An Exhaustive Look at Pokémon Omega Ruby

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TheGamingBritShow : Gonna have to flag this video for murdering all other videos.

BMOnus : The accent makes this 20% better.

RadicalSoda : I gotta step up my game, Jesus Christ, what a video

Savan Chandul : Pokemon, 7 hours, Review, Scottish. Everything.

Wolf. : Finally made it to the end. It was a really unique experience. 14 hour Sun and Moon review pls.

Wayne Write : When I found the braille segment as a kid I asked my parents what are all these symbols. They told me what it was and since we were at my grandparents I had access to their encyclopedias. I'm sure my parents told me to use them, but soon I had an encyclopedia open and steadily deciphered the ruins. It was a lot of fun and it's one of the few mysteries I was able to solve in a game before I knew the internet existed.

Ana Kadela : I've watched this video quite a few times, actually. It really helped to distract from the pain after I had a tough surgery as it was long enough to keep my attention. Really appreciate all the work you put into this, thanks a lot!

Shade Blackwolf : Here is a radical idea... themed gyms rather than typed gyms. For example a cat and a dog gym. A professor who's name is not a tree. Starter pokemon should be a far wider choice. I can't spell that feebas phrase. It's about time all pokemon start speaking in their own voices. The issue is not too much water, the issue is they did not make the water interresting

Bordje : I'm pretty baked and I put this video on to help me get to sleep, but "I'm off to the the PokeToilet to take a PokePesh" kept me up laughing for a good extra 10 minutes so thanks for the sleep deprivation mate. 10/10 video.

Benny Boi : Black and White 2 is still the best.

Andrew Dunn : I think the new exp share really should be a post game item

Finnbro : Just want to say thanks for making this video. You illuminated all kinds of aspects, both negative and positive, about Pokémon and in particular some of the newer games that I was aware of subconsciously but for whatever reason never registered for me until now. I have played and enjoyed every entry in the Pokémon series, but I feel like the 3DS games especially take the safest route possible design-wise and ultimately become unmemorable to the point that I can't say whether I'd recommend them to someone else. I remember enjoying them, but the finer details are fuzzy I think because I got tunnel vision for what the game truly focuses on, the core gameplay loop (catch, train, battle, progress etc). Since there wasn't much difficulty progressing, that leads to a lack of challenge for the player and therefore a lack of memorable moments. I remember beating alpha Sapphire and doing the Battle Maison but I must have blacked out during that delta chapter shitshow, for example. Your video has definitely taught me to think a bit more critically about my favorite game series and I would love to see you do a review of sun/moon and ultra sun/moon eventually. I have never watched a 7 hour long video before but this kept me engaged over the course of 2 days so for that I commend you. Keep making great content 😁

Andrew Remelius : Great video! I would like to see a 7 hour review of Putt Putt Goes to the Moon.

Sean Jackson : Nice job stretching the vid to the 10 minute mark smh

/ minifigamer / : There is going to be no more immortal line than “something to do I suppose”

Drew Armstrong, The Glorious Lobster Emperor : One of the things I don't agree on is the Experience Share. Hell yeah it makes you need to play "less of the game". But the part you're missing out on is the most boring part. Grinding levels is boring, and in my opinion there is a line between "training" and grinding levels. Because let's face it, would you have preferred to just send out all your Pokèmon one at a time to get XP, or just activate an item?

Mandatorial : 2:40:00 It worries med when a quote from Gamefreak starts with "Rather than any actual feedback from players..." So they didn't listen to player demand but just theorised what would be appealing? No wonder players are not satisfied with the difficulty.

Fluffy Milkshake : I made it through the entire video, reserved an entire day for it. Where's my T-shirt?

Landon : Pierce Brosnon ate Mrs. Fitzsimmons seabass

Malisteen : Agree about it being kind of unfortunate how the seemingly ficticious legends about pokemon in earlier games are made literal in recent ones, but it's not a new problem in gen 6. The 'legends' have been treated literally at least since gen 4, which had even more absurdly high stakes and 'godlike' pokemon than those in ORAS.

Zeikier : Pierce Brosnan ate Leftovers and Fitzsummonsed some of its Feebas. ...wait a minute. Pokemon giving you lots of tools to break it so willingly and catering to the apathy of impatience are very important points. Like you said, "too easy" is a misnomer, but at the same time the games usually aren't in a hurry to put the pressure on you, especially ORAS.

MegiDolaDyne : Pierce Brosnan ate Ms. Fitzsimmons' sea bass. On an unrelated note, I loved the speed-up gag in the context of breeding for egg moves. Wouldn't want the video going over seven and a half hours, that'd just be insane.

5header : 3 hours in, I saw this vid as a kind of challenge but its actually really well done and full of interesting little facts about the game.

Myerscodex : Pierce Brosnon ate Mrs Fitzsimmons' sea bass...

Some Guy : I'd like to point out three things that might cheer you up: - A lot of Nintendo mainline IPs had been suffering from stagnation prior to the Switch - Switch releases for these IPs have been doing a really good job at ending this stagnation (BotW, Odyssey, Super Mario Party, et cetera) - The next main series Pokemon game is slated to come out on Switch (don't worry about Let's Go, it's basically an unrelated thing) So I'm fairly hopeful that the next main series game is going to be pretty impressive.

Jesse Krepakevich : The amount of time, effort and dedication put into the video is honestly staggering. I love the mix of thorough analysis as well as personal opinion of nearly every single aspect of the game. It's a shame; this kind of content unfortunately just isn't circulated or consumed nearly as much as it deserves to be. You clearly have an exceptional talent for analyzing game design and presenting it in a very concise and coherent manner (which is ironic considering this video is SEVEN HOURS). It never really feels like you're harping on a topic for too long. All in all really glad to have found this. I'm only 3 hours in so far but I'm definitely going to finish it because it's really just that good. Hope to see more content like this in a future! Also Pears Brosdan ate Mrs. Fitzsimmon's seabass

dulled edge : i came up with an idea to fix the nature problem I call it the pokecinema you would pay a high price to see a movie with a pokemon that would change its nature, for example, let's say you had a modest machamp and wanted it adamant you could see a movie to change it to that . the genre would determine the nature adamant would be action impish would be horror modest would be a B movie jolly would be a comedy etc

藍海 : "its never a good idea to keep a monotype team“ 1v1 me punk, my monotype water team will wreck you

ShayMay : Now you know why I was away for a year. Thanks for sticking with me folks. I really hope this was worth the wait.

ThomazSDA : Man, that was quite the ride. I agree with a LOT of your pointers though. This series has seen a decline lately. GF has this amazing ability to think of something new and usually cool idea only to abandon it next the game never to be seen again (Pokémon following you in HGSS? YESSS). There are so many things that could have been in this game and in SM and USUM, but no... I am glad I got Alpha Sapphire, Sun and Ultra Sun and all, but they all miss something big. A lot of your points zoom in on that honestly. It's like how, between SM and USUM, USUM is clearly the better game with all the new catchable mons and a couple of specific things (Beldum being catchable in a Heavy Ball!!! <3), but as it's supposedly in a parallel universe and thus, if you have played SM before, you literally have played USUM except for a few things that were changed or added. If GF just came out with USUM right away, I would've had less issues with it as it is. Now it's just a cash grab. Anyway, as for ORAS, the games are really good. I really liked the DexNav since it allows for some cool stuff very early on. I really really dislike how the Exp.Share is handled in gen 6 and gen 7 though. Either you turn it on and the game is even more of a cakewalk than it already is because you're vastly overleveled or you turn it off and your Pokémon start really struggling with levels. I, for one, am a sucker for mono type teams myself since they tend to give more of a challenge than a balanced team would, but if I'm 5 levels higher than the rest, the disadvantage falls off very fast. Or if I'm underleveled, it becomes a chore and not neccesarily a challenge. Also, it is VERY obvious that ORAS are ported from Ruby and Sapphire and that's sad. In my opinion, Emerald is clearly the better game between the three and thus they should have at least ported all of the non-storyline stuff. I understand they went with two games for cash-grab purposes, but still. I really liked the Battle Frontier, for one, and double battling happened more often in Emerald too. Battle Maison is exactly what you said, it's straight from XY and it's just not as fun as the Battle Tower in any of the games were. Honestly, I could type forever on this subject, but perhaps I shouldn't lol. Great review!

Charlie Chuckles : Around 55:00 ish on nicknames. I agree about how people only trade away Pokemon they don't really care about, but I also think the unchangeable nicknames if you aren't OT should exist. A compromise would be letting you nickname a Pokemon that isn't originally yours if it DOESN'T have a nickname, but if it's given one, it's permanent. That way breedject number 48209348023 off wonder trade isn't doomed to just being "Nidoran" for all eternity.

Danni Jensen : I only like the first 40 or so hours of Pokemon, and even though that sounds like it's not a problem, it is a problem when I could have fun with it at least 6x longer if they allowed the player to "catch em' all". The problem lies with the way that more than a dozen pokemon are time and location exclusive, and leaves me with an incomplete pokedex. If I remember correctly, the first 2 generations let you catch every pokemon by either owning both versions of the game or had a friend that owned the version you didn't, but I am instead left to abandon a game I otherwise would have loved.

Captain Ace : 2:37:44 thank me later

Spenser Cool : It's Pokemon. How is this 7 hours. 7. S e v e n. One. Two. Three. Four. S E V E N. That's an hour a day for a W E E K. S E V E N H O U R S, like, not even the whole series. O N E G A M E. Also nice Scottish accent.

axsenion : How is it possible that at the end of an over 7 hour long video, I want more??

Carl Nesbit : One major complaint I have about these games was the fact that, in a game about living in balance between technology and nature as the base themes of the games, they decide that the remakes need a two story shopping mall and appartment building. This just feels sooo out of place with the themes and feel of the original games and ruins the feel of the entire area. Also, I love the Delta episode review part... so spot on and hilarious at the same time. Pierce Brosnon ate Mrs. Fitzsimons sea bass?

Marc Gomez : Just finished watching the video after many days, and I really have to say: thank you. All the effort that you put into this video didn't go unnoticed. I agree with mostly everything you said in the video, and Pokémon really needs to rethink its mechanics and adjust the difficulty. As I write this, Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee launched a few weeks ago and it's the first Pokémon game I didn't buy at launch. I think it's another "one step forward, two steps backwards" game in the series. Recently I decided I'd be much more critic about Game Freak's work with the franchise, and this video helped me reaffirm and focus my criticism. This comment may get lost and forgotten, but nonetheless your amazing video made me want to express my gratitude, because I also love Pokémon. Thank you.

Drew Armstrong, The Glorious Lobster Emperor : >TFW this guy talks about Pokemon for as long as it took me to speedrun Puzzle Quest How did you manage it m8? TELL ME YOUR SECRETS?!

The Geek Critique : ME: "Oh boy, my next video is going to be over an hour long!" SHAY: "Haud* ma beer." Seriously though, I'm half an hour in, and this has been a blast so far. This was the game that kinda broke my Pokémon fandom after almost twenty years, and seeing you delve deeper than ANYONE EVER HAS into it is a real treat. Thank you, man!

Yukari Yoshisaki : am i the only one who wants more reviews to be like this

Mewion : A great in depth review, definitely gonna have to force friends to watch this. So much information.

Dan Gleeson : "There isn't really much point in making a game like this non-linear, due to the levelling-up system." Take notes, *Johto!*

Grenika : i watched the entire video your welcome for the watch time lol

Skeletater : you should make a follow-up video to more thoroughly explain your thoughts

Drew Armstrong, The Glorious Lobster Emperor : 4:09:19 Excellent idea ShayMay! Now I want a Pokemon game set in the Soviet Union! *CHEEKI BREEKI INTENSIFIES*

Some Guy : I don’t know how to spell Piers’ surname but he ate someone’s sea bass apparently.

Malisteen : The bit about pokemon designers not distinguishing between gimmicks and important features, leading to major advancements in one game getting arnitrarily dropped in the next, is a big thing, and a bigger frusteatiin in gen 7 than ever before. PSS in gen 6 was so, so good. Being able to see when my friends came online and having the chance to trade or battle with them without interrupting my progress through the game was like having those friends there on my pokemon adventure with me. Online functionality in gen 7 was such a colossal step back that i was hardly able to play with my online friends at all. Beyond that, second screen functionality in gen 7 was just bad all round. Rotom dex was a fantastic idea, but the designers did nothing with it, it was just uselessly there staring at you, as if to taunt you with the absence if ORAS's amazing dexnav. I liked a lot about tge gen 7 games - the look, the island setting, the challanges as a fresh alternative to gyms, the pokemon themselves... but the basic game play experience coming from gen 6 is the biggest generational downgrade i think we've ever seen in this series.

Lucas M : My first Pokemon game. Loved it to death. Soon after I got Ruby. Loved that one too. It’s nice to see a 7 hour video analyzing my first and favorite Pokémon game.

Aurum : why

loppol11 : in awe at the size of this review, absolute unit