An Exhaustive Look at Pokémon Omega Ruby

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TheGamingBritShow : Gonna have to flag this video for murdering all other videos.

Sean Jackson : Nice job stretching the vid to the 10 minute mark smh

Skeletater : you should make a follow-up video to more thoroughly explain your thoughts

Konrad Galica : I feel like people are confused as to why exactly this video was 7 hours. I highly doubt he'll make another review of a Pokemon anytime soon, variety in topics would be a better choice unless he's striving to become a Pokemon reviewer. But also, a large majority of the review is analyzing the series as a whole, Omega Ruby is just the game he's playing to analyze it all. If he did another review it wouldn't be 7 hours because he wouldn't need to go in depth on the core mechanics of the game. Just wanted to point this out cuz I've seen a lot of comments asking for more 7 hour long review of Ultra Sun or Moon or any other Pokemon game, when there wouldn't be a need for one

Corgi Of Steel : This might very well be the greatest review of any piece of media of all time, and I'm not exaggerating. You managed to make a seven hour video talking about a single game not feel like it went on too long or dragged at all. Everyone on Youtube who wants to start doing game reviews needs to watch this video and take notes.

Myerscodex : Pierce Brosnon ate Mrs Fitzsimmons' sea bass...

Great Rich : "The guy that gets excited about maps" Ah, I see you're a man of culture as well.

Kamidio : When you address how Emerald already improved on RS, you leave out a choice piece of information that would help tie in with an earlier point you made. Earlier you mentioned a lack of dungeons in the game, which overall leads to a lower amount of the rising difficulty -> release pattern. Emerald addresses this by adding new dungeons, like Mirage Tower being an extra step for the fossil quest and Team Magma's hideout being moved to My. Chimney. Emerald also increased the difficulty substantially, as opposed to ORAS which actually cut out several trainers just to make it easier, meaning that Match Call is the only way to get a challenge from normal trainers in ORAS. Also, the Relicanth and Wailord connection has to do with evolution. Relicanth is a lobe-finned fish, related to the ancestors of tetrapods. Wailord is a whale, a tetrapod that has returned to life in the sea.

Bordje : I'm pretty baked and I put this video on to help me get to sleep, but "I'm off to the the PokeToilet to take a PokePesh" kept me up laughing for a good extra 10 minutes so thanks for the sleep deprivation mate. 10/10 video.

Andrew Remelius : Great video! I would like to see a 7 hour review of Putt Putt Goes to the Moon.

Landon : Pierce Brosnon ate Mrs. Fitzsimmons seabass

FOX DIE : It's clear you really like pokemon, and spent a lot of time thinking about it. You're very entertaining and informative. The seven hours just flew by. I strongly agree with a lot of what you said. I truly wish you were somehow given creative control of a pokemon game – would love to see how you'd tinker and experiment with the system without Nintendo's typical ossification holding you back. I would definitely be interested in any other thoughts you had pokemon games or the series.

Benny Boi : Black and White 2 is still the best.

Harsh Parekh : That feebas phrase 2:57:00

Yaeddit YT : The difficulty thing is easy to fix, just add a god damn difficulty setting!! At the very least one that raises the opponent's levels and disables switching pokémon before the opponent sends a new pokémon in.

TheKinglax94 : Actually in gen 1 team rocket does have a connection with the legendary. They cloned Mew and planned to use Mewtwo to take over the world but he escaped on his own and went to Cerulean Cave without the player being involved, adding to world building

Just Andre : Hard disagree on the instrumentation during the last Wally fight being unfitting or not communicating anything about Wally's character. I was actually grinning like an idiot the first time I heard that music, because it sets out to be nothing more than a theme befitting one of the most badass Pokemon Trainers in the series - and in that moment, I realized that's exactly what Wally is. You've watched him grow from a frail and timid child out of his depth when it comes to Pokemon training to a final challenge completely worthy of the proving grounds of the entire Pokemon League, and not only does this fail to detract from his badassery at all, it actively enhances it. What does the music say about Wally as a character? Why, it says that he's _earned_ dueling you on an ethereal sunlit plain as electric guitars wail in the background, and I for one can't help but agree. Now, don't let this one point of disagreement give you the wrong idea; I loved this video so much that I've watched it all the way through twice over (both times in the span of just a day or two, as opposed to a week or more). I'm sure you've seen your share of analyses that completely changed the way you've looked at a piece of art - in terms of both articulating flaws that always bothered you even though you never even realized they existed and of making you appreciate the merits of the work on a far deeper level than you could have ever hoped to reach on your own. This video singlehandedly did that for a series that already stood as one of my most abiding loves in all of video gaming - and for that I can only say thank you, sincerely. Cheers, Shay. <3

XxTaiMTxX : Your rant about the competitive Pokémon. Oh lord, that rant is why I've NEVER engaged in even the "Battle Tower". I want a challenge, yes. I don't want a challenge that requires I spend thousands of countless hours to create a "perfect team" that I will have no emotional attachment to, in order to engage in. I want to be able to take my starter into a competitive environment. Not because I think it will be good, but because it's a symbol of where I've been in the game and what I've done. The Pokémon get ribbons for certain events, right? Do you know how cool it is to have a Ribbon on my Venusaur from Leaf Green from every Pokémon League? Kanto, Johto, Hoenn (both versions!), etcetera. It's a shame it will never be "competitive enough" to complete the variety of "Battle Tower" and "Battle Frontier" challenges. It's a shame I can never take it into a competitive environment of PvP and feel GOOD about doing so. No, I'm limited to a pool of roughly 80 or so Pokémon, and they have to be absolutely perfect and fit the Meta exactly... or I'll be lucky to even down two Pokémon each match. I don't find that fun. Pokémon is less about "skill" and "strategy" and more about "which stats you have", which I don't find lend itself to competitive anything well. It's about your TIME INVESTMENT and not about HOW CLEVER AND SMART YOU ARE AS A TRAINER. Because of that, the draw for me in Pokémon isn't in even the combat system. I find it boring. Obtuse. Annoying. Something that requires significant time investment and grind to even be able to SLIGHTLY enjoy it. And... I'm sorry, but I shouldn't have to WORK THAT HARD TO FIND FUN IN YOUR GAME. The draw for me in the games has been in the Collection now. Just completing the Pokedex. You know what MIGHT be pretty cool? If they linked that feature to the combat stuff. Like say, you get access to more training equipment and "reroll" stuff, the higher your percentage of Pokedex completion was. Maybe, you get even more access if you had legitimately obtained the mons in your game instead of transferring them all over. So, there'd be incentive to breed everything you could to raise that number of "Obtained in this game" stats. Maybe, in fact, the more complete your dex was, the better the likelihood of getting Pokémon with 6 Perfect IV's would be on capture and on breeding. Maybe, even having a "Living Pokedex (literally having one of each Pokémon in the game in your boxes) would increase XP gains on all your Pokémon by a passive amount to make raising them faster. What I find annoying is that there's no overlap here. I enjoyed battling my friends in Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver. Before any of us knew what EV's and IV's were. Before the introduction of Natures. Battle came down to which Pokémon we used and what their movesets were. Why isn't there overlap between the two kinds of Pokémon players? The kind that want to battle and the kind that want to collect? Why can't being competitive make collection easier and why can't collection make getting competitive easier? Why does there have to be this silly split? Why can't I obtain Pokémon with Battle Points? Why can't I get better IV's because I've catalogued (studied! researched!) more Pokémon? Why aren't these activities linked and make both of them easier? How come I can't change an "Ability" on a Pokémon just from having filled 80% of my National Dex? Choose which Ability to give it? Why do I have to spend 200 Battle Points to change an Ability? That seems strange to me. Surely, I'd know more about Pokémon and their abilities through cataloguing and studying them with the Pokedex, right? What if Shinies didn't have to pay a Heart Scale fee to learn old moves? What if you could spend Battle Points to make a Pokémon a Shiny? I don't engage in the Competitive Side of Pokémon because I don't feel it's competitive. I feel like unless you've got a Perfect Pokémon and a Perfect Team, you're screwed, you'll never win anything. That's not a feeling you should be giving to your players. I also feel like to get Competitive, I'd have to spend a lot of time just grinding and "accomplishing nothing" just for a 5 minute battle I might win. Why can't already existing grind mechanics help with that? Help alleviate the tedium? Why can't players who spend those same thousands of hours completing their Pokedex have a reasonable opportunity to engage in the Competitive Pokémon? Why can't I say, "Oh, I collected all 807 Pokémon, so now I can essentially change any Pokémon I own into what I need it to be, but I still need to know what I'm doing to make it work"? Why can't that be an option? I don't know. What I do know is: I'll never engage in Battle Tower like facilities ever. Their "price of entry" is too high for me. When I lose there, it feels like I've lost simply because I enjoyed my team too much. The team I spent 25 hours assembling over the course of the story, caught all the Legendaries with, stomped the Elite Four, and tackled every obstacle in the game... They're not good enough. Instead, they should go into a Box in the PC to never be used again, and I should start from scratch. With Pokémon I will use as tools instead of ones I built memories with. The game is beating me, because I'm not the uncaring Gary from Red and Blue and Yellow who only uses his Pokémon as a means of obtaining power. It may be stupid and overly sentimental... But, it makes me not want to be Competitive. I'll never play Pokémon online. Instead, I'll complete my Pokedex. I'll catch everything, have every Legendary, every Mythical. I'll have a "Living Pokedex" that I can transfer into the next set of games to complete the Pokedex. I'll smash the story of every single game because they're getting far easier than they've ever been. Then, I'll put the games down. Wait two or three years, until the next one. Then, do it all again. Because, frankly, that's all that's left for me in the Pokémon games. The story, the new mons, and the collection. That's not a place Pokémon should be at.

SaberTiger : The gentleman known as Pierce Brosnon had consumed the whole unit of a salt water fish well known as bass previously owned by an individual named Missus Fitzsimmons

Spenser Cool : It's Pokemon. How is this 7 hours. 7. S e v e n. One. Two. Three. Four. S E V E N. That's an hour a day for a W E E K. S E V E N H O U R S, like, not even the whole series. O N E G A M E. Also nice Scottish accent.

Tristan Neal : I would sit through a review of this length for every Pokémon game. Granted a lot of this feedback extends to all other entries.

Zeikier : Pierce Brosnan ate Leftovers and Fitzsummonsed some of its Feebas. ...wait a minute. Pokemon giving you lots of tools to break it so willingly and catering to the apathy of impatience are very important points. Like you said, "too easy" is a misnomer, but at the same time the games usually aren't in a hurry to put the pressure on you, especially ORAS.

Giga419 : I think in terms of quality, quantity, visual appeal etc. It's hard to argue that HeartGold and SoulSilver aren't the most impressive games to date, but Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire were also brilliant. Sun and Moon were lacking something though.

Some Guy : I'd like to point out three things that might cheer you up: - A lot of Nintendo mainline IPs had been suffering from stagnation prior to the Switch - Switch releases for these IPs have been doing a really good job at ending this stagnation (BotW, Odyssey, Super Mario Party, et cetera) - The next main series Pokemon game is slated to come out on Switch (don't worry about Let's Go, it's basically an unrelated thing) So I'm fairly hopeful that the next main series game is going to be pretty impressive.

ShayMay : Now you know why I was away for a year. Thanks for sticking with me folks. I really hope this was worth the wait.

Bunni89 : Ok to be fair though,Nob Ogasawara was also notable for adding memes to the translation of older games. He was beloved because of his translation quality but also we know his name because he was active in the fandom for the game he worked on. He talked to fans on Something Awful and there were a few lines put into Diamond and Pearl that referenced slogans and jokes from that forum. Personally i actually gave a whoop of joy at seeing ORAS do memes, even if they were rather cheesy and less naturally integrated. I was more hapoy for what it represented- that they were stepping away from strict, passionless direct translations like it had been for many generations after the translation team changed. Though a better example was how in the next generation they actually referenced the "7.8 too much water" meme, which showed that they actually had some degree of awareness of the fandom again. Same for finally ditching the awkward 'differently coloured pokemon' and canonizing the term 'shinies'. Now THAT was the spirit of what Ogasawara did for the series! He did add memes to the games but he added memes specifically from the actual pokemon fandom, and popular websites where they gathered. Not just offtopic nonsense to cash in on a trend. I hope that the current translators continue with that good kind of tongue in cheek writing in the future, it gave ORAS and SuMo a lot of their classic feel back that was missing in BW and XY.

QueenCloveroftheice : What if the symbols on the Regi trio's foreheads are actually braille like the "ancient writings", but since they are three of God's names, we can't read them?

藍海 : "its never a good idea to keep a monotype team“ 1v1 me punk, my monotype water team will wreck you

Exeledus Prince : Mimir, can you continue that review of Pokemon Omega Ruby now that we're in back in the boat?

The Geek Critique : ME: "Oh boy, my next video is going to be over an hour long!" SHAY: "Haud* ma beer." Seriously though, I'm half an hour in, and this has been a blast so far. This was the game that kinda broke my Pokémon fandom after almost twenty years, and seeing you delve deeper than ANYONE EVER HAS into it is a real treat. Thank you, man!

Fluffy Milkshake : I made it through the entire video, reserved an entire day for it. Where's my T-shirt?

Aufinator : Bro I didn't realize the video was that long. When he said he realizes this was a long video I went and checked and unexpected thinking "oh what 30 minutes? An hour at most" NANI??? This might honestly be the longest video ever that I will actually watch.

Yung Toofqazzte : FYI, shiny hunters generally don't care for the capabilities of their capture, unless you're an actual maniac.

Yukari Yoshisaki : am i the only one who wants more reviews to be like this

Turbo Button : You totally nail the point about mythology and such. It's cool to see legendaries as these super rare monsters that get spoken about in an almost religious way, but making all of them these real, cataclysmic beings sets the stakes unreasonably high. I almost wonder if the anime is to blame for this. I may be totally wrong on that though and perhaps after Gen 2 or whatever they just fancied a tonal shift.

Omega Ghost : Honestly, this video is long, but it's really easy to watch all the way to the end. It just feels so natural going with the game's progression.

Mandatorial : 2:40:00 It worries med when a quote from Gamefreak starts with "Rather than any actual feedback from players..." So they didn't listen to player demand but just theorised what would be appealing? No wonder players are not satisfied with the difficulty.

Wolf. : Finally made it to the end. It was a really unique experience. 14 hour Sun and Moon review pls.

MegiDolaDyne : Pierce Brosnan ate Ms. Fitzsimmons' sea bass. On an unrelated note, I loved the speed-up gag in the context of breeding for egg moves. Wouldn't want the video going over seven and a half hours, that'd just be insane.

Ikcatcher : Not sure what would finish first, me shiny hunting for a female Selandit or me finishing this video

Savan Chandul : Pokemon, 7 hours, Review, Scottish. Everything.

Finnbro : Just want to say thanks for making this video. You illuminated all kinds of aspects, both negative and positive, about Pokémon and in particular some of the newer games that I was aware of subconsciously but for whatever reason never registered for me until now. I have played and enjoyed every entry in the Pokémon series, but I feel like the 3DS games especially take the safest route possible design-wise and ultimately become unmemorable to the point that I can't say whether I'd recommend them to someone else. I remember enjoying them, but the finer details are fuzzy I think because I got tunnel vision for what the game truly focuses on, the core gameplay loop (catch, train, battle, progress etc). Since there wasn't much difficulty progressing, that leads to a lack of challenge for the player and therefore a lack of memorable moments. I remember beating alpha Sapphire and doing the Battle Maison but I must have blacked out during that delta chapter shitshow, for example. Your video has definitely taught me to think a bit more critically about my favorite game series and I would love to see you do a review of sun/moon and ultra sun/moon eventually. I have never watched a 7 hour long video before but this kept me engaged over the course of 2 days so for that I commend you. Keep making great content 😁

Captain Ace : 2:37:44 thank me later

Jason Stanton : thanks for convincing me to just play emerald again instead

MarkProductions : *SEVEN* *SEVEN* *GRAND* *HOURS*

Kenny Keating : I'm glad this exists but there's no way I'm watching 7 hours. Overall, I thought the game was watered down and I didn't care much for mega evolutions.

Maurcus Jose : So wait... Pierce Brosnon ate Mrs. Fitzsimmons seabass. Why would he do that? Very inconsiderate!

Drew Armstrong, The Glorious Lobster Emperor : 4:09:19 Excellent idea ShayMay! Now I want a Pokemon game set in the Soviet Union! *CHEEKI BREEKI INTENSIFIES*

Noah Morgan : As a fan of vivid descriptions of smaller contributions such as specific sounds and the moods they connote, I LOVE THIS VIDEO!

TheSpectralForce : I would love to see a vidoe like this for Sun and Moon. I feel like S&M was an important step for Pokemon, and brought a lot of progressive changes to the table. Some of which directly adress certain complaints you have with this game (and gen 6 as a whole). HMs removed, Bosses (Totems) actually have new mechanics unlike Gym Leaders, and the difficulty actually attempts to challenge you from time to time. ExpShare is still a problem, but using it on and off throughout the game, I was suprised to find that I was occasionally falling behind the level curve. Not to mention S&M was the first story I've liked as much as Gen5s suprisingly ambitious plot. I haven't played Ultra S&M, as I have little interest. They feel like more of the same pseudo-sequel tactic that GF has been selling us for too long.