchfest for legendaries one single bit in ORAS. It trivializes legendaries into Pokemon whose value is solely based on their stats and rarity, instead of the air of mystery and adventure that surrounds their place in the world of Pokemon and encountering them organically. Unfortunately this is even more severe when it comes to mythical Pokemon, which are now relegated to routine giveaways starting with Gen 6 onward. Instead of being a unique experience where you gain access to new areas and story content that can result in a special battle against said mythical Pokemon, we are just given it with no effort and are expected to learn about it through means outside of the game whether that be a new movie or loose manga chapter.

andrew flores : Boi why are there no ads I wanna pay you for this but for free

Charlie Chuckles : Around 55:00 ish on nicknames. I agree about how people only trade away Pokemon they don't really care about, but I also think the unchangeable nicknames if you aren't OT should exist. A compromise would be letting you nickname a Pokemon that isn't originally yours if it DOESN'T have a nickname, but if it's given one, it's permanent. That way breedject number 48209348023 off wonder trade isn't doomed to just being "Nidoran" for all eternity.

powersonic0123 : Some reviewers: 20 minutes seems too long for a review... Most reviewers: Ok, 1 hour is definitely too long. Shay: *7 HOURS? OH BOI, SEEMS GOOD TO ME!*

Scott Bradley : "Which is fine, send me the link" has been the best joke that was just slipped in and I actually laughed out loud. I'm not even halfway into the video but it's been an amazing and insightful look at things, both good and bad, that I've noticed with the series but couldn't explain it in detail like this wonderful madman can.

Frost : I would love for you to do one of these for other Pokemon games. This was highly entertaining and I was slightly disappointed to see that you never did any more of these

Random : i also allways used tropius as the HM Slave Pierce Brosnon ate Mrs. Fitzsimmons seabass 39:30 wich is possible if you have 1 pokemon and before he has a 10 minute rent abbout the op XP share wich does not share but multiplie XP 4:07:05 love it

Cameron Fairlie : Ok, but for real: when do we get another one of these?

Malisteen : The bit about pokemon designers not distinguishing between gimmicks and important features, leading to major advancements in one game getting arnitrarily dropped in the next, is a big thing, and a bigger frusteatiin in gen 7 than ever before. PSS in gen 6 was so, so good. Being able to see when my friends came online and having the chance to trade or battle with them without interrupting my progress through the game was like having those friends there on my pokemon adventure with me. Online functionality in gen 7 was such a colossal step back that i was hardly able to play with my online friends at all. Beyond that, second screen functionality in gen 7 was just bad all round. Rotom dex was a fantastic idea, but the designers did nothing with it, it was just uselessly there staring at you, as if to taunt you with the absence if ORAS's amazing dexnav. I liked a lot about tge gen 7 games - the look, the island setting, the challanges as a fresh alternative to gyms, the pokemon themselves... but the basic game play experience coming from gen 6 is the biggest generational downgrade i think we've ever seen in this series.

Pyrosong : Pierce Brosnan ate Mrs. Fitzsimmons' seabass! And I did watch all the way through as well. Great opinions and analysis, really enjoyed listening!

Chas Gulley : Streetpass gets a lot of crap from people who never get to see it shine, but it certainly does shine when you bring your 3DS to a college campus.

LoudSoda : This video is the best video ever released on the internet. This is like a novel, I love it so much. Ps, as a geographer, I also get excited with maps and I think Pokémon Spurred my love of them.

Wasserbienchen : 1:07:30 - I don't know, I really enjoyed the Pokeathlon as the only one of the diversions, and found them very enjoyable as minigames and bonding mechanics. None of the other features did, though. However, my girlfriend is the only person I know that had beat every master contest in the original games where getting the berries to make the good pokeblocks was a very, very hard achievement, and she had even bred pokemon specifically for the purpose. I think that they serve a similar purpose to the pokemon amie system, honestly. Bonding with your pixel friends. I know that time proibably could have been better spent, but I'm not sure I'd call all this pointless. Also, I'd write pierce simmons whatever, but I can honesty not make out what that catchphrase is supposed to be. I'm listening to you ramble as I play pokemon. Oddly relaxing.

Kristien Whitneyjohns : That wally soundtrack at victory road was great what you saying XD

Kristien Whitneyjohns : I know you mentioned perfect team building as a negative but I love creating competitively viable teams lol

Mistah Jenkins : Uh... Well, you told me to, so... Pierce Brosnan ate Mrs. Fitsimmon's sea bass. ... Yeah, I don't get it either. Anyway, as I'm watching this, I'm also playing Alpha Sapphire, and one little thing worth noting: I don't know if I got really fucking lucky, but I have a Mightyena that is bulky as hell. It's kinda scary how defensive the guy is...

dainxjac : Mom said i could watch one more video before bed...

Finnbro : Just want to say thanks for making this video. You illuminated all kinds of aspects, both negative and positive, about Pokémon and in particular some of the newer games that I was aware of subconsciously but for whatever reason never registered for me until now. I have played and enjoyed every entry in the Pokémon series, but I feel like the 3DS games especially take the safest route possible design-wise and ultimately become unmemorable to the point that I can't say whether I'd recommend them to someone else. I remember enjoying them, but the finer details are fuzzy I think because I got tunnel vision for what the game truly focuses on, the core gameplay loop (catch, train, battle, progress etc). Since there wasn't much difficulty progressing, that leads to a lack of challenge for the player and therefore a lack of memorable moments. I remember beating alpha Sapphire and doing the Battle Maison but I must have blacked out during that delta chapter shitshow, for example. Your video has definitely taught me to think a bit more critically about my favorite game series and I would love to see you do a review of sun/moon and ultra sun/moon eventually. I have never watched a 7 hour long video before but this kept me engaged over the course of 2 days so for that I commend you. Keep making great content 😁

Julias : Pierce Brosnan ate Mrs Fitzsimmon's sea bass

Maxwell Klein : Pierce Brosnon ate Mrs. Fitzsimmons seabass Also am i hallucinating or was that Jerma and STAR_ during the berrypicking montage Also Also, First we need to talk about parallel universes.

Grant Bielecki : Pierce brozmann are Mrs. fitsimmons seabass! Did I spell that right? No? Aight

Gueko : okay just one more video and I'm going to bed

Robert Williamson : I dont agree with your interpretation of Wally's theme. I dont think theres supposed to be pathos at all, rather the theme is supposed to describe wally and his new outlook and attitude and strength. and i think it does that well.

GWOGoldwarrior : Pierce Brosnon ate Mrs. Fitzsimmons seabass! Also can you make another review like this for another pokemon game please? It would be awesome!

Meaty Jesus : I finally made it through this review, and I've gotta say it was a lot more captivating than I originally anticipated it would be. I thought it was hilarious how you absolutely lambasted the game for it's extremely easy level curve and shit-tier writing (especially the delta episode, I was taking it seriously up until riding into space on Rayquaza split my sides open). On the other hand I liked how you were fair about most of the flaws that there were no easy fix for. You clearly love these games and so do I, and it's nice to see that you really just want the series to reach its max potential. I'd love to see more videos like this that I can watch over the span of a few days, but it's also understandable if you never want to review a video game again after this colossal undertaking. Nonetheless, I feel as though I've come out of the video learning something new not just about the series, but some of the philosophies and real world equivalents behind certain attributes of the game. Great job. P.S. I loved the double take you did reading that guy's dialogue at 6:34:51 and it gave me a hearty chuckle once I understood the implications (or maybe I'm just a little sick in the head)

GryynGlo : I can’t believe I watched 7 hours of this. One of (if not the very best) the best video essays I have ever seen

Mazza : Some people will look at this video and say why... I look at this video and say Wynaut

Alvin das Rosas : Maxie: I fear no man. But that thing *looks over at 12 year old trainer* ..... it scares me.